Celebrate Carnival wide!

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01 April 2016

Celebrate Carnival wide With Maslenitsa, goes back to the pre-Christian Russia, began the new year, right up until the fourteenth century.Although the new year for us for a long time comes from the first of January, celebrating the traditions preserved to our days.This holiday is still celebrated fun, accompanied by a feast and festivities.

How to spend Pancake week of fun to celebrate Carnival?

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  • Days celebration carnival
  • Traditional Shrovetide rituals and traditions
  • Tasty treats Carnival

Days celebration carnival.Shrovetide

Celebrate Carnival wide It's no secret where carnival gets its name.Cheese Week (the second name) before Lent - is allowed to be partaking butter, fish and dairy products .Sami day of Maslenitsa depend on the start of Lent.Each Pancake Day - a special, having its value and meaning.

  1. Monday («meeting») .Parents of the husband and wife come together for a friendly tea party related.Straw or other improvised materials created effigy of winter and set up on a long pole.The first
    pancake, baked Carnival, traditionally given to the needy - in remembrance of the dead.
  2. Tuesday ("zaigryshi») .Previously, it was Shrove Tuesday was carried out in the bride groom to get married after the end of Lent.Today in this day friends and relatives gather to eat pancakes, ride a rollercoaster and build a snow fort.
  3. Environment ("gourmet») .On Wednesday, traditionally, go to your favorite mother-in pancakes.
  4. Thursday ("binge») .The main day of the carnival and the main fun week.That same day, the people rejoice at the colorful carnivals and feasts, horseback riding and sledding on the ice slides and swings, and bringing a stuffed animal and sing songs.
  5. Friday ("Teschin Vecherki») .The day - to invite mother-in-law to visit on pancakes.
  6. Celebrate Carnival wide Saturday ("Zolovkina gatherings») .Saturday - the day when the daughter invites to her husband's relatives.On the same day there is a solemn burning of effigies and a farewell to winter.Usually put a stuffed in the middle ground, the people came to her songs, and then kindle the fire.The ritual is accompanied by games and refreshments (hot pancakes and sbiten).
  7. Sunday ("Forgiveness Sunday») .On this last day of Pancake all ask each other for forgiveness.Also on Sunday, it burned an effigy of winter.It was winter and not Carnival.

Walk, wide carnival!Traditional Shrovetide rituals, traditions, fun

  • Celebrate Carnival wide Home carnival tradition - pancakes , since ancient times symbolizing the sun.Originally a pagan holiday, carnival famous attribute this sweet as the victory of the sun over the winter nights.In Christianity, this festival could not root out and left the Pancake week, as a time of reconciliation and forgiveness with others with the deceased, before the start of Lent.Since then, this week called the Cheese-fare, and the pancakes are still all eaten with great pleasure.
  • Celebrate Carnival wide Scarecrow .It is usually created from straw, dressed up in a dress and tied a handkerchief.Around stuffed lead dances, sing songs beside him and arrange celebrations.
  • Farewell to winter .The culmination of Maslenitsa.The symbol of winter is burned, songs and festivities is called Spring.

how to make traditional straw effigy of Carnival

Celebrate Carnival wide hoisted on a pole straw doll traditionally burned on a big bonfire.How to do it correctly?The main thing - remember that the dress will not fit stuffed synthetic fabrics.In case of fire, they will allocate a heavy odor and harmful substances, which is hardly a good effect on the holiday and, especially, children.
Materials for stuffed :

  1. Celebrate Carnival wide Pair of wooden bars (natural, dried).
  2. straw and dry grass.
  3. nails, a hammer.
  4. bright dress and colorful scarf
  5. canvas bags (for the arms and head)
  6. Cardboard


  • bars slipping into a cross shape (one bar - the pole, the second - hand)
  • To cross twine tied straw, grass and paper, to form the body stuffed.In the absence of straw (grass) can take a couple of brooms - stuffed okay to burn.
  • One of linen bags stuffed with straw and sewn up.Next is tied with a handkerchief.Handkerchief head ends fixed to the body.
  • dress worn on the body is stuffed.At the ends of the sticks (hand) prevented two canvas bags (palms).Their ties hidden under the sleeves dress.
  • Celebrate Carnival wide bag on head-drawn face.Rosy cheeks and lips Winter.Eyes traditionally painted shut.
  • from straw or hemp thread woven braids for two stuffed animals, mounted under a scarf, decorated with ribbons.Six and a finished doll stuck in the snow.

Folk fun - games Pancake

Celebrate Carnival wide Mock competitions, fun games and fun Carnival WALKING allow common people do not grow numb from the cold.After all, even though this holiday was escorted and winter, but it often coincides with hard frosts.What are known most popular games Pancake for "sugreva"?

  1. snow town. snow constructed the fortress-towns.People are divided into horse (forwards) and hiking (to protect).Horse, eventually taking the snow fort and fight with foot destroy all the buildings of the snow, as the main manifestation of the winter.
  2. Celebrate Carnival wide One of the main pastimes - this, of course, skating with Mr. orcs .Equally popular and sledding.Typically Russian entertainment - skating race on the decoration ribbon threes, the ringing of bells.
  3. Winter Tyre. installed at the site of the target shooting.Usually they use wooden panels meter, which are drawn a circle (diameter - 90, 60 and 30 cm).These panels are hung high in the trees, poles or blank walls.
  4. Celebrate Carnival wide Tug of War .This fun everyone knows.Rope pulls two teams - both back to back and face.
  5. three-legged .Each pair playing connect leg (right - one on the left - the other).These "three" legs pair should reach the fastest to the flag and return to the start.

Tasty Pancake feast - Russian generosity table

Celebrate Carnival wide Obzhornaya carnival week, of course, assumes a tasty and greasy food.Meat Carnival do not eat, but the fish, and dairy products, where do without them, pancakes - the most it.
pancakes begins Monday and Thursday until the end of the festival - the climax blinoedeniya.In addition to meat dishes, prepared in the carnival can be anything that asks the soul.Usually, it's all oil, fat and flour .Pancakes baked variety - thick pancakes, thin lacy pancakes, pechenyushki .With curds, jams, honey, eggs, butter, condensed milk, cream and other fillings.Counting calories is not accepted at the carnival.