How to choose jewelry to clothing: the lessons of high style

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01 April 2016

Quite often you can see how beautiful outfit spoil properly chosen decorations.But to make the right choices is not so hard.From today's article will teach you how to choose jewelry to clothing.

How to choose jewelry to clothing

content of the article:

  • General rules for choosing jewelery
  • How to choose jewelry to clothing?

General rules for choosing jewelery - how to choose the decorations tasteful?

to always look stylish and beautiful, when choosing jewelry is necessary to adhere to the basic rules 10 :

  1. dress and ornaments to it should be selected accordingly event , to which you go;
  2. color accessories must be selected according to the type their appearance .Before choosing jewelry to identify who you are: spring, summer or fall winter;
  3. Do not forget about moderation .Even if you go on New Year's party, remember, you are not a "tree."There is an unwritten rule, the older the woman, the less it is allowed to wear accessories at the same time;
  4. For weightless elegant dresses best pick fragile ornaments , but for dresses made of thick fabric suit massive accessories;
  5. materials should be combined. Earlier while wearing silver and gold are not recommended, but now it is generally ignored by many stylists.The main thing is that the image was designed in the same style;
  6. addition to bright decorations should be discreet , and vice versa;
  7. Combine jewelry jewelry can not. It is considered bad manners;
  8. very close placement of accessories spoil the whole image;
  9. Do not accessorize :
    • Shiny dresses;
    • outfit which: asymmetrical cut the neck, the neck is a bow or a drapery on the bodice are flowers, embroidery and stones;
    • along with puffed sleeves, ruffles and frills.
  10. Accessories intended , to emphasize one or another part of your body.Therefore chosen jewelry can make you a compliment or spoil the whole day.

How to choose the right jewelry to the neckline dresses and clothes - tips stylists, photo

Every fashionista among its accessories is jewelry.These kinds beads, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc.Especially popular with women are necklaces of the base material , since it is they can enliven any outfit.

Unfortunately, not all women know how to choose the right jewelry under the neckline of the dress or blouse.But properly selected jewelry can ruin the whole image .So we pull out all of its decorations and begin to understand to what a suitable cutout.
How to choose jewelry to clothing

  1. neckline - one of the most popular cuts of modern women.Although many believe that for such a cut-fit any jewelry, in fact it is not.Since the cleavage itself attracts attention, it is not necessary to emphasize more.It will look out of place.For the neckline perfect unobtrusive elegant decorations, tight to the neck.Length of the chain for this cutout should be about 40 cm.
    How to choose jewelry to clothing

  2. V-neck also perfectly underlines the neckline.To dress with cut-out are not suitable long chain.It is best to opt for a neat decoration with a small pendant.To get a balanced ensemble, pendant should display geometric lines of the cutout.
    How to choose jewelry to clothing
    How to choose jewelry to clothing

  3. O-neck perfectly combined with massive ornaments.The smaller cut-out, the greater must be decoration.The color of the necklace can be partially repeating the color of the dress or blouse.Also similar outfit can complement all sorts of long chains.
    How to choose jewelry to clothing
    How to choose jewelry to clothing

  4. High throat .To cut or dress without decorations course essential.For such a perfect dress layered long jewelry that must be worn over clothing.Such chains often decorated with various decorative elements: small pendants, coins, flowers, bows, etc.
    How to choose jewelry to clothing

  5. high neckline can be round or square.But in both cases, it necessarily covers a large part of the chest and ends almost at the very neck.Clothes with the best cut does not complement the decorations.But if there is a box in your thin chain with a small pendant, it can be put.
    How to choose jewelry to clothing
    How to choose jewelry to clothing