Children's summer hat.

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05 April 2016

Children Due to fashion trends and design development, we now have the opportunity to dress their kids not just comfortable things, but in a beautiful, nurturing them from the cradle to the sense of taste and individuality.As for the head-dresses of summer - all parents are faced with the complexity of choice.The assortment is rich, the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčoptions - for every taste.Girls, of course, will be more variety, but also the future of the defenders there, plenty to choose from.

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  • Children summer caps.How to choose the right?
  • Dimensions of children's hats
  • What are children's summer hat?
  • summer hats for girls
  • summer hats for boys

Children summer caps.How to choose the right?

Children First of all, consider preferences crumbs .Some kids stubbornly refuse to wear hats, pulling them, as soon as my mother wearing a hat on his head.One of the secrets in this situation - to offer the kid a choice.Let him choose the hat (panama), which he will like the most.What else do you need to rem

ember when choosing children's hats for the summer season?

  • When buying hats check for jewelry and their attachment .Any decorative trim should be tightly sewn.Otherwise, at least, the port of the product and of the risk to health of the child already and can not speak.
  • Do not buy hats dark colors to wear in hot weather - they only attract the sun, creating discomfort to the child.Choose light-colored hats.
  • Fabrics for caps to be light, soft, breathable and, of course, natural .
  • Comfort - one of the main criteria when choosing a hat.Do not take children prickly and hard hats - they will still be in the closet dead weight.

Dimensions of children's hats

Dimensions of children traditional line of sizes and volumes to select the caps as follows:

  • size L - volume of the head 53-55 cm.
  • Size M - 50-52 cm.
  • size S - 47-49 cm.
  • size XS - 44-46 cm.

also used and the size of the next line:

  • From 0 to 3 months - 35 size (growth50-54).
  • three months - 40 size (growth 56-62).
  • six months - 44 size (growth 62-68).
  • nine months - 46 size (growth 68-74).
  • year - 47 size (growth 74-80).
  • year and a half - 48 size (growth 80-86).
  • two years - 49 size (growth 86-92).
  • three years - 50 size (growth 92-98).
  • four years - 51 size (height 98-104).
  • five years - 52 size (height 104-110).
  • six years - 53 size (height 110-116).

What are children's summer hat?

What to buy baby hat for summer Most often parents buy for the summer bandanas and baseball caps boys, headscarves and his cap - girls. panamku selected for both sexes.The cool summer weather popular knit cap , covering his ears, and elastic strip-dressing for girls.

summer hats for girls

range of summer hats for girls is enormous.Style, color, patterns, tailoring, jewelry - you can choose a hat for all weathers and for all tastes.Above all for little fashionistas demand following the summer caps:

  • simple knit cap.
    Summer hat for girls
  • headscarf. They can be classic shape (triangle), take the form of hats or bandanas.The fabric used is different.Fichu too protect the head from the sun.Preferred cotton kerchief light shades.Summer hat for girls
  • Bandanas .These hats can be supplemented with visors, embroidery, applique, etc.. shapochki
  • panama. classic accessory.Typically, light cloth or straw.You can arrange panamku purchased individually decorated, if you have enough imagination and materials.Summer hat for girls Summer hat for girls
  • Berets. Summer hat for girls
  • Caps, knitted hook.Summer hat for girls Summer hat for girls
  • cotton hats with ears or antennae (pups, kittens, butterflies).And children, and parents really like these new items.Summer hat for girls


  • Caps. universal accessories.Usually it made of natural fabric, decorated with different materials (applications, print, rhinestones, patches, sequins and so on.).Summer hat for girls Summer hat for girls Summer hat for girls

summer hats for boys

For younger children headwear is usually the same.With a few exceptions.It is clear that lace scarf with sequins or take the boy will not do.In all other universally: knitted and knitted hats, caps, bandanas, caps, panama .They differ from the "girly" hats simplicity of execution, more stringent colors, a minimum of decoration.
Caps for boys usually choose with the main clothes and general style - in the tone of a suit, or, conversely, as a brilliant fashion accessory.
Summer hats for boys
Summer hats for boys

Summer hats for boys
Summer hats for boys
Summer hats for boys