The best models of baby carriages, cradles for baby

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31 March 2016

When a child grows up his first means of transportation becomes a stroller.Young parents often wonder - how to choose the right stroller for the baby.And, of course, they are interested in all the details: the materials, the quality, durability and ease of use.In this article we will look at all the important issues when choosing a stroller, bassinet for your baby.For other types of wheelchairs can be read here.

content of the article:

  • Key features and benefits
  • Top 5
  • How to choose?

wheelchair-cradle design and its purpose

Wheelchair-cradle - the best option to transport a young child.The very name suggests that it has the shape of a cradle stroller, delivered on wheels.Wheelchair-cradle design is collapsible.If necessary, the cradle can be removed from the wheel and put the "sedentary" block.

Strollers cradle used as long as the child does not learn to sit (up to the age of six months).After that, you must buy another wheelchair or stroller chassis set-cradle unit that allows a child t

o take a sitting position.It is this kind of wheelchairs prefer to parents of newborns.

main advantages of carriages-cradles:

  • equipped with an easy basket, which protects the baby from rain, wind, snow, and dust;
  • no need to bend to the baby, as the basket, where the baby is located at the optimum height for permanent care for them;
  • easy for transportation.Strollers can be compactly folded cradle and immerse in the trunk of any car, first removing the wheel.

main and perhaps the only drawback of this type of wheelchairs are large dimensions, which are not allowed to transport the wheelchair in the elevator, which is very inconvenient for those who live in high rise buildings.If the parents of the baby live on the ground floor or in a private house, the stroller-cradle fits perfectly.However, current models of carriages-cradles are made in such a way to transport her to the elevator was not difficult.

Top 5 most popular models

1. Wheelchair-cradle Peg Perego «Culla»
It features sophisticated design.The frame is made of durable polypropylene, which is a hygienic material, and does not absorb water.The internal padding is made of antiallergic material Softerm.Unique air circulation system maintains the temperature inside the carriages, is optimal for the baby.
The housing and hood strollers have double coating of tissue that is removed or tacked on as needed.Also hood integrated mosquito net.
There are straps for carrying, the cradle can be used as a portable cart.
upholstery material - cotton with special impregnation.Upholstery bassinet is easily removed and fastened.

The average cost of a cradle-stroller Peg Perego «Culla» - 18 thousand rubles.

Reviews from buyers:


Easy model.The baby it's so convenient!My baby slept well only in a wheelchair.I would recommend!


good model.Only here in our elevator she climbed, from the second floor had rolled up the stairs.And so, it is a good option prams.


I was advised a wheelchair friends.But I did not like it.At 7 months, son learned to sit, had to buy a stroller model, and the sell.

2. Pram-cradle FRESCO Inglezina

special feature is the availability of wheelchair-throw pens, t. E. A child can lie down and face the parents, and facing the road.Changing the position of the baby is very convenient in the case of wind, driving rain or snow.

Material strollers fairly durable and moisture-resistant, which contributes to the fact that the baby inside her is always warm and dry.

average cost stroller-bassinet Inglezina FRESCO - 10,000 rubles.

Reviews from buyers:


me the stroller was.With daughter went for a walk as long as it is under half years old.After walking needed because it does not find a "nurse" for this model stroller-bassinet.


model is very comfortable for the baby.Large, deep, winter it is very warm and cozy.Bad weather is not terrible child.


stylish and beautiful.Only the elevator comes with difficulty.And, the price is reasonable, and the child it is much better than Transformers.

3. Pram Peg-Perego Young

peculiarity of the model is the presence of mounting cradle for use as a car child seat.The stroller is very beautiful, comfortable, especially good in the winter, as the material of the cradle has high strength and moisture resistance.

average cost stroller-bassinet Peg-Perego Young - 17,000 rubles.

Reviews from buyers:


My wife and I on this stroller just delighted.Small, convenient, easy to fit in the trunk of the car.In general, a godsend.


Not a bad option for the baby.Here are just children quickly grow out of it.After half a year after the appearance of crumbs will need another option.

4. Wheelchair-cradle Navington Caravel

This is a classic model for the newborn on a chrome frame with swivel front wheels, a comfortable cradle with orthopedic base, inflatable wheels.Included is a handy bag for Mom.

average cost stroller-bassinet Navington Caravel - 12,000 rubles.

Customer Reviews:


good modelka.I use it for as long as my baby did not sit on their own.The small and at the same time comfortable.Perfect for those moms who love to disappear on the debt with the kid on the street.Perfectly protects the baby from the elements.


Affordable option.Although this model has its drawbacks.The main one is the lack of transport it in the elevator, because it simply it does not intermeddle.


What I particularly like about this stroller, so it is easy to transport in the boot of a car.The wheels are easily removed and folded chassis.Suitable for those parents who lead an active lifestyle.

5. Wheelchair-cradle Zekiwa Touring

Wheelchair creates comfort when driving on any roads (broken asphalt, mud, puddles, snow, etc.).Equipped with soft damping system, which enables the rock as a kid across and along the cradle.Spacious cradle is suitable for use in both summer and winter.Cork bottom of the cradle contributes to ventilation in a wheelchair.Chassis width optimal, making it easy to transport the wheelchair in the elevator.

average cost stroller-bassinet Zekiwa Touring - 24 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews:


We take this model and all are happy.Nothing creaks, the course is very quiet, excellent cushioning.And yet, our stroller is the only model Zekiwa Touring in the yard.


We are here with friends for a walk strollers changed.Like, all the same, but Zekiwa Touring has its own unique characteristics.It is very easy to operate, can be rotated with a single motion, without making extra efforts.The quality of a truly German.Do not say anything.


We took Zekiwa Touring B / y after 2 kids, because the new is quite expensive.Ride 2 months, every day pulls to 5 kilometers, and, basically, we go not on the asphalt surface, and on park trails of the park.Wheelchair - super, no shortage is not found!

What should pay attention to?

  • Material , of construction of the carriage.It should be waterproof.Otherwise you'll have to buy a raincoat.If you plan to use the wheelchair in cold weather, you should choose a model, insulation synthetic padding.Some models are equipped with inserts-insulation, which can be easily removed in the summer;
  • is necessary to pay attention to, is securely attached to the frame cradle .During the movement, it should not be much to shake;
  • better to choose large wheels , in diameter of 20-25 centimeters, so how exactly this model of stroller-bassinet has good permeability;
  • should buy a model with a collapsible handle .This stroller conveniently transported in the elevator;
  • Pay attention to the options : adjustable footrest, sun canopy, rain cover, brakes and so on. D.

Following the above recommendations, you buy what you want you and your child!