Carlo Salvatelli - beauty, elegance and romance of Italy

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11 April 2016

brand founder Carlo Salvatelli, worked in leather and shoe factories in Italy 14 years.A 1975 , he opened his father's house first workshop for the production of bags.Thus began the history of the world-famous brand.Since ancient times, the company is constantly evolving and growing.

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Accessories Carlo Salvatelli - positioning the brand

Accessories brand Carlo Salvatelli occupy a special place in the wardrobe of the fair sex .The products of this brand are appreciated for high quality and unusual design .On the creation of each model run best Italian designers , who are professionals at tanning leather.

Collections of this brand focused on a variety of women : classics lovers and fashionistas, business woman and mature women, bold and stylish.Each bag is unique, it has a zest and a sense of seduction a

nyone who understands the high-quality leather goods.The products of this company perfectly blends the classic with current trends .Design accessories Carlo Salvatelli can be characterized as aristocratic minimalism .The models of this manufacturer are no pretentiousness and unnecessary excesses.

Bags Carlo Salvatelli very popular among young successful women , who appreciate high quality.They are not afraid to experiment with a variety of colors, shapes and textures.But at the same time, they are experts in this fashion.

line of accessories for women Carlo Salvatelli -Fashion products

The main feature of the company Carlo Salvatelli is that in each collection they produce a limited number of each model .And despite the fact that the world passes technological revolution, all products of this brand are made by hand and takes a special quality control.That's what makes this brand bags such unique and desirable among the fair sex.

To produce these bags master use only the finest Italian materials : leather, furniture, textiles and other parts needed for sewing bags.

fairly popular element in the collections of Carlo Salvatelli is of riginalny floral print : in summer collections are mainly dominated by large flowers in autumn and winter the flowers become smaller, but all were also popular.We have a famous Italian model, decorated with beautiful lace roses and other floral appliques.

Besides the beauty and uniqueness of the owner Carlo Salvatelli bags get even practicality : almost every model has three branches and a few handy pockets for small items.

cost accessories Carlo Salvatelli -Prices on bags, clutches, belts

Bags Carlo Salvatelli not issued Massow about.All products are made by hand and in limited quantities.So Carlo Salvatelli accessories are pretty high price category.The Russian retail bag of this brand can be bought for as low as 6000 to 12,000 rubles.

Carlo Salvatelli - quality products, reviews, fashion


Five years ago, my husband gave me a bag lacquer Carlo Salvatelli.It turned out it is not demolished.I use it in the heat and severe frosts, and no external damage.They know how to do the same people.

Pauline :

bought a bag of this brand a few years ago.Quality excellent, no complaints have not.She can be in the feast, and in the world, and good people, always looks stylish and rich.


I really like accessories of the brand.Exceptional design, great quality.With this bag you can and go to a business meeting and a dinner at.Perfect for any image.And what a spacious ...


recently ordered from the online store of the brand bag.When received, I was ecstatic.Quality excellent, very comfortable and roomy.I would recommend the products of the brand.

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