10 best board games for the whole family

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02 April 2016

The best board games for the whole family The best way to support communication with children are board games.Although many believe that this way of entertainment is suitable only for children, it really is not.After all, modern board games - a role-playing game where the displayed different life situation or the specifics of one of the professions.

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  • 10 board games for the whole family
  • card game Munchkin
  • board game Uno Company
  • addictive and fun game Aktiviti
  • Intellectual Monopoly game
  • Piggy Card game for the cheerful company
  • Travel Europe - cognitive
  • Scrabble game - a fascinating board game
  • Detective game Scotland Yard
  • exciting game Dixit
  • fun game Crocodile for a large company

10 board games for the whole family

Today weWe decided to give you the top 10 best board games for family and fun company:

  1. card game Munchkin Munchkin

    Card game Munchkin - a fascinating board game card.It is a complete parody of role-playing games.It perfectly combines the quality of games resource type and collectible car

    d games.Before the players the task, to make sure that their hero was the best and reached the 10 levels of play.This entertainment is aimed at people aged 12 years and older.At the same time can play 2-6 people.

  2. board game Uno Company

    Board game Uno Uno - a simple, dynamic and fun board game for a big company.It can play from 2 to 10 people, aged 7 years and older.The main goal of the game - to get rid of all their cards.

  3. addictive and fun game

    Board Game Aktiviti Activiti Activiti - best game for creative and fun company.All players must be divided into two teams and take turns choosing jobs of different levels of complexity.One of the team members explains the hidden word by using synonyms, pantomime or drawing.For guessed task team gets points and gradually moves on the playing field.The winner was the one who first came to the finish line.

  4. Intellectual Monopoly game Monopoly

    Board Game Monopoly - This board game for more than a century pleases adults and children.The main purpose of the economic game to become a monopolist, while ruining other players.Now there are so many versions of this game, but the classic version involves buying land and build on their property.The game is designed for people aged 12 years and older.At the same time it can play 2-6 people.

  5. Piggy Card game for the cheerful company

    Board Game Piggy Piggy - a fun card game, which can simultaneously participate from 2 to 6 people.This humorous Russian version of the famous game Uno.The main purpose - as quickly as possible to get rid of all the cards that are in your hands.At the same time, in this entertainment can participate from 2 to 8 people at the age of 10 years.

  6. Travel Europe - cognitive game for all the family

    Board Game Travel to Europe Travel Europe - a competitive addictive game that teaches geography of Europe.At the same time it may be involved 2-5 people, from 7 years.The goal - to become the best, scored 12 points and collecting evidence of victory.To do this, you must correctly answer questions from the cards.

  7. Scrabble - a fascinating board game

    Board game Scrabble Scrabble or Scrabble - this desktop word game is an indispensable attribute of family entertainment.At the same time it may be involved 2-4 people.Ira works on the principle of a crossword puzzle, only the words are drawn up on the playing field.The main goal of the game - to score the highest number of points.This diversion is designed for age category 7+.

  8. Detective game Scotland Yard

    Board game Scotland Yard Scotland Yard - a fascinating detective board game.It is one of the players takes on the role of the mysterious Mr. X, and the rest are detectives.In front of them is not an easy task to find and catch the criminal, who is free to move around the city.The main objective of Mr X - to stay not caught up to the end of the game.At the same time in a game attended by 2-6 people at the age of 10 years.

  9. exciting game

    Dixit Board Game Dixit Dixit - inspiring, unexpected and very emotional board game.Maps were drawn to her famous artist Maria Cardo.The game is well developed abstract and associative thinking.It can simultaneously participate 3-6 players aged 10 years.

  10. fun game Crocodile for a large company

    Board Game Crocodile Crocodile - a fun game for a big company.It is necessary to explain words with gestures and guessing them.Quests in this game are not simple, because the cards can be very unexpected word, phrase or proverb.The number of participants in this game is not limited.Age category of the game 8+.