The most fashionable women's shoes in the fall-winter 2013-2014 - photos trends fall 2013 shoes for women

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30 March 2016

The most fashionable women Here and there was that time when we remove the sandals, clogs and ballet shoes on the top shelf until next summer.And, of course, every fashionista question arises - what shoes will be a trend in the coming autumn-winter 2013-2014.In this regard, we invite you to spend a tour of the new products and trends in women's footwear fashion autumn-winter season.See also: The most stylish poncho for the fall-winter 2013-2014.

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  • Colors of autumn-winter 2013-2014
  • Fashion trends autumn and winter 2013-2014 shoes

Trendy colors of shoes autumn 2013, actual materials and decoration women's shoesautumn 2013

fashionable colors of autumn winter 2013 2014 will bright berry shades, deep hues of blue, purple, green, orange .After all, how uplifting bright colors on a gray background in this gloomy and dark time of the year!But it is also, along with all the colors of the rainbow, fashion women's shoes saved unforgettable classics - white, beige, black color.So the color palette o

f fashion trends to satisfy even the most discerning ladies.

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The most fashionable women
The most fashionable women
The most fashionable women

Fashion Trends Fall 2013 shoes for women: the shape of the toe, heel in women's shoes for Fall 2013 in

new season of fashion women's shoes will of smooth leather, suede and velvet .At the peak will pointy shoes and boots .They emphasize femininity and help you look more attractive.But do not forget that the shoes with long noses are usually tiny legs up to 38 size.Also in the new season will be very popular because women favorite high heels .Heeled shoes decorated with bright inserts are almost everything.They will make you more charming and slimmer.
The most fashionable women

autumn 2013 fashion, continues to remain shoes with colored noses .Such a contrast color scheme is very advantageous emphasize your originality.Generally, fashionable women's shoes of the season 2013-2014 will please us not only bright colors, but different prints, ribbons and buckles .

In winter 2014 women's shoe designers of the new products offer us touching Quilted , which are suitable both for active holidays and for exploring the city for the whole family.This trend is a gift for the cold Russian winter.

also in the line of winter women's shoes will be presented stylish fur boots variety of colors and styles.
The most fashionable women

We hope that this article will help you choose exactly what will satisfy your taste and emphasize your individuality in the most fashionable trends of this year.