5 rules for selecting tights - how to choose a women's nylon stockings?

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27 March 2016

With a choice of pantyhose we face all year, not knowing how to easily choose the ideal tights, using 5 simple rules.Properly selected tights perfectly distributed on your legs, hide shortcomings emphasize the advantages, and of course, last a long time.

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How to choose the right nylon stockings

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  • Modeled
  • According density
  • Fit
  • In composition
  • The color

Rule №1: Select Model tights

  • Varicose or tiredness in the legs should choose stockings 50-100 DEN .Usually written on them Support (support).
  • If your wardrobe is dominated by a mini skirt or shorts, it is better to abandon model with shorts .
  • waist must choose in accordance with the usual height of trousers or skirts.For example, overcharge, undercharge or conventional.Take a closer look and the thickness of the gum - it should be about 3-4 cm to pantyhose does not slip.
  • To narrow hips, choose modeling and pull-up model.
    How to choose the right nylon stockings
  • Note the presence of a crotch - rhombus connecting stockings.Pantyhose
    with gusset worn longer and more comfortably.
  • Sock tights should be as sealed to resist arrows and holes.

Rule №2: How to choose tights density?

  • suited for summer tights density of 5-20 DEN.Such ultra-thin and invisible pantyhose perfectly accentuate flawless skin of your feet.
  • for autumn-spring can choose higher density - 20-50 DEN.
  • In winter better to buy tights 50-250 DEN.He usually possess modeling and preventive action.

How to choose the right nylon stockings
Remember that transparent pantyhose does not depend on the density and the composition of the yarn .Therefore dense tights can be transparent and thin - on the contrary.The structure of nylon tights for cold weather always add cotton, wool or acrylic yarn .

Rule №3: How to choose tights size?

  1. used when referring to the size of 2: Arab (1 to 5) and, accordingly, Latin (XS, S, M, L, XL).Size indicates the ratio of two parameters: the weight and height.
    • XS (1) suitable for women and 160 cm tall and 55 kg weight.
    • S (2) - up to 170 cm and 70 kg.
    • M (3) - up to 175 cm and 75 kg.
    • L (4) - up to 185 cm and 85 kg.
  2. If you have forgotten your size, then a good package of pantyhose manufacturer always points table settings .
    How to choose the right nylon stockings
  3. If your size is on the border, it is better to take a larger , because little faster torn tights and worse sitting on the leg.

Rule №4: How to choose nylon stockings in composition?

  • Lycra (Laycra) from 9 to 31% preserves the tights after washing and keeps excellent shape.There is a special Lycra 3D, which means triple weave in all ranks.
  • Acrylic insulates well, but tends to form pellets.
  • Microfiber (Microtex) , and simply - twisted yarns of polyamide, gives elasticity and strength.It retains heat well and pleasing skin.
  • «Double covered» means Pipe wrap Lycra double nylon thread.Thus, Lycra is not adjacent to your skin, which is very suitable for sensitive skin of the feet.
    How to choose the right nylon stockings

Rule №5: How to choose the color of pantyhose?

All tights can be divided into 2 types: classic and fancy.

  • Classic presented 3 shades: gray, beige (bodily) and black .When selecting bodily tights, consider your skin color.
  • Fantasy - combinations thereof, and other colors.For example, abstraction, colors, characters.In addition, they may be supplemented by lacing, garter openwork or false.See also: How to choose and what to wear colored tights?
    How to choose the right nylon stockings

correct path tights emphasize your femininity, slender and sexy, warm the cold and serve as prevention of varicose veins.
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