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09 April 2016

Brand Cromia is property known Italian company Spa , which is almost half a century, produces the best quality leather goods accessories.The range of this brand you can find bags, wallets, card holders and belts .All products of the brand is easily recognized by its unusual design, vibrant colors and unique Italian style.

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Identity brand Cromia

stylish and elegant women buy accessories only brand Cromia.Ask why?Shoppers attracted an unusual color scheme that meets all the latest fashion trends.The elegant design and the best quality furniture allocates production of the brand among the many competitors.

Designers of the company in its products perfectly combine manual work and modern technology .Therefore, the products of this brand is a breath of fresh air for fans of the Italian quality.The ideal accessory for the business

woman will model with strict linyami , made of genuine leather.

quality materials, sophisticated style and laconic details attract the attention of every business woman. Accessories Cromia perfect in everything: every thread, every line, every clasp.In the collection you will find models of various shapes: oval, rectangular, semi-circular, and even hexagonal.Among the products of this brand, every woman will be able to choose an accessory that will suit her style and for any situation.

Collections Cromia

Cromia Each collection is unique and has its own unique style.They dominate unusual way, modern fashion trends and original colors .Very popular among the fair sex enjoy "flower" accessories collection.

glamorous gloss, romance buds, graceful petals - it is choosing modern and elegant girl.A short handle remind us female image mid-twentieth century. In summer collections of the brand used pastels and bright colors. Pale pink, purple silver - these shades emphasize the charming and tender girl and become a refined accent in the image.Cromia also released several series of stringent bags .These models are somewhat similar to my grandfather's portfolio.They are made from high quality skin .This bag will become an indispensable accessory for every business woman, it is very comfortable and roomy.

perfect complement to an elegant handbag will Cromia least exquisite purse the same brand.Made of genuine leather , it is very convenient and practical.All models have two compartments for notes, several compartments for business cards and cards, secret pocket for coins and zipper.In addition to handbags, the company produces highly original belts .Each model recognized by the Italian ideal proportions, a fresh look at the classic and modern fashion trends.This is the perfect accessory addition to any image.

Cromia cost of production in the Russian market - handbags, wallets, belts

to manufacture products, the company uses only the finest materials and accessories.This is a great Italian quality and has the appropriate price.For bags Cromia fashionistas Russia will have to pay from 5000 to 13,000 rubles. Purse the brand costs about 2 500-4 000 rubles, the price of belts varies from 1200 to 2500 rubles.

Cromia: customer reviews on accessories

Light :

I really like accessories of the brand.They are very comfortable and roomy.Excellent quality.I am very happy owner of these bags, and recently gave my mother daily bag of this brand.


Their last collection I did not like.There are some details that are clearly borrowed from other more well-known brands.But there is in it a few bags of yellow, beautiful color.I would imagine one of them got.


I like many models of this brand.And recently I bought myself a bag Cromia.Excellent quality, all seams are made perfectly.And the main thing is quite reasonable prices, especially if you get on sale.


Cromia Most bags can be attributed to the classical style.Such things are bought on the year.Excellent quality, affordable prices.I recommend, you will not regret the purchase.

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