Clutches and bags Lamarthe: European quality and flawless functionality

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13 April 2016

Lamarthe - European brand of high-level , which offers bags and clutches flawless functionality and quality.House Lamarthe created in Alfred Lamartom 1930 year.First brand Lamarthe involved in the release of small accessories in Italy, but in the 1936 year in central Paris opened its first boutique.Bags and clutches Lamarthe wonderfully combine: a commitment to classical and contemporary trends, availability and high fashion, functionality and elegance.

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For some women were created accessories Lamarthe?

Handbags and clutches Lamarthe - it is not only the main article of clothing, but also an accessory that can artfully emphasize the sense of style and taste every woman .With these bags woman can feel original and feminine .Such bags usually prefer young girls who like individuality and rakreposchennost.

lines of handbags from Lamarthe

bags in retro style

this season Lamarthe made bets on the classic , surrounded by variations of vintage and retro style.The designers allowed themselves to release line of bags in fashionable lemon Fleurs , which with classical forms of bags and satchelov Lamarthe blends.

Clutches and bags of white and milky

Throughout the collection prevails milk and white palette , enlivening the dark and functional line of winter more eye-catching colors and light.No need to worry about losing bags and clutches - quality processed leather allows easily get rid of dirt and dust in the bright bags and clutches , which, even with constant use can last for years.

bag in business style

Handbags Lamarthe met us concise business decisions black, white, brown and red shades pure.Professional activities with processing of seams and skin immediately gives the style and quality Lamarthe - these bags will serve as a long period of time, and cheerful shades of warm season collection will help the many years ahead to enrich your wardrobe quality, bright and never go out of fashion handbag.

Price range: Bags Lamarthe cost from 8600 to 17,000 rubles.

Reviews shoppers brand Lamarthe


Lamarthe handbag is very beautiful, the color is rich and juicy, in a lot of pockets, whereby it is very roomy!Although it is expensive, I'm still very happy shopping!


a birthday husband gave a clutch of new collection of bags.very like.The color of the milk.Now you can take it to any party for any occasion.It is the best gift in my life.


I recently went shopping.And suddenly I saw the bag Lamarthe.At first I was confused by the price, but when I bought it, did not upset.The quality of materials is the best.This bag is so convenient that I do not want to part with it.It is also very spacious and beautiful.

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