What do men want to get a gift on February 23?

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31 March 2016

What do men want to get a gift on February 23 approaching the most "courageous" holiday - on 23 February.On this day, traditionally the former Soviet Army Day, then renamed the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, decided to congratulate the representatives of the stronger sex, because they just have to be advocates for all women.What man would like to receive as a gift, and how they compliment - let us look at this issue in more detail.

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  • Who should be congratulated on the feast of February 23?
  • Choosing a gift for dad Fatherland Defender's Day
  • congratulate Grandpa on February 23!Choosing a gift
  • gift for a loved one, husband of February 23
  • gift on February 23 for the younger generation
  • Ideas original gifts for colleagues on February 23

Who should be congratulated on the feast of February 23?

What do men want to get a gift on February 23 Of course, first of all - all those who serve or served in the Russian army , as well as the younger generation, who will serve as .Do not forget that serve in the army and women - it is necessary to congratula

te them, beautiful fatherland Protectors , to this day.

Defender of Fatherland Day decided to congratulate all the men - regardless of whether they served in the army or not.Women always want to man was their protector, and in the holiday gifts and greetings resemble the stronger sex of their honorable and difficult mission - to be encouragement and support.

congratulate not serve in the army of men, or not - the question is still open, and it is no simple answer.Perhaps it makes sense to still greet, and congratulations must be expressed a desire to see them strong in all circumstances, serve as a protection for women who surround them in their lives.

Do not forget that in this day important congratulations and best wishes for everybody - grandfathers and fathers, sons and brothers, uncles and svёkram, colleagues and just neighbors, colleagues, friends and acquaintances .Signs of attention are very important to all, without exception, who is the advocate for you.

remains only to choose the right gifts ...

Choosing a gift for dad Fatherland Defender's Day

What do men want to get a gift on February 23 For dad always very expensive children's attention.Well, if a gift from a son or daughter will be made with their own hands - Be sure that your dad, sentimental at heart, will keep it for years to come and enjoy, remembering touching your congratulations.

To this gift was also a practical significance for your dad, can you arrange album , where he put his army photos, embroidered towel private , make a collage of pictures of army , associate warm sweater or sew slippers soft felt .You can cook the cake , do favorite dish .

If you still want to buy a gift for Dad, what can stop your choice on these original and very important things for this man:

  • shirt with a portrait of Dad, you make a collage, or the words "World's Greatest Dad in the world!".Such a thing is not expensive, but it will take a lot of joy.
  • Collection DVD-ROM drive with the pope's favorite songs, movies.If parents have a family video archive, it is possible to organize and put on wheels, decorated box to drive on their own to create a cover.
  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 Pope - a motorist can donate things that will be useful to him in a way - car holder for your phone, mugs, stand for laptop for car kit for charging in the car phone, MP3-player, back massager in the car, capescovers for with Dad's initials, emblems of their favorite team, etc.
  • Pope-gambler fan can give things with the symbols of his favorite team - shirt, scarf, cap, towel .
    The active dad who loves to travel frequently to the nature, you can give set for a picnic or BBQ .

congratulate Grandpa on February 23!Choosing a gift

  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 elderly person will like the soft and warm things he will use every day.Give your grandfather sneaker Genuine sheepskin, wool socks, warm sweater, jacket made of genuine sheepskin .You can opt for plaid rug from under the feet of chairs, soft pillow .Even better would be to give a bamboo pillow.
  • Grandpa undoubtedly be pleased unusual gifts - for example, home planetarium , which he will show to all your friends.If
  • shirt with a photo of my grandfather may be present out of place, then cushion with family photos will be just right!Make a pillow in a serious interior, good quality, and your grandfather will always be in front of the eyes is very memorable photos from the family archives.
  • If grandpa loves to read, give him eBook , previously uploaded to drive those books that will love dear person.If the vision brings Grandpa, you can give him a good MP3 player , pre-recorded on the few audio books, music (after finding out about the grandfather's preferences as much as possible).
  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 Body Massager will come in handy if your grandfather sometimes experiencing back pain or joint pain.There are different types of massagers and to the choice of a gift should be approached thoroughly to please the old man.There are special massager with heating or cooling, with different functions and different purposes, they can be very different, both in quality and price.

