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10 April 2016

Dissona - is the name of the company that manufactures handbags, wallets and purses made of leather.Bags Dissona worldwide are very popular .This they owe their designers, who do not cease to admire the forms of bags and purses, and Italy, as the country of origin.Dissona among clients is at the peak of its popularity more than 40 years .

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Accessories Dissona - fashion and positioning

Bags, purses and wallets Dissona differ in their coloristic, design and functionality , immediately noticeable thatThey came up to to emphasize modern girls they feminine .In the arsenal of brand handbags and purses are reserved for the ladies, flirt, businesswoman, socialite, women with active life position and moms .Each bag Dissona considered a mini masterpiece that is created exclusively from natural materials and fabrics.These bags and purses suit any girl of any

age , certainly every fashionista can find what it needs.

Collections Dissona - the most fashionable products

intelligent and aristocratic model

Bags and wallets of this model manufactured specifically for those women who do not need extravagant outfits , to stand out from the faceless crowd, because they themselves are very self-sufficient and bright.Bags and purses Dissona will emphasize your natural beauty .

Bags bright color

Every girl, appearing in public with this bag is sure to be able to feel like a princess .Dimensions bags also vary.They can be of different lengths to be worn on the shoulder or arm.Versatility bags Dissona proved by the fact that they look equally good at any party or on a secular reception.Also, these bags are just great for different travel .

Hard bags

Hard leather bags Dissona Kalfa can meet the demands of modern women to the quality of the skin.They are easy to maintain and use, and thus have an elegant look.Dissona making bags indispensable part of every woman's wardrobe .


wallets Dissona - it combination of performance and originality of classical forms , highest quality and elegance.Each product in the course of his appearance took place step by step complex process, then to magically transform the wonderful women's dreams into reality.

Price range: Bags Dissona cost from 4500 rubles to 9000 rubles , purses are from 2200 rubles to 3400 rubles , purse are from 2100 rubles to 4 000 rubles.

Dissona: quality products, reviews fashionistas


Bag was looking for a long time.I wanted it to be stylish, feminine, unusual and spacious.And finally I was lucky, and I noticed a bag brand Dissona.This leather is very soft and smooth at the same time keeps its shape well.With this bag you can lay everything in its place and easy to find when needed.Lining is very strong and beautiful.


I had heard about the Italian highest quality, so no doubt ordered a bag brand Dissona, the more it was sold at a discount.I needed a bag for everyday, mostly to go to work.When I received it, I liked it even more.


My bag is light, made of genuine leather, the color is dark.It is thought out every detail, at least for women of various subjects: cosmetics, purse, cell phone, napkins, etc.- You can find a seat.Inside there are 2 offices and zippered pockets on the outside also has pockets with zip - in general, a great capacity.Workmanship is just fine - no curves lines protruding threads.

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