How to create a capsule wardrobe - examples, photos, fashion tips for the stylish women

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31 March 2016

Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013 You have a closet full of things, but you still have nothing to wear?To solve this problem, stylists recommend to create for himself a capsule wardrobe.In this article, we will examine what it is and how to properly create.

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The lessons of style: what a capsule wardrobe - examples photo

concept ¬ęcapsule wardrobe¬Ľ appeared in 70thof the last century and it is synonymous with the well-known basic wardrobe.Today, this notion meant something else.That is a kind of compromise between the basic wardrobe and a set of trendy, stylish items of the season.All the "capsule" should go well not only among themselves but also with things from the basic wardrobe.
Each "capsule" should carry a certain idea , which will combine all the elements into a single image.It is not necessary that all things were the same color, but the clothes should fit together in any variations, and thus to have a harmonious appeara

nce.In each capsule must include at least 5-8 things, plus accessories and jewelry.
Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013

Capsules can be roughly split

  • of styles (for leisure, sports, office, etc.);
  • by color (red, black and white, etc.);
  • the elements of decor (lace).

Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013
Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013

When the composition of the capsules is required to decide on three things:

  • style. Business women working in the office, you need to choose feminine, but at the same time rigorous, clothes.It is also desirable to provide a capsule to go out and exercise.Creative individuals can afford a more original stuff.However, combination of colors should watch it.
  • Individual tsvetotip. get this right, you will be able to pick up things that will emphasize your natural beauty.Wrong color of clothing can severely damage the appearance of your hair and makeup.
  • proportions and harmony silhouette . observe this condition will help a large mirror, where you will be able to evaluate myself.If you find it difficult to choose their own wardrobe consult your stylist or friend.But they do not fully trust them.Remember, everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013
Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013

Examples capsule wardrobe for a woman - photo

Capsule wardrobe mandatory component of the actual things trendy in the season, but did not elaborate on the cut and style:

Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013
Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013
Capsule wardrobe autumn 2013