The most fashionable women's shoes Spring-Summer 2013

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02 April 2016

The most fashionable women For any woman buying shoes - is an incomparable pleasure, the best anti-depressant and natural feminine weakness.Of course, it is better if in your closet have shoes to any outfit, whether it be an evening dress or clothing walking option.Even chasing potatoes anyhow what is not desirable.This explains the passion for new clothes shoe.And to keep up with the times, it would be nice to know what is fashionable today, and the delight of women designers.So what's the most fashionable women's shoes in the spring and summer of 2013?

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  • main fashion trends in shoes spring-summer 2013
  • main accents spring and summer shoes 2013

main fashion trends in shoes spring-summer 2013

for the summer season todaydesigners offer a completely different models of women's shoes - from the classic boats with long heels and sandals with bows to tight Treads and bright shoes on heavy platform.Therefore, initially to be solved, in what style you are looking for shoes , and then to look for

this option among your shoe, "Klondike."

Training shoes with heels. sports lacing thick, solid sole, stable heel.It is clear that such an extravagant shoes should wisely be combined with the general appearance (for example, the style "casual").As for colors, the most fashionable - white, black and red cell, strip, etc..

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The most fashionable women
Flops heels. Romantic thin heel and beach style.Good for everyday summer walks and recreation.A traditional bridge between the toes can decorate colorful straps, laces and other items.
Sandals with heels, fashion Summer 2013

Shoes with an open front end. Leader season.Outdoor socks will be appropriate for sandals, and boots, and botinochek.Original, flirty patterns, which provide comfort ventilation, and high spirits - eyes will be just for you.
The most fashionable women

Gold and silver shoes. These shoes fit and cocktail dresses, and suits.
The most fashionable women

Shoes with open heel . Possible form of the toe - narrowed, square, classical, "heart", "keyhole" and so forth. In general, any.
The most fashionable women

Gothic style. These sandals are the way to the wardrobe of any fashionista.Main emphasis: black, metal decoration (rings, spikes, studs, riveting), very high heel, very aggressive lines, fabric inserts, a lot of buckles and straps.But the main focus - at the closed part of the toes to the ankle, that it adds general appearance seductiveness and inaccessibility simultaneously.
Fashionable summer shoes 2013

shoes with lace and mesh .Vintage style, futuristic style and so on. It can be both classic shoes, and sandals or shoes stringent.
The most fashionable women

shoes with ruffles and frills , adorning the shoes in front or on the sides.Material decorative elements - organza, satin, leather or lace.Ruched can be subtle or lush and screaming.
The most fashionable women

Shoes bizarre heels original form .Heel shape can be a polyhedron, triangle, figurine and so on. The main thing that he was high.
The most fashionable women

Wedge Shoes with various cutouts .Especially fashionable wedge is a cut in the back.Also among the fashion trends should be noted wedgies with decoration.For example, ethnic patterns, frosty morning or oriental motifs.
The most fashionable women

male style. Convenience and practicality.These models are suitable for business image.
The most fashionable women

toed shoes with elongated .Form - pumps, heel-shot of a very sharp and long socks.
The most fashionable women

Gladiators. Boots, sandals.Height - up to the knees, open toe, original ornaments, weaving buckles and straps.
The most fashionable women

main accents spring and summer shoes 2013

  • combination of bright colors. unusual prints and bold colors.
  • shoes consisting of intertwined laces and straps .
  • emphasis on shin using bows, straps, frills, colors and so on.
  • abundance of decorative elements - rivets, buckles, thorns and other metal parts.
  • ruffles, lace, translucent fabric, mesh, as well as materials that mimic snake and crocodile skin .Fashionable will metallic color shoes .
  • transparent plastic straps, heels and soles .
  • Openwork perforation .Figured slots on shoes and boots can be in the form of lace, flowers or animals.
  • Heel .Stupendous.Thin and straight square stud (high and low) heels.Heels beveled, triangular, asymmetrical and curly.Heels curved and decorated and inlaid heels.
  • Prints .Ethnic patterns and geometry, fashionable peas, strips of rigor.
  • As for color, the most fashionable in 2013 will be a combination of white with orange, pink and yellow, silver color with aqua .Do not forget also about the sequins, appliqu├ęs and transparent texture.