March 8 in kindergarten: the scenario of the holiday, contests and games with children

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01 April 2016

March 8 kindergarten matinee in kindergarten - one of the highlights for the child.These memories remain with the child for life.The event is traditionally held to please the kids, even to reveal dormant talents instill specific skills.And, of course, the joint preparation of children for the holiday - it is a serious experience in the team.How to create kindergarten matinee interesting after eighth of March?

content of the article:

  • preparing for the holiday of March 8!Important
  • How to choose costumes for children
  • Fun Games March 8 in kindergarten
  • original script matinee on March 8

preparing for the holiday of March 8!Important

March 8 kindergarten Choice script - the main thing, which always start with the preparation of any matinee in kindergarten.The script should be given special attention.What matters is how the script and details - music, decorations, festive atmosphere, costumes and various amenities.

  • Do not overload the performance of a large number of rooms - the children get tired pretty quickly, and the
    y are scattered to enjoy the holidays will not do.Better to let the action will be short, but colorful, vivid and memorable.
  • can be used to create the well-known tale script to enable all children.Ideal chain of holiday - a mini-play, games, poems and songs.
  • all possible force majeure should be considered in advance.For example, a shy child who is difficult for cramming poetry and speech in public, better take a role with a minimum of words.It requires children to be impossible not to have to go to each individual, choosing a role, so that the child coped with it and did not get the moral injury.
  • March 8 kindergarten parents - the best assistants kids to rehearsals.Who, if not they will support the children's favorite, just praise and prompting better.
  • To enhance the sense of responsibility in children for the upcoming holiday you can decorate your room, which will host the show, along with them, as well as to draw parents' invitation "tickets in the form of postcards.

Fancy Dress Ball on March 8!How to choose costumes for children

March 8 kindergarten What costumes will be relevant for the feast eighth of March?Of course, in the first place, flowers.Acquire costumes in the shop can not afford to each parent, so that some children do not injure the wealth of other orders, may they all be the same.In this case, the tutor is better to discuss it with their parents.

  • Suit for boys .As you know, a flower - a green stem, green leaves and bright colorful head-bud.Based on this, and created the costumes.Green shirt can serve as a stem, and created from a bright red paper flower hat - tulip flower (go another flower, depending on the scenario).
  • Costumes for girls .For the stem, respectively, selected green dresses or sundresses.Caps colors are also made of paper.
  • can attach to the creation of costumes and children by putting on the "buds" of painted and carved butterflies.

Fun Games on March 8 in kindergarten

  1. March 8 kindergarten game for spectators (mothers and grandmothers).Leading offers viewers to play, while the children take a break from the show.She chooses at random any mother out of the room and call an object (a broom, toys, belt, dishes, sofa, hammer, iron, etc.).Mom should not hesitate to respond quickly - someone in their family are more likely to enjoy the subject.
  2. Cheesy Football.Easy big ball or a balloon placed in the middle of the hall.Children, in turn, blindfold are a few steps ahead and hit the ball.
  3. Mothers and Daughters. Children are divided into groups - the boy-girl, portraying my father and mother.At several tables are laid out in advance educators dolls, doll clothing and combs.The winner is the couple who manages faster than others "to collect the baby" to kindergarten - to dress and comb.
  4. Gather mother to work. For this competition on the tables laid out bags, mirrors, lipstick, beads, scarves and clips.At the signal, the girls must make up, wear jewelry and folded everything in her purse, make it to "work".
  5. Explore mother.Leading hide behind the screen of all mothers.Babies mothers show only the hand by which they should be and guess.
  6. After the competition, children can read the pre-learned poem , dedicated to their mothers.

original script matinee on March 8 in kindergarten

March 8 kindergarten performance for the holiday March 8 may be any - to create the fairy tale, song or invented impromptu teachers and parents.The main thing that he was interested in children, and that children are not left unused.For example, such a scenario , like:

Adventures of spring flowers in the country

Roles members play:

  1. Roses - girls dressed in costume colors
  2. Tulips - boysin costume colors
  3. Sun - one of the mothers or assistant educator in the suit
  4. Tuchka - one of the mothers or assistant educator in the suit
  5. Gardener - educator in a suit
  6. Bee - one of the mothers (grandmothers) or assistant educator in the suit
  7. Aphids (pair characters) - one of the mothers or assistant educator in the suit

main idea of ​​the play
March 8 kindergarten Children playing rolesflowers, growing in a garden.They were carefully caring gardener, they gently smiling sun, pouring cloud and the bee flies for pollen.Enemies of colors - it is aphids.They, of course, all the forces trying to prevent the growth of colors.From aphids fights himself a gardener, honey, bee, and even cloud - because mothers soon March 8, and they are waiting for flowers.

dramas - the main points of the script

  • Parents take place in the hall.
  • March 8 kindergarten dressed as flower children rush in the gym, dance.
  • next outing gardener.He approaches each flower with a shovel and a large watering can, "watering", "loosens the earth" and sings a song about flowers for mom to the eighth of March.
  • finished dancing, children gather around a semicircle gardener, a gardener and a speech: - "grow, grow, my dear flowers!I'll have to pour some water key, fertilize and weed rip evil to you to the sun rose and grew strong and beautiful.And let's'll call us the sun! »
  • kids called the sun, clapping her hands.
  • sun comes out, smiling kids.It applies to every kid "Ray" and asks the children to sing him a song sunny.
  • sun pretty, but asks for more and tell poems about spring.
  • Children read poems.
  • Gardener said: - "Well, the flowers, you're warmed in the sun, and now that the ground beneath you is not dry, it should be watered.Who we'll call?
  • kids shout "Tuchka, come!".
  • Tuchka slowly, "swims" in the room, and offers a "color" play the game "Topa-clap."The Game: Cloud says different phrases, and the children clap if you agree with it, and stamp, if you do not agree.For Example."Agrimony - the most beautiful of flowers" (kids stomp).Or "The most burning plant - a nettle" (guys clap).Etc.
  • March 8 kindergarten further children dance dance with umbrellas.This gardener - "we warmed up in the sun, the rain poured us now and pollinate it!".Invites bee.
  • Bee sings a song about honey.
  • At the end of the song will appear aphids.Aphids scares flowers, trying to bite them and threatened that sgryzet all green leaves.
  • Flowers, frightened, fled from aphids.
  • colors come to the aid of cloud, the sun, the gardener and the bee.They offer flowers and aphids to play the game.The game can attract viewers.
  • Flowers, of course, win.They sing a cheerful song.Then the gardener gives every mother of "flower."