Model wedding dresses for brides 2014 full - how to choose a wedding dress on a full figure correct?

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10 April 2016

Choose the perfect dress for the wedding?There is nothing easier, the main thing - to consider their options.Wise advice on the selection of dresses for brides who do not have minuscule amounts, see below.

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content of the article:

  • color wedding dresses for brides plump
  • stylish styles of wedding dresses for full
  • long or short wedding dress to complete?
  • most important rules for choosing a wedding dress in the full figure


color wedding dresses for brides plump

Traditionally, the bride's preference for white color, but not to be too conservative, you can use itshades.For example - cream, ivory, beige, pearl, tea rose.

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By the way, there are basic tsvetotip brides, which you can pick the perfect dress:

  • «Winter" - dark hair+ white skin. harmoniously: pure white, light pink and gray-silver.
  • «Swarthy Brunette." best shades: different, until golden and red shades.
  • «Red».Preferably : cream, white and lilac.
  • «gray-eyed brown-haired woman." Fits: plum, green, milk.
  • «Cool Blonde» - blond hair + bright eyes.The colors of wedding evening dresses to full white with gray or blue.

stylish styles of wedding dresses for the full 2014 - Photo

  • Mermaid. Wedding Dress for plump bride will look delightful, if your body type resembles the "hourglass", ienarrow waist, along with curvaceous.Take the model with mermaid tail from mid-thigh, well, certainly not less.Additional slimming effect gives supportive underwear, which tightens the hips and abdomen.

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  • Empire or Greek Wedding Dress for obese. In this high waist dress is almost under the breast.From her long skirt cascading falls.This style wedding dress for the complete figures for "Rectangle" and "Circle".It is advantageous to show the face and chest seductive, distracting attention away from the waist and sides.
  • trapezoid. This wedding dress for the full extended downwards from the waist.The ideal model of this style - "pear".It is well emphasizes the waist and hide wide hips.There is the model of "Princess."It differs from the top of the corset and bustier-bodice.


long or short wedding dress for full girls - emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws

Everything is simple - short wedding dress full of girls can be worn in case youslender legs are not complete at the top.In this case, you can choose a beautiful wedding dress for full knee or just below.In this fashion can be either Greek or tulip.

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most important rules for choosing a wedding dress in the full figure - the need to provide?

  1. Hide plump handles can dress with sleeves, such as transparent.Style Sleeve can choose any, but not a "flashlight".
  2. Do not use high gloves, because they emphasize fullness of hands.
  3. If you stout shoulders, you can decorate their elegant bolero.
  4. beautiful neckline and bodice are obliged to emphasize your exquisite breasts, which would envy any "skinny."
  5. not buy a bustier if you have broad shoulders or very volumetric breast.In this case, better to choose a model with a common straps over the neck or V-shaped dress with wide straps.
  6. not buy a dress with a pattern "across."
  7. Do not even think about the separate waist dresses.They basically show disadvantageous shape of any build.
  8. Wedding dresses for plump with longitudinal patterns will give you more slender and tall.
  9. If the dress has a corset, it should have a "reserve" for tightening.IeCorset to sit nicely and elegantly, to your 90 cm accounted for a larger volume of the corset.
  10. dress with a train will look beautiful on high girl.Do not choose this style if you have moderate or low growth.
  11. Hide drawback - large hips and emphasize the advantage - sexy chest will open dress with a decorated bodice.More could be used instead beautiful pendant or necklace.
  12. wedding dress on a full figure does not need ornate rhinestone embroidery or applique.
  13. not accentuate figure flaws - use drapery.

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