Top educational games for children under one year: toys, descriptions, reviews

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29 March 2016

Top educational games for children up to a year first six months of life crumbs - is the study of the surrounding world with the help of hearing, vision, gums and palms.The next six months pipsqueak explores objects by dragging, dropping, analyzing and investing in each other.

What better to play with the baby at this age and what toys will contribute to its development?

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content of the article:

  • tactile toys for children up to the year
  • Functional toys for babies under one year
  • expands the horizons of infants
  • Developing games with cards for baby
  • Reviews moms about developing games

tactile toys for the child to develop fine motor skills, the hands

Top educational games for children up to a year

First, choose such toys should be meaningful.Kid tries all tastes and through touch, and development of its nervous system at this age is very fast through touch.Accordingly, the development of the crumbs to a large extent depends on the number and diversity (the touch) toys .These toys can be:

  • Top educational games for children up to a year ¬ęTactile" mat. It can be purchased at the store or make your own by joining scraps of colored cloth and added a variety of laces, beads, buttons, and so forth.
  • toys bags. Cloth bags should be filled with a variety of cereals (hard to avoid spilling!) - Beans, peas and so on.
  • Finger paints .

Functional toys for children up to a year - interesting means for manipulating

Top educational games for kids up to a year At this age, your baby is most interested in the possibility of manipulating the subject - that is, the assembly-disassembly, skating, throwing, arm jerking, pressing the buttons, insertingone subject to another, and so forth. These toys need for the development of fine motor skills, logic, attention .And, of course, preferred to take a multipurpose toy than five useless.For example:

  • buckets, boxes, posudka and so forth. It is desirable, transparent and of different sizes, with the ability to put them by the "nesting dolls."
  • Educational wooden toys - cubes, pyramids, wheelchairs, figurines, lace, designers, building sets, etc.
  • Music Box .
  • Top educational games for year-olds Glasses-pyramid with holes. They can take a bath in the sandbox and build one tower and collect the "Matryoshka".
  • Cubes bright pictures .They contribute to the development of attention, an eye estimation, coordination.
  • Pyramid with rings .Pyramid of several bars positioned vertically, with the possibility of stringing beads and rings.
  • plastic liner. There are many toys today.The slits in a special box are in the form of small items that need to be put in.You can replace the purchased toy plastic piggy bank into which you can throw a coin.
  • The best educational toys for children up to a year Rattles. Musical toys with lots of buttons and different sounds.musical instruments.
  • Toys for swimming (of various shapes and colors, floating and spinning, blow bubbles and change color).
  • Balls. better to buy three goals - one big, one bright normal that the child can hold it in your hands, and one "bumps."
  • Clippers and animals on wheels .Rolling toys.

expands the horizons of children under one year

Top educational games for children up to a year should not impose its vision of the child, to which he was not yet ready.Everything has its time and its age.Pay attention to what the baby stretches and gently try to interest him in something new.

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loves to ride the machine? developing child in a given direction.You can buy cars of different models and colors (train, truck, fire truck and so on.).There is no possibility to buy?Can they draw or cut out postcards.Through the game better crumb remember:

  • Colors
  • Form
  • slow-fast
  • Back and forth
  • Quiet-loud

Top educational games for children up to a year If planted in passenger cars, it is possible to tell the kid who and where he was going on a typewriter (a teddy bear - in the woods, doll - in a house, etc.).Half of you said the child does not understand, but things will start to learn and remember, highlighting their common features.

Developing games with cards for the first year of life the baby

Top educational games for children up to a year traditional educational game.It is to examine the kid card, which depicts letters, numbers, animals, various objects etc. Meet the child with each picture, do not forget to accompany the familiar sounds and stories about the properties of an object.You can make them yourself , cut from magazines and pasted on cardboard boxes.

And what kid games offer you?Reviews moms

- Son like most toy with molds.Various forms of the objects (star, flower, triangle, square) need to cram in a special house.Or to build a tower.And then break it with pleasure.))

- And we pour into a bowl of several types of grains (pasta, peas, beans, etc.), then there is all sorts of buttons and throw balls, and stir.Son can spend hours poking around in the bowl, her fingers groping each pea.For the development of fine motor skills - cheap and cheerful.))) The main thing is not step to move away from the child.

- We once saw on TV program about drawing in the sand.Sand in the house bear somehow did not like.My husband and I, without thinking twice, poured in the pan with a thin layer of semolina.That child urisovalos something!)) Yes, and themselves too.Cleaning only after a lot.But plenty of pleasures!And the best of the game, as you know, the ones that generate the most positive emotions.

- for my daughter just did: the water poured into the bowl and threw to different balls and plastic toys that do not sink.The daughter of a spoon caught and squeaked with delight.A good option, too - the fish with magnets, which should catch the bait.

- we tried a lot of things.A favorite pastime was the molding of bread.Straight from the crumb sculpt.The most simple figures.

- Learning with my son "architecture"))).They bought cubes.A variety of sizes, colorful cubes, plastic.Learn how to build a tower so that they do not fall.A week passed, the son finally realized how to put that right did not fall.It is interesting to observe his "discoveries" and chugging.))

- Top educational games - a nursery rhyme!Purely Russian, folk!Okay, forty-crow from hummock to hummock and so on. The main thing with the expression, with emotion, the baby was carried away.And we took seven months and whirligig carousel with buttons.It turned out cheaply, but played from morning till evening.However, independently run Yulu learned only 11 months.))

- And we add up the cups.The most common in Ikeja purchased.There also are different patterns and holes.We drag them around with you.Griz, build turrets, sypem them all in a row, shove toys, folding matryoshka.In general, the thing at all times and occasions.)))