Bag & Luggage Kipling: Belgian accessories for every taste!

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15 April 2016

Kipling - the best and the brightest fashion brand handbags, accessories and luggage of everyday life.Kipling brand was founded in 1987 in Belgium.Although the brand Kipling young, it meets the needs of stylish and colorful bags that helped him become a major international brand of bags with the original design.

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who loves handbags and suitcases Kipling?

Today Kipling is bright, trendy, stylish handbags and luggage at every occasion - for everyday life, for work, for travel, for a night club or gym.These bags are usually suitable young girls with diverse life , who love both traveling and parties.Travel bags often choose a girl constantly traveling.

fashion line of handbags and luggage Kipling.Collections

Small shoulder bags

Such bags can take for work, study, hiking in a movie theater or an evening stroll .They are roomy and comfortable, h

ave a huge number of pockets and compartments.

Travel bags

assortment of bags allows to select options for any occasion .For fitness fit sport compact options for everyday life fit ladies' original handbags.These bags are usually made in bright colors and decorated with beads and sequins.

bag-style cross-body

One of the most popular styles of the season - cross-body.Bags based on hunting game bag , which are made in five shades and colors (chocolate, black, cognac, vanilla and dark blue) and three textures (textiles, leather, perforated leather and dense).

Price range: Kipling bags in stores are from 2300 rubles to 11,000 rubles .

Kipling -quality bags and rucksacks road.Reviews.


Bags, handbags, purses, backpacks, sports, classic, romantic bags - in every kind of accessory is always important to every woman.My present review is dedicated to my most favorite brand Kipling.I do not change it for 5 years from the time of our first meeting, when I presented the first bag of the brand.


Kipling Travel bags are very roomy and comfortable.I often go on business trips, so my travel bag - is the main attribute of life.I advise everyone to buy Kipling bags.Reliability they do not happen.


recently bought a travel bag.It can be noticed immediately a combination of ease and reliability.All the necessary things fit without problems.Pockets are also very comfortable.

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