Haircuts hiding age - the best anti-aging fashion haircuts 2013 photo

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28 March 2016

What gives the woman's age?One of the factors which "gives" the maturity of women is the appearance of hair.Agree, gray, unpainted or painted six months ago her hair, had not met with a hairdresser, and look depressingly old woman.

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What gives a woman a haircut?Professional Grooming will not only emphasize the advantages of appearance, but also hide some flaws.

Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

But do not blindly chase fashion and ask the hairdresser to "do exactly the hairstyle in the magazine."Every woman has own haircut, diminish age .To find the unique image in the hairstyle, you need to consider:

  • hair structure . On rare or thin hair is difficult to make lush hair;
  • face shape. For example, for the oval face fit quite different hairstyles than round.
  • shape of the head and body proportions. Proper ratio of hairstyles and figures gives the image of expression.

haircut to visually diminish age and stressed eyes and cheekbones, listen to the opinion of pr

ofessionals, choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape and build. Do not forget about the color of hair. Cold blonde shades that create the effect of gray hair, emphasize all the irregularities and imperfections of the skin.For women over 35 years old are optimal color from golden to Blondie walnut, chestnut shades .

If you decide to make a hairstyle that hides age, look at photo rejuvenation haircuts, fashionable 2013godu.

Bob Haircut - timeless classic hairstyle that many women to face.Previously, it was called the "square".This hairstyle can be done in various interpretations: straight bangs and rather short hair;layered haircut, the hair at the nape of the neck is shorter and the longer a person.If you do not want to say goodbye to her long locks, try to cut "long bean" when shorn hair to his shoulders.
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013
hereby fashionistas like asymmetrical bob haircut parting with uneven or unequal length hair.
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

For short hair is perfect Bob as "a page."
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

for owners of medium length hair and oval face as an option - a haircut «voluminous bob» .
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

acceptable option for rejuvenating haircuts not too thick hair will be one in which you can curl the hair in curls .
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

Usually haircuts, reducing age have an average or a short length.After 35 years of loose long hair is not young.At this age, professionals advise owners of long hair braid them into braids or gather in elaborate tails .

Stylists recommend that women elegant age adhere to the following principles in rejuvenating hairstyles: «The older a woman is, the shorter the hair» .
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

not lose popularity and haircut "Aurora» , which will help give volume to thin hair.The gradual transition from short to long hair parted in the middle and the corresponding haircut distinguishes this from the stage.This, visually enlarge the face haircut, is not suitable for women with a square and a round face.
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

Another option haircuts, diminish age is haircut "Ladder» , which is suitable for different lengths of hair.It is very popular in 2013.Attaching additional volume, the hair look lively, energetic and luxurious.
Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

Haircut "Cesson» suitable for women who have not very long hair.This hairstyle is perfect for women with oval face type.It is easy to maintain, does not require a lengthy installation and is suitable for women of all ages and hair types.Rejuvenating haircuts 2013

Thanks fashionable hairstyle and hair color to choose the right , middle-aged woman can "throw" a dozen years.