How to make her husband a millionaire - 10 steps to help you make a rich husband

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28 March 2016

a beautiful, powerful and wealthy wife dream of every young "princess."And if the first and second paragraphs can not be influenced (there's that is what it is), here with the third paragraph, the situation is quite different.Even if your pockets are constantly Prince wind walks, you can influence the situation.

it possible to make the wife of a millionaire?Can!And it is not about to leave without his pants billionaire, and that is in your power to change the fate of her husband and, therefore, his own.And we'll show you - how to do it ...

  • influence over her husband. Influence can be different.We can say - "I want this ring!You owe it to me to buy, because I am with you, the parasite, the best years of his life ruined. "And you can casually show this ring to her husband (Oh, how great! Just a dream!) And go further, picking up a loved one's arm, throwing playful remark - "get rich here, and then it ... Wow!".Do not ask her husband's ring (vacation on the island, to fix the faucet and so on.) -
    Create conditions for him to husband himself wanted to fulfill your desire.

How to make her husband a millionaire

  • man - a hunter by nature. Do not deprive him of the quality vzvalivaya assume all responsibilities of men.Do not try to make it better (and if you earn - do not say), do not carry gravity, do not try to master the hammer or nail the shelf.Be next to her husband the woman who wants to protect, preserve and cherish.
  • Easy propilka regular chip removal - losing the method of "education of her husband." woman's husband-saw will not be happy.And when a man is unhappy - he does not want anything.Praise and periodic "warming" in the light of his talent and courage is much more effective and tantrums every whim.From the phrase, "You are a genius at me!" The man squared his shoulders and find the strength for taking new heights.From the words, "You have nothing else to do?Why waste time on this nonsense?"Exhaust" will wait for years!Work, like all normal people! "He snaps, and you will no longer devote their plans.Decide - whether you need a robot every day exhausting himself hated chore with stable, albeit low-income?Or you need a self-confident person who enjoys working and developing in all respects?

How to make her husband a millionaire

  • Believe in her husband. Installation "Your hands are not out of the place.You never will get you nowhere.You do not have enough brains.You're a lazy, short-sighted and too trusting, "initially leads you nowhere.Proper installation - "You all can.You are my - the smartest.You will succeed.Act now for the opportunity.Listen to the heart and intuition.I'm always there if you need my help. "
  • Set a goal - to make of the millionaire husband.And her husband create all the conditions that he wanted them to become.In the first place - the house.The husband must be willing to be a leader, a hunter earner.And for that, you must become the perfect wife in every sense.The level of masculinity spouse rises on the correct strategy of his wife.And leave a man the right - to make decisions on their own, and not on the basis of your requirements and whims.To make decisions and be responsible for them ....

How to make her husband a millionaire

  • clever woman never resents ajar and her husband to the wall - to earn money, to repair the crane, bring a bucket, a parasite.Smart woman correctly points to the discomfort, and then admire the golden hands and talents spouse.
  • Raduyte "look" of her husband. Beautiful woman - the most powerful incentive for men at all times.Even at home, while cleaning and laundry, you should look as if you have five minutes to run a beauty contest.By the way, according to research at the sight of a beautiful woman in a man's brain are activated precisely those areas that are responsible for the "multiplication of capital."That is, you are charming, the stronger his desire - to become rich and successful.Do not let yourself get old gowns, cucumber and sour cream mask before her husband, and her hair, "ah, and it goes!".
  • Put the aquarium in the apartment. least a little.Of course, you can have different attitudes to this fashionable trend "hang on the north side of the skin of a bat and stroked 100 times netsuke-belly toads, and fall on you countless treasures."But the facts - are stubborn things.The aquarium in the south-west or east of the apartment attracts finances.

How to make her husband a millionaire

  • Feed husband correctly. only high quality, tasty, varied and useful meal.Without energy, there is no desire.
  • Determine your household budget for special places. Let this be a beautiful chest or a special envelope hand-made, which wants to put denyuzhku.Do not throw the crumpled bills on the corners and pockets - money likes gentle handling.
  • taste the best, I do not want to return to the worst. Create accurate tradition products - only the best.Food - only the original.Clothing - only quality.Furniture - only merit.The habit of living beautifully and comfortably make herself look for ways to increase their income.
  • Four female "element." The woman should get along (and to get along with each other), an independent, self-confident queen, passionate lover, gentle girl trustful and reliable friend of the economic life.

Confident woman

  • Do not laugh at his dreams. Even the seemingly absurd project can become a reality and bring considerable income, if there is the inspiration and desire.My husband shared with you my plans and dreams?Do not let him.Stay close to him, help in his case, give him the wings that are lacking for the first flight.
  • Never reproach husband in his faults. His mistakes - it is his headache.The wife can support a man supporting a way out, but do not blame and do not nag.Especially that the error - it is also the experience.But it would be superfluous.
  • her husband's life - your life. Even if his job is to repair cars, your duty - to be aware of, interested in his work and the news, listen and help as much as possible (at least in words).Ideally, when a woman is trying to understand all the subtleties of her husband's work.For your information will not be superfluous, and my husband and I immediately find many new topics for communication.

happy couple

  • Trust - first and foremost. Husband and wife - the two halves of the same whole.It communicating vessels.And your task is that between you there were no walls or boundaries.There must be no silent pauses, intractable conflicts, and a long silence.Any problem should be solved by peaceful constructive dialogue between two loving people.The happy and relaxed man, the greater his desire to go forward and achieve goals.