Basic wardrobe for winter 2014 - make learning basic winter wardrobe

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30 March 2016

winter, many women face the problem of "what to wear" - for winter clothes are not cheap, and if a summer dress shoes required only in the winter need to think about outerwear, sweater, warm tights, leggings, etc.

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Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014

How to cope with a problem of this law, do not skimp polmagazina women's clothing?The solution to this problem will be properly drawn up basic wardrobe for winter 2014 .

In drawing up the wardrobe need to adhere to the main principles of the organization basic clothing :

  • Each element of the wardrobe should harmony with 2-3-bedroom things by color and style.
  • Colours basic winter wardrobe should be simple and not very bright.Do not worry - make it more colorful and original, you can use your favorite accessories.
  • It is desirable that all the basic things were quality .After all, the basic wardrobe worn for a long time, and then it can be supplemented with cheaper things lossless appearance.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014

So what are the essential th
ings should go into winter wardrobe?

  • 2 types of outerwear - in the cold and warm winter.For example, demi-season jacket and coats, or light winter jacket and fur coat.
  • 3 pairs of shoes - very warm and comfortable, waterproof and lightweight model.Read: Trendy boots for winter 2013-2014.
  • 5 skirts or pants - it is important to take into account the already existing top.
  • shirts, vests, cardigans, sweaters, blouses - they must be purchased in the last turn.Pay attention not only on the thick knitted sweaters, but also on the cozy turtleneck, stylish blouse, fishnet vests, thin shirt.Typically, these things are not expensive, but makes a significant variety in the winter wardrobe.
  • Stylists are advised to buy warm knitted tunic or dress .They are good because they do not require the extra items and they are easy to combine with footwear and outerwear.
  • Do not forget the upcoming holidays and think your festive attire advance.

In conclusion, let us admire the starry winter bows from Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and other stars. Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014 Do not be afraid to experiment with prints and accessories if you gray coat, black hat and black leggings.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
dark blue sweater, jeans and boots simple create a calm neutral image that attracts unusual chest fashion-bag camel shade.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
gray checkered coat and a black sweater - boring?No, if you put on a seductive red leather pants.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
gray hat perfect overlay to gray fur collar. Gentle cream coat and black pants business give the image of elegance and easy chic.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
Infinitely neat textured cream sweater perfectly with self-colored jeans .And all this splendor emphasizes strict blue coat in military style .

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
here in the first place - stylish accessories trendy neon colors - bag and necklace.Black set of leather pants and sweaters allow any situation to look smart, we need only to change the decoration. White trench effectively sets off the black ensemble and emphasizes the beauty of the girl, brunette.

Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
first thing that catches your eye - a long legs that look by high platform ankle boots and plain tights . Red Dress catches the eye, and white coat dilutes the image, making it more daylight and fresh.

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Basic wardrobe for winter 2013-2014
Despite a modest color palette, the image does not contain a bright accessories.Greater importance is attached to the invoice and forms. Leather gloves and an elegant hat restrain sexy short skirt and stockings .