Clothes from the brand Tommy Hilfiger: The American Dream

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12 April 2016

American dream, the brand Tommy Hilfiger for many is the true life direction.To achieve this just managed companies.An excellent example of this is considered that this brand clothes like people like stars and politicians - singers, models, actors, and even the American president and the Prince of Wales. company Tommy Hilfiger has been producing garments in different styles, from the everyday and business to sports.A considerable share is occupied shoes.Complement the range of perfumes and all kinds of accessories.

content of the article:

  • history of the brand Tommy Hilfiger
  • clothing lines from Tommy Hilfiger
  • How to care for clothing Tommy Hilfiger?
  • recommendations and testimonials from women who wear clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger

History and brand Tommy Hilfiger

brand Tommy Hilfiger famous great variety of beautiful and comfortable quality footwear .The exceptional quality of this brand of shoes ensures that it is produced, focusing on the European consumer.

When creating wardrobe items Manufacturer's Tommy Hilfiger used only high-quality and ecological natural material , passed all necessary checks.All models are manufactured using a unique technology ensures comfort and durability.

From early childhood Tommy Hilfiger dreamed of becoming a designer , and with any other profession, not their future.At a young age he opened a small shop , giving him the title of «People's Place».Things were going very well before the financial crisis in 1977 year, so that the store went bankrupt, and the young man went to torture luck in attracting New York.

In New York, the young designer engaged in the sale of clothes for sports , which lasted about a year.The matter had to be closed.Yet Hilfiger lucky and it took designer firm «Jordache », producing denim garments.

In 80 , collaborate with Mohan Murjani, the largest producer of textiles, Tommy headed promising direction Murjani International , a line aimed at the development and production of fashion denim clothing.

In 1985 in New York occurred debut spring-summer collection. worth noting eccentric advertising campaigns.At its center were not the presentation of items in the collection, and the identity of the designer, proclaims his clothes nouveau "leading brand» .It's amazing, but advertising that occurred in such an unusual way, the designer simply lifted one podium with such major companies as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.In just a few years, the name of Tommy Hilfiger, easily, appeared at the hearing of the entire New York .

At the end of 1989, the Mariani is no longer able to cope with a rapidly growing and the expanded line of designer Tommy Hilfiger and the designer sold it for $ 140 million.Around the same time, the brand appeared next patron - businessman Silas Choi from Hong Kong.The money from the sale of shares of the company, let Tommy on business expansion .The product line has been expanded - introduced the production of cosmetics, accessories, underwear for men , and first collection of clothes for women .In the United States at the same time to open about 500 branches.

At the beginning of the new century, Tommy Hilfiger sold the company, with the condition to establish itself as the role of director.

Collection Tommy Hilfiger - the most fashionable clothes

main directions of the company:

  • Women's and men's clothing - first of all, the collection designed in Native American design.There is a division in the production of clothing for every day and clothes to exit.Offers a wide range of models and types of clothing from the convenience bryuchek style "chinos", diverse models of jeans and dresses, T-shirts and shirts, outerwear for different occasions, to elegant dresses for the grand exit.Each and every thing from the collections of the brand Tommy Hilfiger is able to recreate the stylish image, based on the iconic design and elegant details.Originality and uniqueness of your style will give a trendy innovations, fresh shapes and silhouettes, mixed with classic American style.
  • Children's clothing - children's clothes from this line would want to wear, even for adults, whether the size of a little more.This trend can be called a perfect miniature style of Tommy Hilfiger.It also traced the American style, offering all things childlike playful look.Even in children's collections have the opportunity to discover the timeless classic and timeless hilarity of conventional design developed for every day.In the children's collections have the same abundant variety of models and styles, as well as in collections for adults.Manufacturers offer everyday things - tracksuits, shirts, skirts, shorts, shirts, jackets, and things on output - elegant dresses for girls and suits for boys celebrations.
  • Underwear - this collection consists of underwear, and also includes a wardrobe items made of cotton.In addition, you can find comfortable clothes for home or sleeping.Here, as well as in major collections, the primary role played by the unexpected combination of classics with new accents expressed in a playful idea.Style Collection is easy and nezateyliv, but at the same time rich in content of fine details.Preferring lingerie of this brand, you are choosing an easy style to a part of elegance.
  • Hilfiger Denim - this collection consists of jeans, shirts, skirts, shirts, women's dresses, various knitwear, outerwear, for women and for men.This line also includes a wide variety of footwear, accessories and bags.The collection is sustained in the traditional manner of the execution of this brand based on a mixture of styles of American classics with fresh notes of modernity.

