How is the allowance for childbirth in 2014 - a practical guide

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27 March 2016

Probably, many women who are planning a pregnancy, and women who already awaiting the birth of a new life in the near future, interested in the amount of maternity benefits.

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So today we'll tell you what benefits paid by the state to young mothers and can independently determine the amount of benefits for childbirth.

How to calculate the maternity allowance in 2014

Initially, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in 2014 there were some changes that affect the amount of benefits .It changes the maximum amount of earnings involved in the calculation formulas maternity benefits in 2014.Now earning limits for 2012 - 512000rub for 2013 - 568,000 rubles .

According to Article 9 of the Federal Law of 02.12.2013g №349 «On the Federal Budget for 2014god ...», put ratio of 1.05, increasing child benefits by 5% .

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now benefit is:

Table for calculating maternity benefits

Indexing one-time allowance coefficient of

1.05, payable on the birth of a child, will happen if the child is born 01.01.2014 and later .

Calculation algorithm maternity benefits

Sum revenues (salary, vacation payments, bonuses) for the last two years before obtaining maternity leave.
If these amounts exceed the maximum set by state wage, then you will get the highest amount of benefit, amounting 207 123,00 rubles .If your total is less than the limit of the maximum wage, then use the formula:
How to calculate the maternity allowance in 2014 where

  • 1 year - the sum of all income for the current one year;
  • 2 year - the sum of all revenues for the second year, in the calculation;
  • 731 - the number of days taken into account when calculating the (two years);
  • patients .- The amount of sick days per period of time is taken into account in the calculations (two years);
  • D - the number of days recorded in sick leave, which is issued on the grounds of pregnancy and childbirth (ot140 to 194dney).

If your seniority less than six months , the maternity allowance will count based on Minimal.

Based on the amount of the minimum wage, which since 01.01.2014 the year is 5554 rubles.per month, maternity allowance must not be lower than when the calculation is made on the basis of its .

If your actual income is less than the minimum wage, it is assigned minimum benefit , established by law.

example of how to calculate benefits for childbirth:

Vasilyeva INHe worked at PJSC "Trud" in August of 2011.In January 2014 she is going to go on leave for pregnancy and childbirth.Vasilieva passed to the accounting sick leave lasting 140 days, starting from January 21.Calculated over the years it will have 2012 and 2013, t.e.731 calendar day.During this period, Vasilyeva I.N 43 days was on sick leave.Its earnings amounted to: in 2012 - 598 thousand rubles., For 2013 - 681 000 rubles.

In comparison with the established limits (512,000 rubles and 568,000 rubles for 2012 and 2013 respectively), its earnings substantially higher.Therefore, the amount of the daily wage is calculated as follows:

(512,000 rubles. + 568 000 rub.): (731 days. - 43 sick days.) = 1569.76 rubles.

Sincethe average daily earnings, which is considered in the calculation of benefits shall not exceed 1479.45 rubles (this value is obtained from the calculation (512 000 rub. + 568 000 rubles.) / 730 days).Therefore, the payment of benefits and maternity leave will be the sum of the following: 1479.45 rub.x 140 days (70 days before delivery and 70 days) = 207 123 rubles.

According to Russian legislation, maternity leave accrued over 10 days from the moment when a person who has insurance, sick leave provided for obtaining the necessary benefits.These payments provide FSS, and the employer pays benefits in the near future: the day specified as the date of payment of wages.

In a situation where need to go on maternity leave (BIR), and at this time you are on leave to care for a child , you will need to write a few statements.In the first you ask interrupted leave to care for a child, and the second - to give leave to BIR.In the penultimate payment will take two years, that is, those when you were on vacation at Bir, and child care.This year, it is possible to replace the previous one (according to para. 1, Art. 14 255-FZ).For this need to write another statement.