The most famous female designers and their dizzying success in the fashion empire

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29 March 2016

decades of fashion designers make history.Transforming the most creative solutions to daily and on the contrary, they give us the opportunity each time to admire their creations that bring into our lives the elegance and charm.And the important role played in the creation of fashion designers women.
The most famous female designers
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  • Coco Chanel
  • Sonia Rykiel
  • Miuccia Prada
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Donatella Versace
  • Stella McCartney

Today we present you most famous female designers , whose names are forever in the history of the fashion industry.

legendary Coco Chanel

No doubt, it was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, known worldwide as Coco Chanel, is occupied by the pedestal of the founder of women's fashion.
The most famous female designers - Coco Chanel
Despite the fact that Coco Chanel have long since left this world still do not cease to admire her and her ideas embodied in the fashion industry, all are also popular in the modern world.After all, Chanel came up with such handy bag that can be worn on the shoulder , since tired of wearing

bulky handbags in their hands.That Chanel liberated women from wearing corsets and crinoline skirts uncomfortable offering to emphasize slender figure strict and straight lines .
The most famous female designers - Coco Chanel
And, of course, black little dress , which has become a classic at the same time, almost for the first time it was presented on the catwalks.
The most famous female designers - Coco Chanel
A legendary perfume Chanel №5 to this day are the hallmark of many women.
The most famous female designers - Coco Chanel
Born in the French province, lost his mother as a child and started work as a shop of clothing, Coco Chanel has achieved incredible success in the fashion world, becoming the most iconic female designer.

Queen Sonia Rykiel knitwear

Sonia Rykiel was born in an ordinary family, which has Russian, Romanian and Jewish roots.To say much more - to follow the fashion in her family was totally accepted.Rather, the girl tried to attach to the higher matter - painting, poetry, architecture.And the fashion world would never have heard about it, if in 30 years, Sonia did not marry the owner of a tiny boutique clothing under the name "Laura".
The most famous female designers - Sonia Rykiel
When Sonia became pregnant before her there was a question, what to wear.Baggy dresses and sweaters for pregnant women called silent horror.For some reason, at that time, designers could offer no other ladies in the state.And then Sonia began ordering clothes for pregnant women in the studio, but his sketches. flowing dresses , fitting shape future moms, cozy warm sweaters women forced to turn around in the street to Sonya.
The most famous female designers - Sonia Rykiel
second pregnancy inspired her to new ideas.Finally, Monsieur Rykiel agreed to present a collection of his wife in his clothing boutique.And who would have thought that it would cause a public outcry!Clothing swept from the shelves, and a week later by Sonia Rykiel sweaters adorned the cover of the magazine Elle.
The most famous female designers - Sonia Rykiel
Thanks to her, a woman of the world combined in the convenience and comfort of clothing in style and elegance.And even her signature line of perfume bottle is shaped like a comfortable sleeveless pullover.It gave birth to Sonia Rykiel black in everyday clothes, as earlier the black things were considered appropriate only for the funeral.Sonia Rykiel herself said that fashion was for her a blank page, and so she was able to do just what she wanted.And that she has conquered the world of fashion.

contradictory fashion Miuccia Prada

One of the most famous and well-known women's clothing designers can undoubtedly be called Miuccia Prada.It is also called the most authoritative and influential designer in the fashion world.
The most famous female designers - Miuccia Prada
story of her success as a designer began when she inherited his father's business went decaying for the production of leather bags .In the 70 years she was able to sign a contract with Patrizio Bertelli of the distribution of exclusive collections under the brand Prada.Since then, the popularity of the products produced by the enterprise Miuccia Prada began to grow at a breakneck pace.At the moment, the company managed to reach its turnover about three billion dollars.
The most famous female designers - Miuccia Prada
Prada collections are extremely varied - it and bags, and shoes and clothing, and a huge selection of accessories .Strict lines and perfect quality of the brand Prada won the hearts of fashion lovers around the world.Style of Miuccia Prada is very controversial and often combines incongruous - such as flowers with fur or pink socks, which are near the Japanese sandals.
The most famous female designers - Miuccia Prada
Prada opposes excessive sexuality and openness in clothes and encourages women to destroy any patterns.Clothing from Miuccia Prada makes women stronger, and men - far more susceptible to female beauty.

Scandal in the fashionable style of Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood

perhaps the most outrageous and scandalous woman designer who managed to conquer the world with their provocative and shocking ideas.
Vivienne Westwood
fashion designer Her career began during her civil marriage with the producer of the legendary punk band «Sex Pistols».Inspired by the freedom of thought and expression, she opened her first boutique, where she and her husband began to sell modeled Vivienne clothes in the style of "punk» .
Vivienne Westwood
After the collapse of the Sex Pistols style that favored Vivienne Westwood, periodically changed and transformed - by the transformation of the historical clothing to mix English and French motives in the simulation.But all her collections were imbued with the spirit of protest.
Vivienne Westwood
It Vivienne Westwood brought into fashion wrinkled plaid shirt, torn tights, tall platform unimaginable hats and inimitable dresses with elaborate draperies, allowing women to feel in her clothes free from any conditionalities.

Donatella Versace - a symbol of the empire in female guise

Lead the fashion house Versace Donatella had as a result of the sad events that in 1997 was tragically killed by her brother Gianni Versace.
The most famous female designers
Despite the wariness fashion critics, Donatella succeeded during the first show of his collection to win favor with connoisseurs of fashion reviews.Having taken over the reins in the fashion house Versace, Donatella in the shortest time possible to restore his shaky position.Collections of clothing Versace acquired a somewhat different hue - the aggressive sexuality has become less expressive, but, at the same time, fashions have not lost their eroticism and luxury, which are issued in the unique style of the brand Versace.
The most famous female designers - Donatella Versace
Donatella also made a bid for participation in the shows stars like Catherine Zeta Jones, Liz Hurley, Kate Moss, Elton John and many others, which further strengthened the position of the fashion house in the world fashion scene.And as a result - many celebrities or just keeping up with fashion people simply can not imagine my life without clothes brand Versace.

Stella McCartney - the proof of the talent in the long catwalk

The appearance of Stella McCartney's fashion world as a designer of women, many treated with condescension and irony, thinking that another daughter of famous parents looking for something to occupy their free time,profitable using known name.
Stella McCartney
But even the most active enemies were forced to take all of their stinging words back after the first show of Stella McCartney as part of the fashion brand Chloe .
The most famous female designers
soft lace, flowing lines, elegant simplicity - all combine models of clothes from Stella McCartney.Stella is an ardent campaigner for animal rights.In her collections, you will not find things from leather and fur, and cosmetics by Stella McCartney is 100% of the organic components.
The most famous female designers
Her clothes are designed for all women who want to look great, but at the same time and feel comfortable, both at work and at play.And, perhaps, Stella Makkartrni his example managed to completely refute the theory about the rest of nature on children of celebrities.