What if the husband is behaving like a child?

By Admin | Family
04 April 2016

Adult men - a grown-up children.In fact, it is changing only the age, but the behavior does not change, change more toys, in which men play.

But there are two big differences.It's one thing when a man is in his heart the child and childish behavior manifests itself in small ways: in the incredible joy of buying a new phone, in a demonstration of new clothes.Such touches and brings more joy.But there is another side to the child's behavior is infantile manifestation in all life situations.Dealing with such people is very problematic, they are practically not susceptible to the arguments of common sense.


  • reasons for children's behavior
  • Signs of child behavior
  • What if the husband hangs in computer games as a child?
  • What if the husband is throwing and / or do not clean up after themselves?
  • What do you do if a man behaves like a child?

reasons for children's behavior men

If a man behaves like a child, do not ignore it, is this a good deal.But first, let's look at the evolution o

f the behavior of men.

When he was very young, he still can not speak and can only cry, so in most cases to achieve the desired he comes from the whining, tears and whims.

When the child learned to speak, he has a new tool to get what he wants.This tool is the word.And word can achieve what you want faster than crying.Now the child can say, "Give!" And the parents happy with that child to speak, give him what he asks.If a child does not receive this, he resorts to the old way - the whims and whining.Next

parents begin to teach a child politeness.And now the child understands that an effective way to get what you want - to say "please".And here, if the child wants to get into the desired candy store, he begins to explain to my mother why she needed him to say please, if it does not work, it will include previous working tool, and if it does not work, turn on the most effective - roar.

Then, growing up, the child is becoming more and more instruments.So in a kindergarten or school, he can learn how to cheat in order to get what you want.Once grown up, he realizes that money is also a good way to get what you want.There are more and more new instruments.
And when a man has matured to obtain the desired it uses the most successful tools and using them if it does not work, then everything starts to go on down.

Signs of child behavior

biggest problem in relationships is that men are not always and not all consistent with the role of husband and assumes no responsibility that assumes that role.In such cases, the husband continues to be in the same kid as before, but the woman dumped two roles: the role of the mother for the child and the adult role of the husband, the head of the family.

What to do in such a difficult situation? Oddly enough, but the best, winning, and the correct option - it fit the role of women and wives and to remove from the role of the husband and mother of a large baby.

How to do it?Your husband has one child, and it all had to remind to and hands washed, and debris and ordered it and it is not forgotten.You all remind and remind him about everything, and he is not just a day you can not live.And he can not, if you will continue to continue to do so. Give him freedom and independence, let him learn to remember what he has to do, what his duties there. does not matter if it is about something is the first time to forget, and that life is obtained from the first well?But he does it himself.Praise him from time to time, because it is well done and do not forget to pay the rent today.You must have support for it, and what man does not like praise?

What if the husband plays the computer as a child?

Unfortunately, completely wean him from it you can not, and why.At times they are even useful, is where the man throw the accumulated negative energy drain.But to try to reduce the time spent at the games is still possible.It is possible that for him it would be interesting and to what extent would the nature of the game.

This may be as a joint active, it is one that you like both, if he does not like volleyball, then hike along the game will be a burden for him.If you want him to help you around the house for him to create the conditions for assistance to encourage, it can be both praise and promise to prepare for this delicious dinner or bake his favorite poppy muffins.

What if the husband is throwing and / or do not clean up after themselves?

you, of course, bothered to collect him all the dirty socks in the apartment, it is to wean him from it seems to be very difficult.To begin with note the existence of man on the trash, some of it does not even know exist.And define it as a place for storing dirty socks.If this does not work, then give regular reminders of where they should still be provided.

What if the husband is behaving like a child?

  • If you have children, point to the fact that he, like his father should be an example to them .
  • Remember that not being a mom for a man does not mean to throw the responsibility on him.It's more of a clear regulation of responsibilities in the family, there is prophetic that makes it, there are those that you do.There are very important things that you do together, that's what brings you. not patronize it, Mom. and the Council, to express their opinion, the interests of its opinions, explain why you want from him is this or that.
  • To some extent you have to be his friend , with whom he can discuss everything, but he will be around to indulge in or out, and advice to help wherever needed and maintain.
  • asked his help .You certainly clever and well done and all she can, then why are you a man?A man will be at least nice to help you, it will feel stronger, do not be afraid to be weak or to look weak.In the women's weaknesses, all its strength.

And how do you fight the childish behavior of his men?