6 kinds of bras for nursing mothers - how to choose a bra for breastfeeding right?

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28 March 2016

If you - are breast-feeding mother and are thinking, whether you need a nursing bra, and - how to choose a bra for accurately feeding the baby, then here you will find answers to these questions.

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How to choose a bra for breastfeeding correctly

content of the article:

  • 6 kinds of bras for breastfeeding
  • When buying a bra, how to choose the size?
  • How to choose the right bra?

6 kinds of bras for breastfeeding, especially for nursing bras

There are several types of bras, suggesting various ways of breastfeeding the little man.

nursing bra with clasp between the cups

Benefits: quickly and easily unbuttoned, allows you to adjust the size of a breast due to possible positions 3-4 fasteners.

Disadvantages: some nursing mothers this bra for breastfeeding may be inconvenient and indiscreet, asit completely opens the chest while feeding.

nursing bra with buckles - lightning

nursing bra with buckles - lightning, which are located near each of the cups.

Benefits: easily and securely fastened and unfastened.

Disadvantages: if you want to wear tight things zipper bra will stand out on clothes.

bra clasp on the strap with a small buttons located above the cup

It allows you to freely drop a cup and feed the baby.Get the bra for nursing, where the chest is released completely, not just the nipple.

Benefits: ease of use.

Disadvantages: if the fabric bra will put pressure on the lower part of the chest, when the breast is not completely released, it could cause a delay in the Milky stream.

elastic bra for nursing mothers

elastic bras made of easy stretch materials provide a simple cup of delay, thereby exposing his chest.

Benefits: elastic cup allows you to change the size.

Disadvantages: some seem not so - that modest goal.

bra to sleep - for lactating women

bra to sleep specially made of light materials, because of this, they weigh little and hardly noticeable.Night bras for nursing mothers have front configuration "criss - cross".

The disadvantage is that it does not fit mothers with very large breasts.

Top bra for breastfeeding

Thanks to a number of positive effects, the most popular top - nursing bra.There are no seams on the chest and zipper, comfortable cut out back there.

base and a cup made of elastic material, which allows to change the size without difficulty, and wide straps make it possible to strongly support the breast.

When buying a bra for feeding and how to choose the size?

Buy nursing bra is better when the breast volume and shape of the breast close to lactating women, ie,- last month of pregnancy .

  • First, measure the circumference under the breasts. this figure should be guided in determining the size of the bra.
  • Measure the chest at the most exposed point , to determine the size of the cup.

How to choose a bra for breastfeeding correctly

bra size for feeding are classified from 1 to 5 size

For example, define the desired size. If you have chest 104, and under the chest circumference 88, is 104 - 88 = 16.
see table:

  • difference in cm: 10 - 11 - completeness of AA - corresponds to zero size;
  • 12 - 13 - A - first size;
  • 14-15 - In - the second size;
  • 16-17 - C - the third dimension;
  • 18-19 - D - the fourth dimension;
  • 20 - 21 - DD - fifth the size.

difference subtraction corresponds to the "C" - the third dimension.In this example, the desired bra size 90B.

Sizes bras for nursing mothers

Sizes for nursing bras

choosing a bra, stop its attention on the seams inside the cup , the fact whether it is convenient supported breasts.If you feel the slightest inconvenience, especially in the area of ​​the seam, then this model is better not to buy, and to consider a model with a seamless bra cup.

Do not buy a bra and few , since your milk will flow and, therefore, often have to wash bras.
How to choose a bra for breastfeeding correctly

Buying a bra for feeding - how to choose a bra for nursing mothers right?

Before you choose a bra for feeding, check out our tips:

  • Buy the best quality Bra - this is not the kind of thing where you have to save.
  • Choose cotton bras , which allows to keep the nipple in a dry and cool.
  • Fasteners should be comfortable , does not cause discomfort, do not crash into the body and is easily fastened and unfastened.
  • straps should be wide , to provide appropriate support for your breasts.
  • fit to the body should be comfortable .Typically, this is achieved by the elastic finishing tape at the bottom of the bodice.
  • between the bra and back should be placed a maximum of two, at least one finger .If more than two fingers, or they do not fit - this option is not considered.
  • If you're wearing a bra, raised their hands, and it climbs back - bra does not suit you.
  • Remember - rigid elements or bone in bra for nursing mothers are not allowed, becausetheir presence leads to stagnation of milk.
  • make purchases only after bra fitting , becauseevery woman is unique, and all producers can not take into account the peculiarities of the female breast.Look for a suitable for you, the option.

Benefits bra for nursing mothers

  • Supports breast, preventing its sagging and stretch marks;
  • convenience when feeding the baby - to remove the bra is not necessary;
  • can not take it off, even at night, thus preventing stagnation of milk, occurs if the mother had fallen asleep in an uncomfortable position;
  • Relieves pain during feeding and is a good prevention of mastitis.