Club style clothes for girls - photos, simple rules and fashion tips

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31 March 2016

Club dress code for girls Every modern girl, going to night clubs and discos, wants her clothes were not only comfortable and fashionable, but also to attract the attention that distinguishes it from the crowd.

Club style of implies not only rest and acquaintance with the opposite sex, but also dances.Therefore, club clothes should help you to captivate, to crash into the memory, to seduce, to move with confidence and feel comfortable.

choosing clothes for a party, you need to take into account the musical direction in the visited institution.For example, dance in the style of "hip-hop" or "house» perfect free without snare clothes.In these styles the emphasis is on accessories : massive chains, bracelets, big earrings, rings.
Club dress code for girls

to dance to electronic music in the style of "trans» suitable clothing in bright colors with ethno elements.Such clothing will allocate you out of the crowd, and will not hamper the movement in dance.
Club dress code for girls

for girls with perfectly shaped as club fitting clothes will approach thin

gs: pants, skirts, shirts.

Clubwear in the style of "glamor» different brightness and femininity, which is sure to attract the attention of others.The main thing is not to overdo it, becausefrom glamorous girl can turn into vulgar.
Club dress code for girls
Club dress code for girls

If you - a bold and creative personality who is not afraid to swim against the tide, against the crowd, you can dressed for a party in the bohemian style . In it there are notes of a hippie, vintage, casual styles.This style involves a bright top: T-shirt, shirt or T-shirt.As a bottom - faded jeans with holes or pants with stripes.

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complete image will give wide belts, baubles, bangles.Another option clothes in the style of «casual» can be purple or bright red dress combined with a contrasting scarf, colored tights and boots.

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Club dress code for girls

Clubwear disco characteristic of all brilliant: rhinestones, metallic thread, "sparkling" fabric, sequins.
Club dress code for girls

One of the most popular styles of clubbing clothes for today - «grunge» - bold and avant-garde style, which combines comfort and, and sexuality.The image in this style means not too narrow and not too wide jeans, shirts and sweaters soft tones.On his feet - sneakers, ballet shoes, shoes with a low heel shoes or bulky.To complete the image did her hair, proper style and discreet makeup.
Club dress code for girls
Club dress code for girls

Style «sexy» - club clothes for women that emphasizes tight-fitting shape things tight dresses, but at the same time does not restrict movement.For this style include a variety of shirts, tops and blouses in combination with a mini and midi skirts, short shorts.Accessories - a mandatory attribute of this style.For details, emphasizing the completeness style suit miniature handbags, gloves, jewelry.
Club dress code for girls

Sometimes organizers arrange parties themed evenings .For example, "foamy" or "pajama" party.On the thematic discos must adhere to the dress code.For example, in the pajama party can be dressed in pajama-style, where the main element is the wide linen trousers, satin, cotton, silk.
Club dress code for girls

choosing a style of dress for club parties, please note the following nuances:

  • belt should be in the tone of the shoe;
  • club dress should be above the knee;
  • accessories and colorful decorations complement the image;
  • be different - experiment with styles;
  • ultraviolet light wear white will win.

Clubwear - your flight of fancy.Follow the fashion, but not beyond a healthy interest , do not become a victim of it.Clothes for a party should emphasize the advantages of your figure and skillfully hide its flaws.