Invited to become godmother: what to do on the cross?

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31 March 2016

Christening baby you chose godmother?It is a great honor and a great responsibility.Responsibilities godmother are not limited only to the sacrament of baptism and the godson of congratulations to the holidays - they last for a lifetime.What are these responsibilities?What you need to know about the sacrament of baptism?What to buy?How to prepare?

content of the article:

  • Baptism.The essence of the ritual
  • Preparation godparents to the rite of baptism
  • Responsibilities godmother
  • Features baptism
  • How is the sacrament of baptism?
  • requirements mom godmother at the christening
  • Appearance godmother at the christening
  • What to buy for baptism?
  • After baptism

Baptism - the essence and meaning of baptism

The sacrament of baptism rite of baptism is a sacrament in which the believer dies to the carnal life of sin, to be reborn by the Holy Spirit in the spiritual life.Baptism - is purification of man from original sin , who informs him through his birth.Nor, as a man only once is born, and ordinances are performed only once in

a person's life.

How to prepare for the godfather of baptism rite

the sacrament of Baptism should be prepared in advance.
The sacrament of baptism

  • For two or three days before the ceremony godparents future must repent of our sins and partake of the earth.
  • On the day of baptism forbidden to have sex and eat .
  • At baptism girl godmother should be read the prayer "Creed» , at the baptism of her boy reads godfather .

Responsibilities godmother.What should godmother?

The sacrament of baptism child can not choose his own mother on the cross, the choice of the parents do it.Exception - older age of the child.The choice is usually caused by the proximity of the future godmother to the family , warm attitude to the child, the principles of morality, which adheres to the godmother.

What responsibilities godmother ?

  • godmother vouch for the newly baptized child before the Lord.
  • Responsible for spiritual education baby.
  • participate in the life and education of kid on a par with biological parents.
  • takes care of the child in situations where biological parents something happens (godmother can become a guardian in the event of the death of their parents).

Godmother - it spiritual mentor for her godson and an example of Christian living.
What should godmother

Godmother must:

  • pray for godson and be loving and caring godmother.
  • Visit the church with the child , if the parents do not have such an opportunity due to illness or absence.
  • remember their responsibilities religious holidays, the usual holidays and weekdays.
  • are serious problems in the life of his godson and support him in difficult phases of life .
  • interesting and contribute to the spiritual growth of the child .
  • serve example of godly living for godson.

Features baptism

What should godmother

  • The biological mother of the child not allowed to attend the baptism.Young mother is considered "not clean" after giving birth, and the cleaning up of prayer which the priest read on the fortieth day after the birth, is in the temple can not.Therefore holds the baby in her arms was godmother .Including strip-dressing, and so calming.
  • During baptism in many temples decided to collect donations .But even in the absence of funds to refuse to perform the rite of baptism can not.
  • Baptism in the church is not an obligatory rule. You can invite a priest home , if the baby is sick.After recovery, it must bring to the temple for the churched.
  • If the name of the baby is present in the calendar, it is saved unchanged in Baptism.In other cases, the child is given the name of Holy , which is held on the day of the ritual.Read: How to choose the right name for your newborn baby?
  • What should godmother godparents can not be a spouse, as well as the biological parents of the child, because the Sacrament of Baptism involves the emergence spiritual relationship between godparents.
  • Given that carnal relations between spiritual relatives are not allowed, it is prohibited and marriages, for example, the cross and the mother of his godson.

How is the sacrament of baptism of the child?

What should godmother

  • baptism lasts about an hour .It consists of the announcement (of a child reading special prayers), renunciation of Satan and his connection with Christ, and of the confession of the Orthodox faith.Appropriate words for baby utter godparents.
  • After the announcement starts following of Baptism - immersing the child in Hot (three times), and uttering the traditional words.
  • godmother (if the newly baptized - it's a girl), takes a towel and receives from the font godson .
  • What should godmother Baby clothed in a white robe and put on him the cross .
  • Next committed Confirmation , then the godparents and the priest with the infant bypass around the baptismal font (three times) - a sign of spiritual joy from the union with Christ to everlasting life.
  • Miro is washed from the body of the baby a priest with a special sponge soaked with holy water.
  • Then baby tonsured hair on all four sides , which are formed on a wax cake and lowered her into the font (the symbol of sacrifice and obedience to God in gratitude for the beginning of spiritual life).
  • pray of the newly baptized and his godparents, followed by followed by inchurching .
  • priest carries the baby in the temple , if it's a boy - make it to the altar, then give her parents.
  • After baptism - communion .

requirements mom godmother at the christening

Christening baby most important requirement for godparents - be baptized Orthodox , who live according to Christian laws.After the ceremony godparents must contribute to the spiritual growth of the child and pray for him.If the future godmother has not yet baptized, then must first be baptized she , and only then - a baby.The biological parents may be all unbaptized or other faiths.

  • godmother should aware of their responsibility for raising the child.So welcome, when choosing godparents relatives - family ties are broken less than friendly.
  • Cross to be present at the baptism of a girl in absentia, godmother - only personally .She is responsible to take the girl out of the font.

Godparents should not forget about the day of baptism .On the day of the Guardian Angel godson should be every year to go to church, light a candle and give thanks for everything to God.

What to Wear on a cross mom?Appearance godmother at the christening.

Christening baby modern church is more loyal to many things, but to take into account its traditions, definitely recommended.Basic requirements for the baptismal godmother mother:

  • The presence of godparents pectoral cross (consecrated in the church) is mandatory.
  • inadmissible to come to the baptism in the pants. should wear a dress , which will hide the arms and legs below the knee.
  • on his head godmother must be shawl .
  • High Heels - superfluous.The child will have to keep on hand for a long time.
  • prohibited flashy makeup and provocative clothing.

What to buy godparents for baptism?

Christening baby

  • white baptismal shirt (dress). It can be simple or embroidered - it all depends on the choice of godparents.Shirt (and everything else) can be purchased directly at the church.Old clothes to remove the infant baptism as a sign that he appears clean before the Lord, and baptismal shirt worn after the ceremony.Traditionally, this shirt to be worn for eight days, after which it was removed and stored for a lifetime.Of course, baptized in it can not be another baby.
  • pectoral cross with the image of the crucifixion.Just buy it in the church, already sanctified.Any - gold, silver or just on a string.Many post-baptismal crosses removed from children to accidentally hurt yourself.According to the canons of the church, the cross should not be removed.Therefore it is better to choose an easy cross and a rope (ribbon) to the baby comfortable.
  • Towel , in which the baby is wrapped after the sacrament of baptism.He was not washed after the ceremony, and also cherish as a shirt.
  • Bonnet (scarf).
  • best gift from the godparents will cross, scapular or silver spoon .

also need for baptism:
Christening baby

  • Baby blanket .Featured swaddling a baby in baptismal and rewarming the baby after the fonts.
  • small bag , where it will be possible to lay down a strand of hair kid cropped priest.It can be saved together with the shirt and a towel.

It's wise to make sure things fit kid.

After baptism

Christening baby So baby christened.You became godmother.Of course, by tradition, this day - a holiday .It can be celebrated in a warm family circle or crowded.But it is worth remembering that baptism - first of all, the feast of the spiritual birth of the baby.To this should be prepared in advance and thoroughly thought through every detail.After a day of spiritual birth , you are now going to celebrate every year, more important day of physical birth.