11 best models of playgrounds for children

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30 March 2016

modern market products for children is filled with a variety of high-quality, beautiful, but not very cheap goods.Including goods for the improvement of local area, in particular, and children's playgrounds.If you want you can find children's playgrounds for all tastes, a variety of shapes and designs.

most popular and successful solutions for playgrounds

Some companies offer domestic products, while others are the official representatives of well-known foreign companies.

But still very popular:

1. Children's playgrounds company Kettler

products from this manufacturer called original and very comfortable quite difficult, but it has a lightweight design, mobile and very easyassembly.

Plastic swings are designed for children from two years .

disadvantage some models it is that the swing hung too high for what the child is able to get into their own.

Depending on the configuration, product prices Kettler range of 11 000 to 90 000 rubles.

2. Playgrounds Rainbow Play Syste



Playgrounds Rainbow - a huge range of outdoor playgrounds of the houses with a sandpit and swings for the small suburban areas to huge castles the size of a real castle!


distinctive feature playgrounds Rainbow - quality: all the details thought out to the smallest detail!

playgrounds All sites closed all sharp and protruding parts, cogs and all corners are rounded, the chain on a swing closed special plastic that will not crack in the cold and that children's fingers do not get through.

materials from which the site Rainbow, suitable for our winter: the life of sites - up to 10 years (and beyond if the platform does not care!) Slides are made of double plastic, allowing them to carry the strongest frosts.The basic material - wood (Sequoia), pleasant to the touch and attractive material for games.

summer playgrounds for children Any area made a transoformera - at any moment can be supplemented with a new game elements, and these elements - big set!It - horizontal bars, swings, ropes, pears for skiing, ladders, wheels and bonokli on the ship, and much, much more.Everyone will be able to find a model suitable for the size and purpose of the site, select your favorite game elements, and after some time to update and change them with new ones.

Venues Rainbow Play Systems are time-tested and most importantly - children who feel them freely, comfortably and safely.

prices playgrounds Rainbow range from 76 000 to 500 000 rubles.

3. Children's Services the company Kompman

Firm "game world" is a representative of the famous Danish company KOMPAN.This company is a market leader in children's sports complexes in Europe.Products of the company has won great popularity due to the bright colors, original design and modern materials and technologies.

Depending on the configuration, price of the company's playgrounds KOMPAN vary from 2 000 to 90 000 rubles.

4. Children's playgrounds company CHING-CHING

products that are manufactured in Taiwan.All toys CHING-CHING meet the standards EN71, CE.Slides and swings this brand made of high quality and safe plastic.They have bright colors and very popular with children.

Depending on the configuration, value playgrounds Ching-Ching range from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles.

5. Playgrounds for children of the company Feber

Feber Spanish company specializes in the manufacture of children's plastic slides, swings and other attributes for the games to play outdoors.In their assortment you will find a large number of models of different shapes and colors.

All their products are made of plastic high quality , which is resistant to the sun, moisture and extreme temperatures.Slides and swings meet all European quality and safety standards required for children's goods.

Depending on the value of children's playgrounds Feber range from 5 000 to 35 000 rubles.

6. Children's playgrounds company Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil - Italian brand, which specializes in the manufacture of children's toys and garden furniture.All the toys conform to the highest European standards of quality and safety.When making use of environmentally friendly materials and clean-resistant, non-toxic dyes.

Depending on the configuration, cost of children's complex Grand Soleil range from 3 000 to 150 000 rubles.

7. Children's playgrounds company Haenim toys

Korean firm Haenim toys produce goods of high quality plastic .All products of the brand meets all European standards.Slides and swings Haenim toys are easily assembled and disassembled.All good clean.Swings and slides Haenim toys perfectly fit into your landscaping infield or the interior of your home.

Depending on the configuration, cost of the complex Haenim toys vary from 9 000 to 20 000 rubles.

8. Children's playgrounds company Happy Box

Swings and slides Happy Box made of durable and quality plastic , so they have quite a long life.All the products of this brand have bright colors of non-toxic paint.

Depending on the configuration, cost center for children Happy Box range from 3500 to 25 000 rubles.

9. Playgrounds for children of the company Little Tikes

American company Little Tikes already more than forty years, is one of the leading positions in the world market of children's toys.Thanks to new technology centrifugal casting slides , swings and other toys have increased durability and safety.For the production of plastic toys used the highest quality.Slides and swings at all stages of production are thoroughly tested for compliance with all standards and regulations.Products of this company are very durable.It is resistant to sudden changes in temperature, shock.

Depending on the value of children's playgrounds Little Tikes range from 5 000 to 50 000 rubles.

10. Playgrounds for children of company Marian Plast

Israeli company Marian Plast produces a variety of high-quality colorful slides, swings and houses.All products are made from high quality environmentally friendly plastic .Products from this manufacturer has gained popularity on all continents: Australia, North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Depending on the value of children's complexes Marian Plast range from 5 000 to 25 000 rubles.

11. Children's complexes for games company Smoby

Smoby one of the leaders of the world market of children's toys.This French company is already 10 years on the market.All products are made from environmentally friendly and high quality plastic .Slides and swings Smoby have European quality certificates and comply with all standards and regulations.

Depending on the value of children's slides and swings Smoby range from 6000 to 80 000 rubles.

All prices mentioned in the article are relevant to 2015.

And what are swings and slides for the child you prefer?Tell us your opinion!