Clothing September 1 for students: how to combine the rigor and elegance in a school uniform

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01 April 2016

Clothing 1 September for students form today introduced in almost all schools.At the end of the summer for parents begins "marathon" shopping city - jacket, skirt, pants and dress shirt should hang in the closet by 1 September.But despite the clear requirements for a new school uniform for 2013-2014 academic year, the first day of the holiday of children want to dress festive and unusual.What kind of children's school clothes will be trendy as of September 1 this year, and how to decorate it - meet and advise stylists.

content of the article:

  • costumes, school dresses for girls to dress
  • As of September 1, boy?
  • How to make school uniforms holiday?

beautiful and fashionable suits, dresses 1 September for girls

Faceless dress brown Soviet times in the past.But for the modern form has tight dress code , which can not violate.A express their individuality, in hairstyles schoolgirls and school in a beautiful dress, every girl wants.

What now offer stylists modern schoolgirls?

  • Dress-case.
    length - knee, graceful co
    ntours, the focus on the waist, in addition - heels (not too high).Also in vogue tulip, but the main thing here - do not overdo it with the length.
    School uniforms as of September 1 - dress-Case
  • Black and white is always in fashion.
    And for schools - an ideal option.Especially for primary classes.But some items attire (such as blouses) you can pick up in the mustard, milk or coral shades.Also popular today a deep blue color.
    School uniforms as of September 1 - fashionable color
  • Retro style back in fashion again.
    touched it and school dresses.Frilly accessories, sophisticated finishes and neck are best left to other cases, but help emphasize the silhouette from the waist flared skirt, puffed sleeves or cropped, white round collar or even its absence.
    Clothing September 1 - retro style
  • Knitted dresses, cashmere and knitwear with lace inserts.
    For our weather is rarely indulges warm, this option will be very useful.
    Clothing September 1 - jersey
  • Sarafan.
    Boring gray dress today replaced sundresses, through which you can play with the colors and styles of blouses / divers.For holiday enough to wear a sundress, such as chiffon blouse or shirt and starched lace collar (can be separate - is also now fashionable).
    Clothing September 1 - sundresses
  • Sundresses in plaid.
    usually - either lowered waist or a thin girdle, and as decoration - decorative drapes or pockets.Clothing September 1 - sundresses in a cage
  • New - shortened and fitted jacket
    It can be combined with a pleated skirt or pencil skirt, and with narrowed trousers.Under the jacket suitable cream / white blouse.
  • quite popular today among schoolgirls and ties : stylish, striped and plaid - for senior pupils, graceful butterflies - for little schoolgirls.It is advisable to tie matched the skirt.
    Clothing September 1 - ties for girls

When choosing festive form remember Diversity classic style .You can replace the bolero jacket, instead of a skirt to buy a sundress, choose pants is not straight but narrowed or flared shape, and about blouses and can not speak - their range is huge today.

How to dress for September 1 boy - fashion trend of children's clothing for boys

Boys recommended to take the form exclusively from natural fabrics (linen, wool, cotton, silk), the production of which does not use allergenic dyes and additivesand the body can breathe freely.Remain relevant suits in dark colors , fashionable shirts and ties.Do not forget that the school uniform for boys should be well combined with a neat and stylish hair schoolboy.
Clothing September 1 for boys

also relevant for boys:

  • Dandy-style : three-piece suits, jackets elongated wide-open.
    Clothing September 1 for boys - style dandy
  • Shirts and sweaters (diamonds, graphic prints) instead of jackets.Most - closed with a zipper.
    Clothing September 1 for boys - jersey
  • Ties over a shirt, but a jumper.The main condition - the tie should not be too colorful.
    Clothing September 1 for boys - ties
  • shirts with short sleeves (to the elbow).
    Clothing September 1 for boys - shirt
  • Instead of the classic « white with black » You can choose « red and blue « .Although monochrome relevant in the school dress code at all times.
    Clothing September 1 for boys - color form
  • into fashion and denim suits blue / burgundy .

school uniform - how to make uniforms as of September 1 holiday?

first day of school - a very conservative party.But the elegance and solemnity has not been canceled.Of course, white bows in girls, white shirts at the boys, and then what?Why not give up the dull gray and black suits in favor flirty sundresses, blouses, sailor and solid neckties ?Of course, a costume for a boy to roam more difficult, but you can always come up with something prim English, or, for example, carelessly, as a real dude, throw a jacket.
Clothing 1 September for students

So, how to decorate the form?What are the options?

  • Pockets . Exterior - zipper or buttons of.
  • Collars . collar, by the way, you can make your hands or buy a trendy store.
  • Sleeveless under his jacket.
  • experiments with blouses and shirts.
  • Stylish shoes.
  • Accessories - ties, scarves / shawls, bags, belts and straps.
  • Jewellery - earrings, hair clips / elastic bands, watches and hoops.

main thing - do not overdo it with accessories and follow the law of harmony .
Clothing 1 September for students