The son grows up without a father, or as a single mother to raise her son a real man

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28 March 2016

parent family can be quite comfortable for the child fully develop and complete - most importantly, with a mind to organize educational moments.As a rule, the family "mom and daughter" experienced fewer problems, because my mother and her daughter can always find common topics of conversation, general studies and interests.

look at this: What mistakes should be avoided lonely mother in the upbringing of his son?

But how lonely mother's son to grow real man , not having that same example before his eyes, on whose son would equal?
As a single mother to raise her son a real man

Remember, Dad, you can not be replaced ever. So be yourself! And what to do with a man's upbringing - see below.

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As a single mother to raise her son without a father a real man -

advice of psychologists to begin each mother alone raising a son and sincerely wishes to give him a proper upbringing, should forget the opinion of some people that the family is incompleteeducation inferior men

. Do not take your family junk - do not program yourself problems.Inferiority is determined not by the absence of the father, and the love and the lack of proper education.

course offers challenges, but you are required to cope with them. Just avoid mistakes and remember the main :

  • Do not try to become a dad raising a child as a soldier - tough and uncompromising. If you do not wish to be closed, and he grew angry, do not forget - he needed affection and tenderness.
  • pattern of behavior of a real man should be mandatory. It does not mean you have to change the men beside him, looking for the most courageous Papo substitute.It's about those men who have in every woman's life - her father, brother, uncle, teachers, coaches and others.
    As a single mother to raise her son a real man
    Let the kid spends more time with them (after all, somebody has to show the boy how to writestanding).The first 5 years for the baby - the most important.Mom is necessary during this period to give his son an opportunity - to take an example from the man.Well, if she meets a man who will replace the baby's father, but if it does not happen, does not close with the child in his own world - Bring it to male relatives go to visit friends, where a man can (albeit briefly) chubby little boy to teach a couple of lessons;Give son in sports.Not a music or art school, and in the section where the coach and the man will be able to influence the formation of masculine identity.
  • example to follow and can be movies, books, cartoons, stories from her mother before going to sleep. Pro knights and musketeers, about brave heroes saving the world, to protect women and their families.Needless to say, the image of "Genes Bukin," American Gigolo and other characters - is a terrible example.Monitor that looks and reads your son, it slips right books and films on the streets to show on examples of how to protect the men from the street thugs as giving way to Granny as give support, passed forward and fed them a hand.
  • not lisp with his son not to distort the language. Communicate with your child as an adult.The authority of the choke is not necessary, but over-concern will harm.Grow son independent of you.Do not worry, so he alienated from you - he will love you even more.But locking the child under his wing, you risk to bring a dependent, cowardly egotist.
  • not do for the child all his work, teach him independence. Let him brush his teeth, veiled bed, clean toys for a toy and even washes his cup.
    As a single mother to raise her son a real man
    Of course, women's responsibilities for the child does not need to hang up.Forcing son nail in 4 years is not worth it.If your child has something does not go quietly suggest to try again.The credibility of the child, the belief in his ability - he's your best support.
  • Do not dismiss if the baby wants you to feel sorry for, hug, kiss. So the child takes care of you - let him feel powerful.And if he wants to help you bring a bag - even bears.But go too far in his "weakness."A child should not be your constant comforter, counselor and others.
  • Do not forget to praise his son's masculinity, independence and courage. Praise - incentive for achievement.Of course, not in the spirit of "What umnichka, my golden pupsichek ..." and "Well done, son" - that is, brief and to the point.
  • Give your child the freedom. Let him learn to solve conflicts, to tolerate, if accidentally dropped and broke my knee, to understand the good and bad people by trial and error.
  • If a father wants to communicate with his son, do not resist. Let the child learns to grow up under the care of a man.If the father - not an alcoholic and quite adequate man, then your resentment at her husband does not matter - do not deprive her son of the male education.
    As a single mother to raise her son a real man
    You do not want your son a little grown up, went to look for "masculinity" in street companies?
  • Choose clubs, clubs and courses in which men predominate. sports, computer and so on.
  • a teenager son awaits the next "crisis." child already knows everything about the relations between the sexes, but the release of testosterone drives him crazy.And to talk to you about it, he can not.It is imperative that the child in this period was respected "stop" and an assistant - a man who can help, prompt, teach self-control.
  • Do not limit your child's social circle, do not lock him in the apartment. Let fills bumps and makes mistakes, even puts himself in the team and in the playground, let him make friends, cares for the girls, to protect the weak and so forth.
  • Do not try to impose his son his understanding of the world. Firstly, he still sees the world not as you.Secondly, his vision - male.
    As a single mother to raise her son a real man
  • Learn with your child to understand the sports , in design, in cars and guns, and other sensitive areas of men's lives.

family - it means love and respect.This means that you are always welcome, and always support. It does not matter - it is complete or not.

son brought up in masculinity - not an easy task, but it is a loving mother's shoulder .

Believe in yourself and your child!