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01 April 2016

One of the most unusual pieces of female clothes are leggings.They practically any image can add originality, but often associated with cold season and knitted items.How to wear leggings, so they add grace and polish your image?

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How to wear leggings

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  • What are women's socks?
  • From what to wear leggings?
  • How to wear leggings?

Women's leggings - what are they?

leggings - a warm stockings up to the middle of the knee .In our country they first appeared in the late 19th century.It was the product of a dense fabric or leather that is worn over the shoe.

  • Women leggings gained its immense popularity, thanks aerobics .Gaiters help quickly warm up the muscles and training becomes more effective.In addition, T-shirts and socks with shorts will make your way sexier.
  • There sports socks , intended to protect shoes from dirt and snow inside.Special devices are attached to the laces.For lovers of hiking in the mountains and extreme
    sports such accessory will be very useful in any weather.
  • Volume knitted leggings original look and homewear.With their help, you can easily remove the tension from the legs after a hard day's work.
  • Today fashionista women leggings are used not only for sports.Leggings perform aesthetic function , complementing everyday images.
  • for each style dress can easily pick up his pair, because socks are both monophonic and color .

How to wear leggings

From what to wear leggings - a photo stylish combinations of clothing with women's socks

Now let's talk a little bit about what you can wear leggings.We hasten to please you - they are perfectly combined, with both skirts and pants with .The main thing - to choose the right color and style.

Skirts .

Ideal - miniskirt and fishnet leggings .For casual style more suitable denim skirt , and for the style of "schoolgirl» - Pleated .
From what to wear leggings?

If your wardrobe there elegant skirt with lace or guipure , then it perfectly complement the body stockings, black socks and shoes with heels.
From what to wear leggings?

If you do not like to wear mini skirts the "pencil", "Tatyanka" and "balloon» make a great ensemble with leggings below the knee.Do not forget about moderation.For monochromatic skirt perfect fishnet leggings crocheting.
From what to wear leggings?

For a smooth texture suitable skirt any style .But the buttons and bows significantly reduce the range of choice, because the image can get overloaded.
From what to wear leggings?

shorts, jeans, pants.

Long leggings are best combined with shorts.For example, denim shorts can be easily supplemented with patterned bright accessories.For a more rigorous way is necessary to maintain a uniform color.
From what to wear leggings?
From what to wear leggings?

Skinny jeans and pants also look good if they tuck into boots and wear over leggings.If the jeans are well combined with any shades that colored pants must be selected in a single tone with the other things.
From what to wear leggings?
From what to wear leggings?

Tights and stockings.

This combination is quite dangerous, but also very interesting.Leggings calm shades (brown, beige) can be safely worn with tights bright colors .So you're a little equalized and dim colored spot.

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From what to wear leggings?

But plain gray or black body stockings or tights you can try a little cheer bright socks.
How to wear leggings
How to wear leggings
How to wear leggings

How to wear leggings - the little tricks of the stylists

to your image with the gaiters turned out beautiful, stylists recommend during its preparation to adhere to a few rules :

  • The longer dress or skirtthe shorter leg warmers , and vice versa;
  • girls with skinny legs best to choose a cross-patterned leggings and with full legs - longitudinal.This helps to hide some flaws of your figure;
  • Leggings can be worn in the cold and in the warm season, the main thing - choose the right texture and fabric .To warm things are good knit leggings and a light summer dress - thin delicate;
  • Do not forget to pick up his clothes properly jewelry.So, to the leggings are best massive big jewelry .

With gaiters any way possible to make individual and bright .During the day, you are sure to catch on myself more than a dozen admiring glances!