Basic wardrobe for autumn 2013 - autumn be learning basic wardrobe

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31 March 2016

Wardrobe breaking from the clothes, and you have every morning there is a question - what to wear?If this is about you, then it's time to make a basic wardrobe for autumn 2013. Experts recommend using the method of "capsule wardrobe."In contrast to the standard, it allows you to combine the basic stuff of women's wardrobe with stylish novelties ekstramodnymi season.

Furthermore, the capsule must be combined with each other.
Basic wardrobe for fall 2013

So, what should be the basic woman's wardrobe in the fall?

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  • Angorovy sweater.
    basic wardrobe autumn 2013 combines nominated classics and stylish modernity.The most urgent thing borrowed from the 80s may be called a bright fluffy angorovy sweater.Purple, green, cyan, magenta - angorovy sweater always looks elegant, feminine and elite.You can combine it with any pants or a leather skirt.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • skirt in a cage.
    variety of cells in this season is very popular.Designers offer cute mischievous or prim skirt in a cage
    in a preppy style and grunge.They can be worn with strict cardigans, leather jackets and cotton shirts.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • leather skirt A-style.
    compulsory basic thing in the wardrobe of every fashionista - flared leather skirt length to the knee or just below the knee.When choosing colors should prefer calm muted shades.By the way, the same popular strict leather coat.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • knitted or crocheted cashmere turtleneck.
    clothes shops offer a variety of divers that you can easily find "their".Turtleneck rough knitted make your way especially fashionable and stylish, because it was she who had been seen in the latest collections of famous designers.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • Strict jeans.
    They can be worn with colored T-shirts and sweaters, a jacket and ornate blouses, white shirt and vest.Since footwear is also no problem - you can wear sneakers, ballet flats, wedges, Lofer or evening high heels.For every day buy light jeans and black or dark blue suit for jewelery image.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • white shirt.
    Direct shirt will look "sprightly" if you wear it with jeans and a leather vest.A lacy shirt with ruffles is perfect for the office, it can be worn with a simple blazer and skirt.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • little black dress.
    would be appropriate everywhere and always.It can be changed using the accessories: necklaces, scarves, shawls, belts, jackets and boleros.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • jacket or blazer for women.
    Do not skimp on the jacket, it will last you all year.In the cold season - part of the costume, a warm - like outer garment for the evening.Black or dark jacket siniymodny convenient to combine with other things: skirts, dresses, jeans and trousers.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013

Examples of basic wardrobe for autumn 2013 - 2013 capsule wardrobe

  • capsule Example №1:
    bright coat, good Skirt + sweater, black skirt and sweater, a silk blouse with elegant collar, a pair of brownlow-heeled shoes and a pair of black shoes with high heels, black bag, pearl necklace.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013
  • example capsules №2:
    skirt and jacket blue and brown, cream and white shirt, pale blue simple shirt, blue silk blouse, blue pants, costume dress lilac, blue knit top, a blue cardigan.
    Basic wardrobe for fall 2013

Using the method of "capsule", you will no longer wonder - how to create a basic wardrobe.This approach allows you to compile a wardrobe plan effectively purchase and protects against rash costs .

When choosing the number of capsules to produce basic wardrobe guided by your lifestyle and daily routine .For example, a working woman - a few capsules for the office and one for the rest.For students - a few capsules for recreation and a business.