Skirts to the floor - who go and what to wear with a maxi skirt?

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03 April 2016

The skirt on the floor, maxi skirt - how to choose Over the past few years, the skirt to the floor does not come from the catwalks of fashion houses.But before buying this trend item of clothing, it's worth to know who he is more of an idea and what it is to wear.That is what we will talk today.

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  • This is the skirt to the floor?
  • From what to wear maxi-skirt?

This is the skirt to the floor?

When choosing a maxi-skirt woman should take into account the characteristics of the figure:

  • women with a curvy and rounded shapes , choosing a skirt to the floor, you have to be very careful and neat.Wearing the wrong style skirt, the girl will be like a cabinet, and it is absolutely not the result you want to achieve.Therefore, a complete lady in the selection of the element of the wardrobe should follow a few rules:
    • not buy skirts with a low waist .For you are the ideal option model with high belt;
      The skirt on the floor for full
    • The skirt should not be any additional details that visually enhance hips (applications, pockets, etc.);
      The skirt on the floor for full
    • Pay attention to the flared skirts to the floor , which hide problem areas and make the silhouette more attractive and slim.And although this season very popular pleated skirts, ladies curvaceous they do not fit, as will add a few extra centimeters;
      The skirt on the floor for full
    • best to stop the election on the skirt of the opaque and non-shiny fabric , do not choose satin or silk chiffon.For the warm season best linen and cotton, and for cold weather purchase tweed or jeans;
      The skirt on the floor for full
    • Avoid large prints and patterns, layering and frills .But the fine pattern and small decorations are acceptable.
      The skirt on the floor for full
  • girl model form , but not very tall, not recommended to wear a maxi-skirt with a very bulky items , such as lush flounces or draperies.Also under the long skirt girl Thumbelina just have to wear heels or platform.
    Floor skirt
  • tall girl model parameters can easily experiment with both shaped skirt, and with tissues. And under her skirt to the floor they can easily hide sandals at low speed or shale.Visually help reduce the growth of broad horizontal bands of contrasting color.

Floor skirt 2013

From what to wear maxi-skirt?

If you have already purchased a maxi-skirt of his dreams, it remains only to determine what it is best to wear.Therefore, we have decided today to give you some practical advice :

  • to your outfit looked harmoniously designers and stylists recommend combined volume skirts to the floor with a narrow top , eg blouse, turtleneck or topom.And the opposite option, voluminous jackets and sweatshirts, choose to narrow skirts.This combination will give your image of sophistication;
    The skirt on the floor - what to wear
  • For the brave young people will be very relevant blend maxi skirt and short-stamp, opening the abdomen .A cool autumn evening will be the perfect bow skirt to the floor with a knitted sweater or cardigan.However, remember that these things should not be below the waist, otherwise you will need a belt to keep your feminine silhouette;
    The skirt on the floor - what to wear
  • Stylists advise boldly experiment with fabrics and textures top .In summer, the air will be relevant translucent fabric, and in the fall to the floor skirt perfectly complement a fur vest or jacket, leather jackets;
    The skirt on the floor - what to wear
  • To the delight of all the girls to skirt the floor fits any shoe option , it is important to complement your image.For example, the image of the summer are great open sandals or ballet flats.For evening dress better use of high heels.In the fall to the maxi-skirt are perfect boots or shoes and wedges;
    The skirt on the floor - what to wear
  • His image can be supplemented with a wide or narrow belt, long pendants or bracelets .Important not to overload it and remember that the main emphasis should be on the skirt.
    The skirt on the floor - what to wear

Thus, we can conclude that the skirt to the floor is a versatile wardrobe item. It goes well with many things , so it can help to create both daily image , and strict business onions .
The skirt on the floor - what to wear