The hottest women's boots for the fall-winter 2013-2014 - fashion trends, photo winter boots 2013-2014

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30 March 2016

showed his flamboyant style, give the legs warm and cozy and flying gait break into winter ... Trendy shoe trends for the upcoming cold weather can be found in this article.Stay up to date - choose the best.

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content of the article:

  • materials, texture, decor fashionable boots
  • jackboots and boots, stockings
  • Women's Military style boots, men's style
  • Winter boots with heels and platform
  • Fashionugg boots and Quilted

maximum comfort along with high elegance - is the slogan of shoe designers for fashion boots winter 2013-2014.

Among the huge variety of models, you can easily select warm boots for walking, exquisite boots for office and charming boots for holiday go out .

The following are the most fashionable boots 2013 2014 photo.

materials, texture, decor fashionable boots for autumn-winter 2013-2014

  • undoubted leader among the materials - natural matte and structured leather .Thus, in recent collections of fashion winter boots 2013-2014 many models reptile skin or imitation crocodile and snake skin.For example, Gucci released a collection of high boots with snakeskin texture from classic black to extravagant orange.
  • There is a trend of combining contrasting materials : leather and fur, suede and velor.
  • The decor can be seen selection sock tops and using different textures.
  • Unlike last year, decorations on winter boots 2013-2014 should be very modest and unobtrusive, for example, 1 or 1 buckle rivet.
  • most fashionable print boots for fall-winter 2013-2014 - Animal (leopard, tiger).Gourmet novelty of this season became boots color of red wine.
  • base color is not particularly changed.Still in vogue black, brown and beige boots .

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rage 2013-2014 boots - boots, boots and shoes, stockings

this season returns fashion boots, stockings and boots .Some manufacturers offer special shoe leather leggings , by which any shoes can be turned into boots, stockings.

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Wear boots, stockings with a skirt of the same color.For example, black boots, stockings and skirt perfectly complement the bright silk blouse.

Fashionable women's boots in the winter of 2013-2014 in military style, men's style

hottest trend - high army boots made of smooth black leather.A wide top and a lack of the usual decor underscore the fragility and beauty of female legs.
Such models 2013-2014 winter boots may have flat soles or high, but stable heel .

femininity and elegance in fashionable winter boots 2013-2014 heels and platform

Despite the variety of fashion trends shoes, elegant high heels are always in fashion.Trendy boots 2013-2014 have different shapes and heights of heels, of tapered and flared up various studs .
heel platform also remains fashionable trend in the autumn-winter season.Also, pay attention to the new trend of winter - Loafer high heels and platforms.

cozy and warm winter boots 2013-2014 model for women - and ugg boots Quilted

This winter ugg boots are more bright colors: red, pink, blue, purple, and even fuchsia.These colors look great with any clothes.For example, bright ugg boots can be combined with jeans pastel colors.
addition bright models are still in fashion classic brown and black ugg .However, they have to be lavishly decorated with fur, rhinestones, metal studs or rivets.These stylish ugg boots can easily be worn with jackets made of natural fur and dresses warm.

Comfort is back in vogue, but because in the winter, as before, the relevant Quilted boots and rovers .In addition to fun children's form, they are perfectly protected from the cold and slush.Quilted can be worn with jeans, leggings or tight jeans.The main thing - do not forget to fill their boots.