The teenager came home drunk for the first time - what to do?

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01 April 2016

What to do when a teenager came home drunk late in the evening, as a teenager still no.His mobile phone is silent, and friends anything intelligible can not answer.Parents are on duty at the window, psycho and are almost ready to ring the hospital.And at that moment the front door swings open, and on the doorstep there is "lost" a child with glass eyes and smell the alcohol.Language braided baby, feet, too.Daddy's stern gaze and my mother hysterical at the moment it did not bother ...

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  • teenager came home drunk.Reasons
  • What if a teenager suddenly came home drunk?
  • How to save a teenager from alcoholism

This situation - not a rarity.As much as parents may try to prevent the first alcoholic experience - sooner or later it will still appear. What , when a teenager comes home for the first time in a state of intoxication?Read also what to do if the teenager started to smoke.

teenager came home drunk.Reasons

What to do when a teenager came home drunk

  • negative family relationships. One of the main reasons for the use of alcohol by teenagers.These i
    nclude lack of understanding between the child and parents, excessive care or no attention, violence and so forth.
  • treat your friends (friends, relatives).On a holiday, at a party in honor of an event.
  • teenager had a drink for the company , so as not to lose its "credibility" in the eyes of their peers.
  • What to do when a teenager came home drunk teenager wanted to get away from their internal (external) problems with alcohol.
  • teenager wanted to feel more determined and courageous .
  • curiosity.
  • Unhappy love .

What if a teenager suddenly came home drunk?

What to do when a teenager came home drunk Contrary to stereotypes, children alcoholism - a problem not only dysfunctional families .Often, alcohol begins to pull teens quite successful parents, fully secured in material terms.Busy parents rarely have the time to pay attention to the problems of the younger child.As a result, the child is left alone with these problems, and because of the weakness of character goes on about the situation, familiar or the law of the street.Puberty - the same age when the child has never needed the attention of parents .What if a teenager first came home drunk?

  • First, not panic, do not scream, do not blame .
  • bring the child to life , bedding.
  • Drink valerian and postpone talks until the morning , when the son (daughter) will be able to perceive your words.
  • not use in conversation didactic tone - any arguments like that are deaf ears.Only friendly.But with the explanation that you are unhappy.
  • not evaluate the child in conversation - evaluate the act and its consequences.
  • What to do when a teenager came home drunk understand that on your responses to the experience of the child will depend on his trust in you in the future.
  • find out, what caused this first experience.
  • help your child find a way to stand out, to gain prestige , to solve personal problems.

How to save a teenager from alcoholism

What to do when a teenager came home drunk It is possible that the first intoxication child has quite adequate reasons.For example, young people celebrated with an event, and the child's body could not stand the sudden alcoholic load.Or simple curiosity.Or a desire to be "cool".Or just in the "weak".Perhaps the child will wake up in the morning with a headache and did not touch a bottle at all.But, unfortunately, it happens in a different way.Especially when there are prerequisites for this opportunity and - of drinkers friends, family problems, and so forth. How to protect your child and to eliminate transition of the first alcoholic experience persistent habit?

  • be another child.
  • not ignore the problems of the child.To be interested
  • personal life of the child .Be it the support and support.
  • To show respect to the child , without showing their superiority.Then the teenager will have no reason to prove to you my adulthood in all ways.
  • Find the general fascination with the child - travel, cars and so on. More time to spend with your child.
  • What to do when a teenager came home drunk teach a child to stand out and gain credibility worthy methods - sports, knowledge, talent, the ability to say "no" when all the weak say "yes."
  • Do not fuss with the child not prove his innocence through his tantrum dictate.
  • allows the child to make mistakes and get your own experience in life, but at the same time to be close to him in a timely manner to support and guide in the right direction.

What to do when a teenager came home drunk Adolescence - difficult for the parents and for the child's future.The teenager grows up, learns self-reliance, begins to feel the personality .Teach a child responsibility, allowing him to learn from your mistakes, you cook it to adulthood.From the first experience of alcohol and the reaction to it depends on the further behavior of the parents of a teenager. Talk with your child, be it a friend, get close , when you need it, then many problems will bypass your family party.