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14 April 2016

Brand BAIADERA can boast a rich history , but it has a huge popularity among the ladies all over the world.This Italian brand was created by sisters Anna and Rosario in Supino 2004 year.It was then that these young designers released their first handmade bags, which differed incredible beauty.Today, the company produces not only handbags, but also roomy travel bags, beautiful belts, stylish diaries.

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Audience brand BAIADERA

unique style, attention to design and detail, natural materials, high quality - that's what attracts women to the brand BAIADERA.All the products of this brand are made by the best Italian designers with extensive experience in this area.

main philosophy of the brand is perfect combination of innovation and tradition .All products are characterized by modern BAIADERA look at fashion trends and innovative design.It unusual bags, they are a real work of art.Products of this brand creates a wonderful mood, gives a positive charge.

main target audience of the company are women who follow fashion, but not enslaved by it .Those who can go beyond the boundaries of traditional attitudes.They are self-confident, full of firmness and determination.

Fashion collection BAIADERA

bags of this brand have a very diverse forms : rectangular, circular, trapezoidal. Each product is made from the softest natural leather , it is perfectly aligned seams, and hand-painted.The company has the exclusive technique of hand-painted on the skin, which makes it possible to produce unique bags highest quality .

BAIADERA The collections are not only bags painted with bright youth .For women who prefer the classic style there model with more restrained , but not least, a unique design .When purchasing goods brand BAIADERA each to a customer a certificate , which confirms that it was the owner of an exclusive accessory.

All bags perfectly organized interior space.Lining in bags made of natural silk.There is always a special pockets for coins, mobile phone and documents.The bag of this brand, you will always be able to quickly locate any desired object.Lining in bags made of natural silk.

Pricing policy BAIADERA

For production BAIADERA used manual labor , which significantly affects its price category.In Russia, women's handbag of the brand you have to pay from 4500 to 18,000 rubles.

reviews and recommendations shoppers brand BAIADERA


ordered a daily bag BAIADERA via the Internet.Of course, I had to wait about a week.When received, the delight was no chapel.Very nicely painted, the quality is just class.I would recommend.


I really like the products of the brand.This unusual design!Fine quality products.I use the past six months: the image does not rubbed, no seam is not disheveled.I'm ecstatic.


Bags BAIADERA - a real Italian quality and unusual design.Once I purchased this brand handbag I was given a certificate of exclusive products.The bag is very comfortable, roomy, perfect for everyday wear.

Irina :

I prefer to only buy exclusive things.Handbags of this brand unique.Original hand-painted.It perfectly combines quality and price.I really like the products of the brand.

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