The best children's swings and slides

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31 March 2016

All the kids are very active and they need a place for its implementation of its activity.The best place for this children's playgrounds.Most often they are composed of a variety of slides and swings.In addition to the fun of the game, the child while riding on a swing develops his posture, the muscles of the back, arms and legs, the vestibular apparatus.

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All of us as a child loved to ride on the swings and slides for children, however, nowadays they are made either of wood or metal.Although they broke a little bulky appearance, for their strength only please.Modern children's swings, slides were increasingly manufacture of durable plastic .This material has several advantages over wood and metal.Firstly, they do not crack and can not be eroded, and secondly, in the hot summer days, they do not heat up much, as metal.

What are children's slides?

In today's market children's products a wide range of slides of various shapes and designs, w

hich are designed for children of different ages.Let's understand, for what age, what more appropriate playgrounds .

When selecting slides necessary to consider the child's age.Depending on the age category children's slides are divided:

  • Slides for children up to three years - they are small, light and compact.They can be easily transported, they are easy to clean and store.These coasters have a rounded edge and a gentle slope that would be in the child while riding not hit the ground.This slide necessarily equipped with a ladder on which the baby can easily go up and down on it.On the steps should be treated with a non-slip coating.For the safety of the child must be at the top of the handrails that kid would easily able to find support, while at altitude.
  • slides for children from three years height must not exceed 1.5 m, and for students - 2.5 m. These slides are also on top of their must have handrails, and on the stairs - the railing.Slides for children from three years of age can be a variety of shapes and types (not only direct but also screw).In general, for older children, we advise parents look at the complete game complex for children, which can be installed on a city playground, and on your own country or suburban area.

What are swings for the children?

From early childhood, our children surround swing, it's a simple motion - rocking - well calms the child.Swing is the most common element in children's playgrounds.There are several varieties of :

  • Swings - one of the most common models are most popular with children.This model is often used not only outdoors but also inside the house.Reliable fasteners and a comfortable chair will make the game your kid.
  • Swing-balancers - this model is designed for at least two children.But also there are swings that are designed for a large number of children.To ensure the safety of the child, at the point where the swing to the ground put soft pillows.
  • Swing on a spring - it is a comfortable seat with handrails, which leans in any direction by a spring.Such swings often made in the shape of an animal or a vehicle.It is important to establish and consolidate good to the child during the game is not injured.

When selecting children's swings and slides, in the first place health of your child, that is, their safety, and then ergonomics, design and durability.

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