gift for a loved one, a man on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland - Avoid stereotyping

What do men want to get a gift on February 23 men Gifts for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, many limit the choice of toilet water, shaving foam, men's socks, panties, shaving sets.However, a survey of men found that the majority of boys do not want to receive a gift these things, considering them commonplace.

What cheer lover ?

  • jacket or suit for a ski holiday hint to your loved one, it's time to go with you to a romantic trip.Choose must be very high quality clothes, like the size of your pet.If you want to spend a romantic holiday by the sea, give him set for swimming, stylish hat from the sun, bathing shorts and a beautiful beach slippers.
  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 business men can give bag or backpack for his faithful working companion - a laptop.Choose a stylish thing that comes to your clothes lover.
  • We are mindful of the fact that men always remain in my heart the children, and this explains their passion for toys, beautiful things and trinkets.You can give a young person flash card , issued in the form of a small exact model of the car or the radio-controlled quality model helicopter, vehicle - and you will see this boy, who is hiding in the soul of your loved one.
  • Choosing a gift from the category of romantic and very cozy things you can stop at rocking chair or chair-ball for the home, pillow with your photo, for plaid sofa, soft slippers house.
  • men who have a hobby, you can give a thing that is connected with his favorite hobby - spinning, Barbecue, fishing kit, a set of tools .

gift on February 23 for the younger generation - the son, grandson, the younger brother

If the youngest son in the family is not yet stepped over the threshold of childhood, it will please, of course, any toy.If the son, grandson, brother, is on the verge of adolescence, it is necessary to more closely approach the selection of his gift for February 23 .

  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 teenagers interested in computer and everything connected with it, you can give practical and useful gifts- latest generation keyboard for gamers, beautiful mouse pad under the keyboard, the label on the laptop bag tablet, a USB flash drive .
  • adolescents with an interest in campaigns and travel, can give sleeping bag, tent, portable grill, spinning .
  • Sporting youth easy to please - should give him football or volleyball, sneakers known firm, horizontal bar or a home trainer, tracksuit .
  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 unbeaten gift for a teenager is a radio-controlled toy good quality - even if it is longer pobudet carefree child!
  • young man on February 23 can give eBook , first placing on it a few interesting and exciting products - then he will be able to master this machine, and at the same time - to become an avid reader.Rest assured - this gift is very useful to him, and in preparation for the exams, and in the coming student.

Ideas original gifts for colleagues on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

colleagues boss at work not worth giving personal care (shaving cream, toilet water) - it may be named and others wrongly perceived.It is necessary to opt for the inexpensive but very original gift options for February 23 - no noncommittal, but bringing him joy.

  • What do men want to get a gift on February 23 clothespin-stand mugs on the desktop will allow your colleague or supervisor to always have a cup of tea without taking up desk space they need.
  • souvenir-photo holder allow your colleague to put photos of their loved ones in front of you, on your desktop.
  • heater for tea cups with USB-connection will keep the tea hot for a long time operation.This group may include gifts desk lamp with USB-connection, fan .
  • Flash card never be superfluous for the business person.A good flash drive capacity, beautiful and original design, is the perfect gift for male colleagues on February 23.You can add this surprise stored on a USB flash drive beautiful music placed on her card holiday greetings.
  • There are a lot of toys, puzzles - funny and very cute knick-knacks, which will not only decorate your desktop counterparts, as a souvenir of metal or wood, as well as allow him to focus, get rid of stress, briefly escape from the workflow, to relax.These resemble three-dimensional crafts puzzles or Rubik cube-they are very enjoy even very serious and busy men .