Actual colors and shades of hair 2014 - Photo fashion hair color trends 2014 and advice of stylists

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15 April 2016

Girls always want to be trendy, and tend to dye your hair in a current at a given time shade.

So, what colors and methods of coloring hair has become this year's most stylish and popular?

Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014

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  • photo the most fashionable colors and shades of hair in 2014
  • degradation and pearly shades of hair in 2014
  • stylish hair weave 2014
  • hair coloring options 2014


most fashionable colors and shades of hair 2014 - Fashion bright, dark, red hair color 2014

Hair coloring - this is a very important step.By the choice of fashionable colors should be treated seriously, with an understanding of all the possible consequences.

  • Brown hair color 2014
    5-7 years ago this color was considered a part of the image of a "gray mouse", but now the tone has gained immense popularity among girls.This color creates the effect of bulk hair and gives the girl charm.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    If you decide to dye your hair blond in color, choose a light-brown or ashy hue.This painting fit light-skinned gir
    ls, having green or blue eyes.
  • hair color mocha 2014
    It - "tasty" color, which is very popular among girls from 20 to 25.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    This refreshing shade of the face and looks in harmony with the weave hair.Highlighting your hair will add a more luxurious and expensive look.
  • Red hair color for 2014
    Today, red hair is very popular.Fashion stylists and famous one voice insists that the mystery woman lends shade, luster and finished image.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    Also popular are caramel shade of hair, which looks like a light shade with a hint of ginger.
  • Black Hair in the season 2014
    Yes, this color is still in fashion and always remains the most popular.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    But if you really want to dye your hair in a dark color, you have to take responsibility for the condition of your hair, as the black color is not suitable for thin and fragile hair.
  • chestnut hair color 2014
    At the top of popularity - a dark brown color, always attracts attention to her.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    best shade for today is bitter chocolate, which is perfect for brown-eyed or green-eyed girls.
  • Blonde in 2014
    This color does not even need to comment - it was fashionable at all times.Today, the most fashionable is the natural color with sand coloring.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    most important requirement before the procedure - choosing the right paint (not to get the color of dried hay or completely white).

Fashionable hair color trends 2014 - degrade and pearly shades

this year became very popular original hair color.For example, degrade or the use of pearlescent shades to give brilliance and luxurious feel to the hair.

So, what kinds of fashionable hair coloring popular in 2014?

  • degrade hair 2014
    This type of painting means a smooth transition from one color to another specified.Degradation may include several different colors, perfectly combined with each other.It is often possible to meet the transition izrusogo in chestnut brown or black.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    color transition is as sharp and smooth.If you decide to dye your hair in the technique degrade, we recommend that you contact the salon because qualitatively hold this painting the house is almost impossible.
  • pearlescent shades of hair color 2014
    often on the packaging to indicate the hair dye is not just brown color, "Brown pearl" or "pearl blonde."Pearly shades are distinguished by their brilliance and durability.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    in the paint are pearlescent particles, creating the effect on hair glitter.The image obtained is very bright and attractive, so this color came into fashion in 2014.

stylish hair weave 2014 - fashionable hair weave you in 2014?

This year did not work out of fashion and weave.This method of hair coloring is very popular among the girls - it looks natural and beautiful.The most popular and classical brondirovanie highlights.

  • brondirovanie Hair 2014
    This painting is suitable for almost all the girls.It is as follows - colored strands are not at the root, and 2-3 cm below.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    This helps to achieve the effect of naturalness, as if you have just arrived from a holiday in sunny countries.
  • Classic in hair weave 2014
    popular are also the classic highlights.This procedure involves painting individual strands of from 2 to 5 millimeters wide, ranging from the hair roots.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    This painting looks very stylish and suitable for almost all hair colors.

most current versions of coloring hair stylists from 2014

In 2014, it became a very popular coloring.Painting involves staining of individual sections of hair in a particular color.Commonly used from 3 to 15 different shades to achieve a more natural and original coloration.What options

coloring - the most popular in 2014?

  • Multi-color hair coloring 2014
    This type of hair dyeing involves the use of a wide range of different shades.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    Multicolor coloring helps to achieve a more natural coloring and maintain hair health.
  • pearlescent coloring hair fashion 2014
    It - hair coloring with a specific paint, which changes under different lighting its color.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    This method of color looks very impressive on the hair color blonde, or light-brown hair.
  • Neon coloring the hair in 2014
    This is - a unique and striking appearance of staining, help to create a bright image.Many young girls go to the salon zakolorirovaniem with bright and sometimes crazy colors.
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014
    most often limited to painting only a few bright strands, but many do color highlighting similarity.If you have dark or very light hair, then this type of coloring will look great.
  • California coloring for hair coloring 2014
    This painting looks as if your hair is burned on the beach (almost brondirovanie, but differently arranged).
    Trendy colors and shades of hair in 2014

Change your image can be just a few hours, but result will please more than one month - it's worth it!