In addition to these areas, there are additional lines, without which the brand would not be complete:

Tommy Hilfiger Footwear - here shoes for men and women.This line is put into production in 2001.

TrueStar - renowned fragrance brand created by the designer.

RedLabel - the main material used to build this line - denim.Various models of shirts, jeans and sweaters made in sporty style.

H .- this line has been operating for the company after the sale, but all the models are made in a unique design style.

Tommy Hilfiger - these clothes are sold in a variety of multi-brand stores.

Tommy Sport - n opulyarnoe trend in the 90s, thanks to which Tommy Hilfiger has gained international fame.

Tommy Hilfiger for the Home - in this line offers a wide range of bed and shower accessories.

Care of clothes under the brand Tommy Hilfiger

Remember that before using any of the garment of the brand, you must scrutinize all marks on the label .Follow all the prescribed rules, in which case things will last a long time and qualitatively.It is also necessary to use the prescribed methods of storage, because the long wrong position can harm certain types of tissues.

Tommy Hilfiger - reviews fashionistas quality clothing


I like that made the order in the online store.I ordered this brand jeans size 28 to a fitting on the size chart available on the site, although my usual 26. In the end, turned out to bolshevat.Perezakazala 27, but this size is sitting pretty freely.Again, I had to give up.No longer was the order.It is a pity, of course, that twice made the right decision.Quality was on the five plus.Now, I will not focus on these tables.


as a birthday present to his wife last winter I bought a down jacket.I was afraid that the size does not guess, but could be changed later.But he came up perfectly.My wife was thrilled.Quality is super, very easy thing, despite the fact that it is winter outerwear, it is not complete.Excellent mark.


I love this company.They have all the clothes of the highest quality.Most of all I love my coat from the brand.At first it seemed to me simple-minded for its price.But Pomeroy and considered, I realized that it was a miracle.Sitting pretty cool in the figure, plus and slim.Although it is a subtle, but very warm.By weight easy.Tailoring and high quality fabric.So do not even hesitate!


try new things to buy only from this designer.Because the style and quality is always on top.Already relegated two seasons leather black and blue ballet flats this brand.And they could not care less.This is a clear example of excellent quality.They are also very comfortable, very importantly, are soft and do not rub.At the foot looks super neat, although I have a rather big size.


This fall bought chic suede boots by Tommy Hilfiger.Has already managed to even the first snow they look like, it was a bit slippery, but not critical.By slush, of course, do not wear them, but with a little cold and warm socks (not wool) feet did not freeze.Quality and convenience I would rate on a solid top five.A very worthwhile thing!


write a review about your favorite and incredibly warm sweater.I do love the marine theme, but rarely meet something on this subject in the qualitative performance.And then, when he saw a sweater with an anchor in all length, immediately I fell in love with this thing.Looks worn, a very beautiful, stylish and expensive.And what it is soft!Even on his naked body wear, but the feeling in this great!The quality is not to find fault, everything is neat and nice, even if the inside turn.Here is one BUT - production in China, but it seems that the managers of this company very carefully monitor the quality of all products.


Finally I bought these jeans from Tommy Hilfiger.So many looked at them until they left the last resolution.I do not even hoping that my jeans because it looked much smaller than appeared in reality.They not only nalezli me, but sat just perfect.The only thing that had long legs, but it is easily fixable.The fabric is very soft and high quality.I think that girls are skinny jeans in this style simply as a model, since to my size so cool sitting.Speaking of style.It is the most common - without any newfangled gadgets, double, triple stitches and pockets on one another, but it just blows them somehow chic.I advise everyone!


In this company a lot of good shoes.Personally, I have leather shoes that I liked at first sight.They have a very comfortable heel, thanks to a small platformochke.At first it was disappointed.Because the pressure on the rim of the pit, so hard to show.But then, apparently, everyone went on foot after two or three days on the job.By the way, despite the heel, foot did not get tired.

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