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02 April 2016

Find out which strollers are and what should buy a stroller for the baby.Other purpose of use, the advantages and disadvantages of each type, the price of strollers -pomogut you make the right choice when buying.

content of the article:

  • main types of
  • form cradle
  • Transformers
  • Universal
  • Pleasure
  • for double
  • What you should pay attention to?
  • How to buy cheaper?Real reviews
  • women

main types of

Strollers are classified according to several criteria.

1 seasonal use

  • winter;
  • summer;
  • season.

Winter models of wheelchairs for children made of dense materials, equipped with large wheels.

Summer carriage is small in dimensions and small wheels.

multigrade options feature several types of wheels, which can be changed, and detachable lining.

2 According to the number of wheels

  • tricycles
  • four-

Tricycles are more agile and manageable.In addition, they look very original.

also distinguish the following types of popular strollers on their design and purpose.Let us

consider each type.

advantages and disadvantages Chair cradles

There is an opinion that it is the most convenient stroller bassinet for infants.They are most often chosen by parents.


  1. Cart whole, thereby protects the baby from snow, wind, rain and dust.
  2. No need to bend down to the child, prams, cradles are designed so that the baby is under the constant supervision of parents.
  3. ease of transport, which is possible due to the fact that the stroller is easy to fold and disassembled.


  1. Plus Sizes, which do not allow to transport the wheelchair in the elevator.
  2. used only for young children under the age of 6-8 months.

average price range for this type of carriages in St. Petersburg - from 13.5 to 39.5 thousand. Rub., In Moscow - from 10 to 89 thousand. Rub.(2012) Look at the best models of 2012 Chair cradles.

Transformers - the advantages and disadvantages

Models of this type are economical and practical.It is necessary to give preference to a wheelchair Transformers, unless you want to buy a separate version of the pleasure and the cradle.

Benefits :

  1. little weight.
  2. Compact.
  3. Economical due to the fact that you can change the height, position and length as the child grows.


  1. weight.
  2. Poor protect the baby from dirt, dust, rain and snow.

average price range for this type of carriages in St. Petersburg - from 6.5 to 27 thousand. Rub., In Moscow - 7.6 to 39.4 thousand. Rub.See what models are the best Transformers Chair in 2012. In

niversalnye or 2 1

Benefits Universal Chair 2 in 1:

  1. can be used as a cradle and the recreational option.
  2. possible to change the position of the seat in front or backwards to the person who carries the stroller.
  3. Durable and big wheels.
  4. Additional features and accessories (headrest, footrest, bag and so on. D.)


  1. severity and large dimensions casual model.

average price range for this type of carriages in St. Petersburg - from 11.5 to 53 thousand. Rub., In Moscow - from 10 to 46.5 thousand. Rub.

Read more about universal stroller 2 in 1.

Advantages and disadvantages of strollers

Strollers selected for children aged 7-8 months.


  1. Low weight and dimensions.
  2. Compact.
  3. Low Cost.


  1. Plastic wheels do not provide the necessary cushioning.

average price range for this type of carriages in St. Petersburg - from 8 to 28 thousand. Rub., In Moscow - from 7 to 41 thousand. Rub.

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transport tips for twins?

strollers twins are walking with a double.There are strollers, universal, transformers, cradles.


  1. Compact.
  2. low cost compared to the cost of two ordinary wheelchairs.


  1. heavy and substantial dimensions.

average price range for this type of carriages in St. Petersburg - from 6.5 to 60 thousand. Rub., In Moscow - 6,6 to 60 thousand. Rub.Read more about the stroller for twins, as well as about the strollers for triplets.

Tips for Choosing

Choosing model strollers, should pay attention to the following:

  • From what material is made stroller.It is better if used for the production of wheelchairs waterproof material.Otherwise you'll have to purchase a raincoat.If
  • wheelchair will be operated in the cold season (late autumn, winter), it must be insulated with synthetic padding.Qualitative wheelchair equipped insulated liners are easily removed during the summer.
  • should see to it that cradle securely fastened to the frame and shaking motion of the carriage.
  • It is best to opt for a stroller with wheels , a diameter of at least 20-25 centimeters.This stroller will have a good cross and amortization.
  • worth to buy a stroller with a folding or a reversible handle , so the stroller is pretty easy to transport in the elevator.
  • good stroller should have such options , as an adjustable footrest, sun canopy, brakes, rain cover, mosquito net, and so on. D.

Despite the wide range of models, universal stroller does not exist.Nevertheless, focusing on age, preference baby, as well as product range, presented in the store, and climatic conditions of use, you can choose what you want for your child.

Where to buy a pram cheaper?

Many moms and dads prefer shopping in traditional stores.Despite this, it is more convenient to find the right model strollers on the Internet.In addition, it will cost slightly cheaper than in the offline store, and its quality is no worse.And yet, the search for the desired pattern take a lot of time and effort.Shopping trip can not be delayed by one day.The situation is a lot easier if you decide to make a purchase via the Internet.

Advantages of Internet shopping:

  • able to order the desired model of stroller at an attractive price;
  • order is carried out, without leaving the house;
  • free shipping.

drawbacks in this type of shopping, probably not.The main thing is to choose a reliable supplier, as a performance which can be assured.

Another way to save on the purchase of a pram - purchase b / y.However, there are some "pitfalls".

Benefits of Buying Used / from wheelchair:

  • minimal financial costs;

disadvantages of buying a used / y carriage:

  • high probability of acquisition of faulty carriage or model with significant disabilities;
  • absence of the manufacturer's warranty on the quality of the goods.

From the above it can be concluded that the best option purchase a pram - the purchase of a new model through a dedicated online store.Only in this case it is possible to buy for your model stroller good quality at discount prices.

Reviews Women


My sister gave birth in April, bought a stroller-bassinet.He says that heavy and very small.In winter, the child can not be put in a jumpsuit.And when the child learns to sit, you have to buy another.This will cause additional financial costs.I regret that the transformer is not bought.


stroller still needed, even if there is a transformer.It is easier and better transported.Transformer very cumbersome.I do not cope with it, bought a walk.


Transformer is good for the winter, as the snow goes without problems.And the summer is better to buy an ordinary walk.It is easy, convenient and comfortable for the child.In addition, it is easy to carry in hand on 3 floor building with no elevator, as in our case.With the transformer, I could not have done alone.


And we do not need a stroller, a transformer is.I'm with him all the excess removed, it is not heavy.And in the hands I do not need a stroller Tuscany.The elevator rolled all.


We do not buy a transformer.First, in the cradle we went (for small children is very comfortable stroller), and then bought a stroller.She and easy, and a lot of space in the apartment occupies.

Share your experience: what a stroller for the baby bought or intend to buy you?