10 harmful things in the wardrobe of a woman - what clothes is dangerous to health?

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27 March 2016

Modern girls are willing to do almost anything to look stunning.But not all in the choice of clothing, meticulously attentive to her, and in fact often does harm to your clothes being.

Which wardrobe items can harm a woman's health?

The most harmful thing in a woman

  1. Thong
    With regard to this item of clothing being tense debate, but we can safely say that the damage from them than good.This kind of pant can cause inflammation of the bladder - a narrow strip of fabric is too crashes into the mucosa, thus injuring her, causing the appearance of hemorrhoids.Injuries mucosa contribute to the penetration of infection - which, in turn, leads to diseases of the genitourinary system.Also at constant wearing panties of this type increases the risk of injury genitals.Thong often made from synthetic materials that when wearing promotes the growth and rapid spread of the bacteria.
  2. Thin Pantyhose of elastic material in the cold
    very many girls to wear thin tights in cold weather become allergic to the cold (cold intolerance due
    to narrowing of blood vessels).Also, by wearing these tights in freezing temperatures may develop cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.If you plan a long walk on the crisp snow, it is better to choose a more insulated version.Do not forget that in itself tights synthetic material can cause the development of the urogenital diseases (synthetics retains moisture, which serves as a perfect "breeding ground" for bacteria).See also: How to choose tights - 5 important rules.
  3. Mini Skirt
    Constant wearing of mini-skirts may lead to the formation of cellulite.In cold weather, blood circulation in the area of ​​the hips, which causes fat to build up, which turns into a hapless orange peel.
    Even if you wear a mini-skirt in the summer, it should be the size (blood to the legs must come freely).
  4. colored jeans
    Today it is - a very trendy garment.However, it should be remembered that these jeans can be painted with cheap dyes.A low-grade colorants can cause severe allergies.
  5. Corsets
    In our time, this clothing has moved into the category of erotic lingerie, but many women wear corsets under the blouses as everyday underwear.
    It should be understood that the constant tightening corset causes damage to the back muscles, circulatory problems, and swollen lymph nodes.
  6. High-heeled shoes
    most dangerous health shoes are shoes with high heels.This shoe is flat, ligament damage, muscle strain, blood stagnation, venous and vascular disease (there are spider veins and varicose veins).Also suffering back - high heel significantly increases the load on the spine.If you really like to walk in high heels, you can not give up your favorite shoes, but should choose quality shoes, train and foot to rest the legs, regularly changing shoes on shoes, slippers, sandals and so on. See also: How to walk in high heelsand not feel pain?
  7. Skinny jeans and pants
    This article of clothing can lead to serious diseases of the feet - these pants blood circulation in the legs and promotes the development of diseases of the muscles and blood vessels.It may be varicose veins, as well as changes in the muscles and joints.If you wear tight pants, combined with shoes with high heels, it can lead to a shift in the axis of the pelvis.
  8. Bras «push-up»
    This attribute women's wardrobe has become the norm.However, this thing hurts a woman's breasts.Women who wear these bras, the risk of getting breast cancer increases 20 times.Also, when wearing the undergarment for more than 8 hours per day, then congestion may occur in the breast, leading to inflammation of the mammary glands.See also: What bra suit you?
  9. gym-shoes with rubber soles
    Sure, it - very fashionable today shoes.But it's worth noting that this kind of athletic shoes is very harmful for the feet, as it has no lift.This leads to the flat feet and increases the load on the spine, which leads to a rather serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Not to mention that the "rubber" feet do not bring benefits.
  10. Underwear made of synthetic materials
    Such clothing is a potent allergen, and is often the cause of severe skin problems.Regular wearing panties made from synthetic materials contributes to the risk of developing diseases of the genitourinary system, including the thrush and cystitis.Bras from synthetics cause allergies.Do not wear socks, stockings, tights of synthetic fibers - the material increases perspiration, and in a humid environment quickly develop fungal diseases.

Choose the right clothes and be healthy!

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