Which skirt suit full of girls?

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05 April 2016

Skirts for obese women modern fashion does not have any common standard.A plump girl with the purchase of skirts need to follow certain unwritten rules that can help you choose a harmonious model for every day and for festive occasions.The first step towards its ideal appearance - is the adoption themselves with all available features.The second step - to emphasize the strengths and hide weaknesses.

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full skirt suit girls?

content of the article:

  • styles of skirts for full girls
  • Recommendations for choosing a skirt for full
  • Skirts for obese women.What not to do

styles of skirts for full girls

Although the society and tries to dictate the terms of the girls full of fashion, forcing them to hide the legs and figure in baggy clothes, still owners of magnificent forms should be understood as short,and long skirts they may look very attractive.

  • skirt-year. vtachnoy or single cut wedges, upholstered hip line "year" - below the
    hips 20-25 cm. The number of wedges can be anything (usually - four or twelve).The length depends solely on desire.Suitable for special occasions, and for office work.This model looks very impressive, adds a look of harmony and visually lengthens the legs.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • skirt kilt. basic rule - the fabric must be tight, but the main emphasis - on the colors and details.Modern skirt kilt - is the admissibility of the pockets, the shape of a trapezoid and a small pleating at the sides.The fabric - jersey and wool.Classical length - to the knee.As the decorations can be used belts and buttons.
  • Gipsy skirt. flying silhouettes, upholstered hip, flowing waves.This skirt - perfect summer or holiday option.For better camouflage figure flaws you can choose a double skirt.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • wraparound skirt. smell can go across the width of the skirt or end in the middle of it.The second option - the most suitable for full girls.This model is simple and easy erotic shade.You can combine it with a denim jacket to mid-thigh.The preferred length - below the knee.Desirably, the top with the bottom had highly visible contrast in color.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • Pencil skirt. One of the best options for women with a curvy shape.Stresses bends figure and her femininity.This model provides a girl stylish, compact and orderly.A shorter version of the skirt is suitable for walks and parties.Especially in combination with a short denim jacket.A longer - to work in the office or an evening out.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • Knitted skirts .As for the knitted skirts - here full of girls should look for models with a more or less smooth terrain, medium-sized viscous.A good option - openwork knit mid-sized and A-Line.Also suitable model with a high waist, which perfectly match the elegant cardigans.Which skirt suit complete girls
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • tulip skirt. With the smell or just below the knee.Visually lengthen the silhouette.In sunny summer days will be good light chiffon skirt (cut "polusolntse").It is advisable to choose a model with a high waistline.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • Denim skirts. Virtually unaffected by fashion.Different benefits such as wearability, shape retention, practicality and style.The most suitable denim skirts for lush girls - shortened pencil skirts, with high waistline, and tulip skirts.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • skirt-bell. This style will hide the fullness of the hips and waistline mark.
    Which skirt suit complete girls
  • culottes or skirt-shorts (with low height).Which skirt suit complete girls
    Which skirt suit complete girls

Recommendations for choosing a skirt for full girls

  • When choosing a summer skirt pay attention to model of linen and cotton, chiffon, silk .
  • have flared skirts flared must start from the middle of the thigh .
  • highlight in the shape can be rich drapery .For example, a border of roses decorated with sequins (beads).
  • Fur pencil skirt decorated with sequins - an interesting option, the right girl for any figure.
  • One of the tricks to divert attention from the shortcomings of the figure - presence of the skirt buttons and buckles .
  • Eliminate things from the wardrobe with large drawings (peas, large flowers, large cell).
  • tighten their belts moderately , to visually do not burden the chest and not to increase the size of your thighs.
  • Avoid too narrow and too lush skirts .Remember that baggy straight and short line skirts provide a massive figure and square.
  • choosing a pencil skirt, use corrective underwear - this skirt greatly emphasizes the relief line of the hips and abdomen.
  • Wear long skirts with wedges or shoes with heels .

Skirts for obese women

What can not wear skirts plump?Tips, what not to do:

  • take a great interest shiny fabrics (they visually increase the volume).
  • Select skirt with horizontal pattern and volume (and too small).If you still bought a skirt, then you can correct the situation with the help of a tunic, having elongated sidewall or monochrome cardigan.
  • take a great interest layered skirts models .
  • Buy skirts of wadding material (they just add volume).Give preference to a soft drape and smooth fabrics.
  • take a great interest black .Experiment.Indulge in rich, joyful or pastel colors.
  • fill with tunics, shirts or blouses in a skirt with elastic .Especially if the skirt has no waist belt and overpriced.
  • wear a skirt at the hips combined with jersey-top.
  • Wear long skirt with a shapeless sweater.