Women's beautician - an indispensable accessory of modern women

By Admin | Fashion
03 April 2016

Women cosmetic woman without cosmetic - as a soldier without arms on the battlefield.That this accessory allows us to maintain order in a variety of cosmetic accessories, without which the weaker sex can not do.Read what should be in the purse of a modern woman?For a girl it would be the size of a modest cosmetic purse under her compact and lipstick, other cosmetic needs sized case - but, regardless of shapes and sizes, this piece - a mandatory attribute in handbags.What are cosmetic, and how to choose one that is right for you?

content of the article:

  • Selection Criteria female beauticians
  • Road cosmetic
  • Rollaway cosmetic
  • Beautician pencil case
  • organizer
  • Beautician Beautician Beautician Footlocker
  • suitcase

ideal cosmetic exists - Importantcriteria for the selection of female beauticians

Women cosmetic Ideally, every woman should be a minimum of three cosmetic bags for different occasions - for example, for home, work and travel.But the criteria for the selection of this accessory is usually the same for a

ll beauticians.So, what should be the ideal cosmetic?

  • form.
    it can be different, depending on the purpose of cosmetic - round or elongated, flat and compact, massive and so forth.
  • size.
    This criterion is, again, it depends on the destination and number of cosmetic enhancement.If the "arsenal" of cosmetic products present only mascara lipstick, most cosmetic, of course, to anything.But the need for a bigger travel accessory.
  • material.
    Here the choice is not particularly wide - PVC, leather, leather and textiles.Natural materials are always better, taking into account their environmental friendliness.However, this accessory is very often used and needs regular washing (wash) - not every textile stand this load without consequences.Therefore, the strength of the material - is no less important criterion.
  • functionality.
    For home beauticians supposed ability to store all makeup and quick access to each item.By beautician requirements for a bit - until the evening you can well do without most of the tubes and sklyanochek.A beautician Travel - an accessory that requires not only the proper storage / retrieval of things, but their reliable fixation.
  • Availability offices.
    to cosmetics accessories are not inside the bottle and do not crumbled, so you need to choose the makeup, which would be enough pockets / compartments by all necessary means.
  • locks / buckles.
    Velcro and magnets are not always convenient, and the buttons are broken very quickly, so lightning is an ideal clasp for beauticians.Be sure to check the strength of all joints and note pad - it must be waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Additional pluses - the mirror, comfortable handle, hard bottom for its convenient location on the table.

Last but not least, the criterion - design .Beautician should fit not only your image, but also to the bag.

convenient road for cosmetic makeup tools needed to travel

Women The most valuable thing for any woman - a road beautician.This "Klondike" - treasures for health and beauty, without which it is impossible to leave even for a couple of days.The usual cosmetic fits easily into a purse and contains only a set of cosmetics, but for travel - it is surround accessory to accommodate all cosmetics, perfume, hair care products, etc. .Typically, these objectives acquire travel bag (the plastic case) or makeup with an abundance of pockets.

Rollaway create space for cosmetic make-up, even in field conditions

Women cosmetic rollaway Folding cosmetic bag, many girls are on business trips and on vacation.Almost indispensable thing: it allows neatly all its arsenal of beauty-offices.Select it is usually on the following criteria:

  • Ability to hang on the wall (the presence of a strong hook ).
  • Minimum three branches : one removable for bottles / tubes;One removable, for decorative cosmetics;a small compartment for brush / paste;pockets for small items.
  • right to open branches : nothing should drop out of the beauticians, when from it anything get, or when it is hanging on the wall.
  • material.For domestic branches - preferably, grid hard .
  • Availability opaque offices for hiding the most personal hygiene items and other women's secrets.

compact cosmetic pencil case fit into any woman's purse

Women cosmetic - pencil case Pencil-beautician - accessory for a small female handbag .This cosmetic convenient for a walk, at a party or a visit to friends to visit.It holds only the bare essentials - a minimum set of cosmetics, usually consisting of a powder lipstick, mascara, proofreader, bottle of perfume and nail files.The traditional form - tube and closure - zipper.

Beautician handbag organizer for help to contain cosmetics in order

Women Beautician-organizer solves the eternal problem of women - the sudden disappearance of one or another necessary thing.Functionality of this accessory is most convenient for business women, for whom the order - the basis of success.The size of a little more than a cosmetic purse material - very tight, and the main advantage - plenty of pockets and compartments for storing cosmetics , documents, keys, medicines, etc.

Roomy cosmetic chest - for women who had a passion for collectingCosmetics

Women Beautician-chest - a stylish accessory and bulk for a variety of boxes and vials. size of the trunk depends on the stocks of cosmetics , without which it is absolutely impossible to do - from miniature to very large.Of course, there is a mirror inside and hidden pockets, and if the trip is planned for a day or two, then a makeup can be used as a road.

Most cosmetic case - storage for professional cosmetics

Women The largest version of the women's cosmetic - it beauty-case .This cosmetic-bag - irreplaceable thing for professional makeup artists and each young lady wanting to fit in a makeup all their "treasures" - perfumes, cosmetics and so on. As for the design - a variety of stylistic solutions (from his bag and steel apple shape up velvet with rhinestones)will satisfy even the most finicky girl.