How to survive the death of loved ones?

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29 March 2016

How to survive the death of loved ones death of a man - it's always an unexpected event, the more so when this happens with near and dear to us people.This loss is a profound shock to any of us.At the time of the loss of a person begins to feel the loss of emotional connection, a deep sense of guilt and unfulfilled debt to the dead.All these feelings are very oppressed, and can cause severe depression.So today we'll tell you how to survive the death of a loved one.

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  • death of a loved one: 7 stages of grief
  • Tips: How to cope with grief after the death of loved ones

death of a loved one: 7 stages of grief

How to survive the death of loved ones Psychologists distinguish 7 stages of griefwho are going through all of the people who mourn for the dead loved one.The data is not interleaved steps in a particular sequence - each process takes place individually .And since the understanding of what happens to you, it helps to cope with their grief, we want to tell you about these stages.
7 stages of grief:

  1. Denial.
    How to survive the death of loved ones ¬ęThat is not true.Imposs
    ible.With me this could not happen. "Fear is the main reason for the denial.Are you afraid of what happened, afraid of what will happen next.Your mind tries to deny reality, you're trying to convince yourself that in your life, nothing happened and nothing has changed.Outwardly, a person in such a situation may look like just numb, or contrary bustles, actively engaged in the organization of the funeral, phoning relatives.But this does not mean that it is easy going through loss, it just before the end it is not realized.
    However, remember that the person who fell into a stupor, it is not necessary to protect the hassle associated with funerals.Order funeral services and registration of all necessary documents are forced to move, interact with people, and thus help to get out of torpor.
    There are times when the stage of denying a person ceases to perceive the world adequately.Although this reaction is short-lived, help to get out of this state still needs about.To do this you need to talk to a man, all the while calling him by name, not to leave a little bit and try to divert .But to comfort and reassure it is not necessary, it would not help.
    stage of denial is not very long.During this period, the person himself as if preparing to care closer, aware of what had happened to him.And once a person knowingly takes what has happened, he begins to move from this stage to the next.
  2. Anger, resentment, rage.
    How to survive the death of loved ones These feelings human grasp fully, and are projected to the world around.During this period, for it you have enough good people all doing everything wrong.Such a storm of emotions caused by the feeling that everything is happening around is a big injustice.The strength of this emotional storm depends on the person and how often he throws them out.
  3. guilt.
    How to survive the death of loved ones man increasingly recalls moments of communion with the dead, and one becomes aware of - there paid little attention, there is very sharply talked.In my head more often comes to mind, "And all I have done to prevent this death."There are cases when the guilt is with a man, even after he has gone through all the stages of grief.
  4. Depression.
    How to survive the death of loved ones This step is the most difficult to pass in those people who keep all of their emotions in yourself, without showing their feelings to others.In the meantime, they deplete the human inside, he begins to lose hope that someday life will return to normal owl.Being in deep sorrow, grieving does not want his sympathy.It is in a dark state and is not in contact with other people.Trying to suppress his feelings, a person does not let their negative energy, thus becoming even more miserable.After the loss of a loved one, depression can become quite a difficult life experiences that will leave its mark on all aspects of human life.
  5. Adoption of the incident, and pain relief.
    How to survive the death of loved ones Over time, people will pass all previous stages of grief, and finally put up with what happened.Now he can take his life in his hands, and send in the right direction.His condition every day will improve as anger and depression will weaken.
  6. Revival.
    How to survive the death of loved ones Although a world without you dear person to take difficult, make it a must.During this period, the person becomes unsociable and taciturn, often mentally withdraws into himself.This stage is fairly long, it can last from several weeks to several years.
  7. Creating a new life.
    How to survive the death of loved ones After going through all the stages of grief in a person's life is changing a lot, including himself.Very often in such a situation, people are trying to make new friends, to change their environment.Someone changes jobs, and some residence.

Tips: How to cope with grief after the death of loved ones

  • How to survive the death of loved ones not need to give up the support of friends and associates. Even if you do not like to talk about their feelings, being in mourning, let yourself do it.After all, the main factor in the healing after the death of a loved one is the support of friends, relatives and friends.Communication with other people will help you to heal emotional wounds.
  • If you had the feeling that the mountain of the loss is too great, and you are not able to cope with it, consult a professional psychologist , who has experience with similar customers.Your doctor will help you understand yourself and your emotions.
  • Do not forget to take care of themselves .This issue is for you now is much needed, than at any other time, because negative emotions and stress deplete your vitality.Taking care of their emotional and physical needs will help you to cope with grief.
  • How to survive the death of loved ones give vent to his feelings - suppression of feelings only prolong the grieving process, and it will cause a severe depression.As a result, health problems, alcoholism, drug addiction.
  • Try to express their feelings through art or material .For example, write about their loss in the online journal, or try things that were important to the deceased.You can write a letter to the deceased, where you tell him about your feelings, about how much he loved you, and how you are now not enough.After this you definitely got the feeling that loved one you heard.
  • Take care of your physical condition , because body and mind are closely interrelated.If you feel physically well, and improve your emotional state.Eat right, exercise, and, in any case, do not try to turn off the mountain spirits.
  • How to survive the death of loved ones not necessary to define the boundaries, the time frame for the manifestation of grief. without embarrassment release their feelings at will, and do not judge yourself for it.If you feel it necessary, you cry, cry, get angry - or, conversely, to hold back tears.It would be nice would sometimes laugh.