How to choose men's socks?

By Admin | Fashion
02 April 2016

How to choose men Nothing spoils the impression of a man, his socks.If you pick up the wrong socks, man will remember how tasteless and sloppy dressed guy.Create a perfect style of the husband allow a properly fitted men's socks to his costume.If you still do not know how to choose the right men's socks, then this article is definitely for you.

content of the article:

  • composition fiber men's socks
  • selection of men's socks in size
  • How to choose the color of socks
  • Common Mistakes selection socks

composition fiber men's socks - with which to properly combine socksof wool, silk, cotton?

How to choose men Usually, men's socks made from 3 main materials: silk, cotton and wool .Further there are variations in the mixture and the addition of synthetic materials with additives. Synthetics added to socks do not stretch, keeps its shape, were more durable and fitting.
mistake to come those who devotes little time choosing socks.Men's socks - it's the same high-grade element of the wardrobe as underwear for women.Ability properly combine and wear socks - a sign of good taste and cultured man.Not everyone knows that in the case of socks, there are a number of rules: what to combine, how to choose and what color of socks is better to buy.
Best quality men's socks made of wool or fine 100-% cotton.

  • Wool socks vary depending on the thickness: light and almost transparent - for the summer, and thick and warm - for the winter.Socks from wool are ideal for wool flannel trousers and suit fabrics.
  • silk socks encouraged to wear costumes of Cheviot, light wool or mohair.
  • socks made of cotton can be worn with almost any kind of clothing.They combine perfectly with jeans, pants and even shorts.Cotton socks are usually worn in warm weather.Cotton allows the foot to breathe and perspire less.

Basic rules for the selection of men better to give preference quality and expensive socks - they serve as a good and stylish addition to your wardrobe staple.Besides high-quality socks will last much longer.If you find signs of wear and tear on the toe, just get rid of them, otherwise your husband can go funny stories.

How to choose men's socks in size - Tips wives

The choice of socks for men In choosing socks great attention should be paid to the size.If you decide to buy my husband socks, better to buy a model 1.5 - 2 sizes larger than shoe .This will allow you not to lose in buying.Just too big socks not worth buying, as they will crawl, gather in the accordion and bring discomfort to your husband, creating a relaxed way.
too little socks not worth buying - it is a waste of money.These socks do not nalezut on foot, and even if nalezut, the walk will be very uncomfortable.

How to choose the color of socks - a combination of the rules of men's socks with clothes

Selection of men color men's socks should match the color of the suit .A small amount of deviation from the color (for darker or lighter tone trousers).There
table exemplary combinations of men's socks .It will allow you and your spouse do not get into an awkward situation:

  • choose socks to match his tie , if the gray suit, shirt blue, pink, white or beige.The color of his tie and socks, respectively, can be arbitrary.
  • black socks , if the suit is dark gray, black boots, a red and black tie and shirt - white, pink or beige.
  • Bordeaux or gray socks , if the suit is dark blue, beige or white shirt, gray, red or burgundy tie, and black or brown boots.
  • dark blue or maroon socks , if dark blue suit, blue and white or white and red tie, black shoes and a white shirt.
  • light blue socks , if the sand-colored suit and dark blue tie, light blue shirt and brown shoes.
  • Brown socks , if the suit color of swamp, beige shirt, brown boots and red and green tie.
  • Burgundy socks or coffee , if the brown suit, shirt pink, white or beige, green and brown tie and shoes - brown.
  • black, smoky or dark purple socks , if a white shirt, black suit, black boots, a red and black tie.

Common Mistakes selection of socks: how to avoid absurd situations

Basic rules for the selection of men To avoid absurd situations, you need to know common mistakes in selecting men's socks.

  • in business style, avoid wearing white socks .White socks worn exclusively with sportswear;
  • not recommended to buy socks with a large pattern , cartoon characters, slogans and absurd patterns.Allowed pattern on the toe, but he should be fine;
  • Do not buy low socks .Socks should be high, while sitting money had to be seen bare foot.Bare foot - it is indecent;
  • Avoid synthetic socks .The foot needs to breathe.Synthetic socks should not be more than 5%;
  • Elastic socks should not squeeze the foot , not to bring discomfort;
  • If your husband is in the summer running shoes and shorts, buy him socks shortened .In summer, this option is valid.Only not allow him to wear socks with sandals and shales - it's just ugly.

Choose the right socks selection of men's socks - is a labor.Correct socks will create a good impression and a complete image.Follow tips on choosing male socks , your husband look stylish and neat.