9 compulsory articles of clothing for breastfeeding mothers nursing wardrobe

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27 March 2016

Postpartum complete lack of sleep and temporary inconvenience, not dependent on parents.And for the first time confronted with breastfeeding, women experience some confusion.How to keep the rhythm of life and continue to feed the baby without feeling awkward and retaining the attraction?

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Special clothes for nursing makes it easy and quick to attach the baby to the breast.In addition, modern style clothes for nursing mothers allows breastfeed almost imperceptibly.

Clothing for nursing mothers

What wardrobe items must be in every lactating women?

bra breastfeeding

There are several types of bras for nursing mothers: a partially open or fully open cup bra and top with the opening of the chest sideways.

  • Partially open bra for large breasts, because the breast is further supported on the perimeter while feeding.
    Clothing for nursing mothers
  • Completely open cup suitable for small breast-feeding or late, because most of the breast hard to put back.
    Clothing for nursing mothers
  • Cotton top - the hottest bra among nursing mothers because it is well stretched, adjusting to the different breast, and it is convenient to sleep.
    Clothing for nursing mothers

better to have 3 bra : one in the wash and one to replace, and the third on you.When fitting note to the cup easily closed with one hand, as the second hand at that time will support the baby's head.

knitted top for breastfeeding women to buckle under the breasts

Home clothes for breastfeeding sewn in such a way so as not to interfere with the child layers of clothing.In these clothes mother can safely expose one breast, not tormented with complicated fasteners.
Clothing for nursing mothers

housecoat with the smell of a nursing mother

gowns can be not only functional, but also attractive for your man.The only thing that distinguishes such clothes - it absence of major jewelry such as buttons, sequins or bows .In addition to the chest can be a beautiful printed pattern or the shuttle to help effectively hide the traces or stains after feeding.
Clothing for nursing mothers

Night pajamas to a nursing woman

sleepwear different mothers comfort, naturalness and resistance to frequent washing.Linen, cotton, viscose perfectly breathable and do not lose their freshness after repeated washings.
Clothing for nursing mothers

Babydoll breastfeeding

Clothing for nursing mothers

Apron breastfeeding

Apron feeding is a natural piece of cloth fixed on adjustable straps in the neck.It can be used not only for feeding but also like changing bedding, canopy for the stroller or light blanket .The apron is very compact and easily fits in a purse.
Clothing for nursing mothers

Sling scarf or milk for breast-feeding and walking

Sling - a very handy thing for the energetic moms.It can feed without removing the child, which is especially important in the early stages when the baby needs frequent nursing at the breast.Sling enables feed in any position: standing, sitting, and on the go .Hands free, and you can eat, needlework or play with the older child.
Clothing for nursing mothers

Poncho for nursing mothers

stylish poncho can be used not only for feeding unnoticed, but as the veil in the pram or clothing-insulation for Mom.

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Clothing for nursing mothers

chest pads bra for nursing mothers

Reusable chest pads invisible and reliable protection against leakage on your clothes.The inner surface of the gasket is made of 100% bamboo and seemed irritated cools chest.Microfibre base perfectly absorbs excess moisture.Reusable pads - the most high-quality and economical option to save a flawless appearance.
Clothing for nursing mothers