Types of women's bras - what suits you?

By Admin | Fashion
04 April 2016

Any girl can choose their hours underwear.Looking at the windows of women's stores, she picks it up on a cut, style, color.And if you try the Internet to explore the whole vast range of bras.What you just did not have enough time and patience to peruse the entire range.So today we decided to tell you about the main types of women's bras.

Which bra to choose?Popular types of models

Today the market offers a huge number of female bra.Each of them is designed to consciousness own unique silhouette.Today, we will introduce the most common types of women's bras:

  • Classic Bra
    is intended to support and shape the breasts.He closed cup with equal parts rags.This type of bra designed for women with a curvy shape.

  • Body Body - shirt, combined with panties that fastens between the legs on the clasp or button.Perfect under jeans or trousers.Many top model clearly shows a bra.

  • Bend Bend - a bra as a strip of cloth that can be supported by the frame and straps.These models are perfect for evening dre
    sses with cutout on the back.
  • push-up
    This is - a unique model, visually increases the breast, making it lush and taut.This effect is achieved due to the inserts on the sides of the cups, which shift the center of the chest and slightly lift it up.It is this kind of bras used women to attract the attention of the opposite sex.Since this model is visually increases the breast several sizes, it is ideal for women with small breasts.
  • Corbeil
    Female bra with a plunging neckline.It covers only the nipple.This bra will impress no one guy, even if the passion between you began to fade, so many people use it for lovemaking.In everyday life this bra is ideal for women with small breasts.
  • Balkonet
    In this model, a cut, the breast is supported only from below.It has a direct or an open oval neckline with straps that can detach.Ideal for the lucky owners of the third and breast size.It is best to wear it under clothing with a square neckline or bare shoulders.

  • Sports Bra is ideal for sports.It is very easy to use, has no bones and tabs, reduces breast movement.How to choose a sports bra?
  • Bra for nursing
    This model is specially designed for nursing mothers.She unfastened the upper part, so it is very convenient to feed the baby.Such bras are silicone insert.
  • bra-top
    It - T-shirt stitched with bra.Some models can be compacted fabric inserts.This type of bra is more intended to create a romantic mood, than to support the breast.
  • Corset
    This bra adjustment figure.It not only supports the breast, but also highlights the waist.Most often they go to the middle of the waist, and they have no straps.These models are ideal for women with lush breasts and a narrow back.Many believe such erotic lingerie because it makes the girl in the eyes of the fan more feminine.

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