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06 April 2016

Fashionable hair 2013 Hair is the pride and the main decoration of every woman, so they should always look well-groomed and stylish.Every year the changing trends in hair color, hair length.But, as experience shows, the length of hair, each woman chooses still at will, because there are new fashion trends and of short and long hair, which can be used to create a fashionable hairstyle its modern image.Today our conversation - about the trendy colors and hair colors that are selected ladies in 2013.

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most fashionable shades of hair color, and in 2013 - the best photo

in fashion in 2013 - bright colors , sometimes - neon, contrast, very juicy.See also: the most fashionable hairstyles of 2013.Stylists offer hair coloring to several shades, which can be one of the colors, forming a transition from light to darker colors in curls, and can be contrasting, bright, eye-catching (for example, a combinatio

n of pink, yellow and blue).Instead of such a creative coloring their own hair ladies can use brightly colored toupees , inserted into the hair.
Fashionable hair 2013 - coloring
Fashionable hair 2013 - fashionable coloring
Fashionable hair 2013
Fashionable hair 2013 - neon coloring
Fashionable hair 2013 - bright strands

in hair color in 2013 for brunettes still relevant color of chocolate - milk chocolate shades from almost black to chocolate.In fashion are also shades of cafe au lait, espresso.
Fashionable hair 2013 - hair color chocolate
Fashionable hair 2013 - chocolate hair color
Fashionable hair 2013 - shades of chocolate
Fashionable hair 2013 - hair color chocolate
Fashionable hair 2013 - Chocolate

Blondes can pay attention to the shades of gray of hair dyes and paint swamp, green midtone.For the less creative hairstyles suitable light shades of champagne, platinum and beige blonde.
Fashionable hair 2013 - Honey Blonde
Fashionable hair 2013 - champagne color
Fashionable hair 2013 - cold blond
Fashionable hair 2013 - color platinum
Fashionable hair 2013 - Blonde

Adherents red hair color, you can choose your own color from the widest range of the red, which are offered by all manufacturers of hair dye in 2013.It could be rusty-red, almost golden, and muted red, almost brown.Red shades fashion all without exception.They are joyful, rich and particularly well set off the light skin and green eyes.
Fashionable hair 2013 - red hair
Fashionable hair 2013 - red hair
Fashionable hair 2013
Fashionable hair 2013 - red hair
Fashionable hair 2013 - dark-red hair

Fashionable hair color 2013 - photo, video instructions for hair coloring

In 2013, the very popular bright coloring .With it you can create a truly striking and unusual way.Colors for coloring can take the craziest - from bright pink to green.Only when the color must also take into account the age and sphere of activity in which you are working.
Obviously, if you are an employee or a doctor of internal organs, you are unlikely to suit the red and blue strands, but if you work in the field of show business, or Pr-manager, such a creative hairstyle will suit you fine.
creative coloring can be combined with an asymmetrical haircut, to get a bright and crazy image.Just do not overdo it with creativity, so as not to scare people on the street.
Fashionable hair color 2013
Fashionable hair color 2013
Fashionable hair color 2013
Fashionable hair color 2013

Ombre - fashionable color "sun-bleached 'hair.For several seasons in the hairdressing world, there is a high demand for hair coloring technique Ombre.This style is reminiscent of the hair naturally sun-bleached, and gives the modern woman both plaque negligence, and very romantic image.Colouring hair style may resemble Ombre hair regrowth, and may have some layering curls with a smooth transition between the shades - this gives hair naturally.
Fashionable hair 2013 - staining Ombre
Fashionable hair 2013 - Equipment Ombre
Fashionable hair 2013 - Venetian highlights
Fashionable hair 2013 - Ombre

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Video tutorial: Hair coloring technique Ombre

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Photography owners the most fashionable hair 2013

Fashionable hair 2013
Fashionable hair 2013
Fashionable hair 2013
Fashionable hair 2013