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16 April 2016

What a woman does not dream about the appearance in the locker room of the garment as a coat.A fur coat is not only perfectly warm in the cold, but also shows the taste of its owner and its status in the society.Therefore, the choice should be approached coats responsible enough, because you will spend a considerable amount of money to buy a fur coat, and of course we would like to make it last longer and always look good.

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  • How to choose a fur coat?
  • Shuba sheepskin or What to choose?
  • How to determine the quality of the different kinds of fur coats?
  • Where better to buy a fur coat?
  • that the Council on the forums on the choice of fur coats?Recommendation.

What should I look for when choosing a fur coat?

first and most important in the selection of coats - a selection of fur .All kinds of fur can be divided into categories:

fur with long pile.It fur foxes, fox, raccoon, wolverine, wolf, badger.

fur with a short nap. mink, ermine, chinchilla, sable.

fur animals. sheepskin, pony, rabbit, astrakhan.

fur of aquatic animals. beaver, nutria, seal, muskrat.

second question, which should be given due attention - this quality fur.Tips and tricks:

  • Remember that winter should be fur: a dense and thick podpushka.
  • Note downside skins , it should be soft and flexible and always white, yellow mezda suggests that old coat.
  • For some types of fur is very important that the conditions in which the animal lived, as a rule, the coat of skins of wild animals more resistant to wear.
  • Before fitting coat, pull her nap .If you have stayed in the hands of the villi, the likely low quality fur.Crumple fur fist , if it is a good fur, it quickly returns to its original state.
  • a very important role and how the animal was euthanized.If you strip off the skin with a half-dead or still living animal, it will be a huge charge of horror and pain.Of course, home-made fur coats are rather doubtful, but cheaper than others.But remember that when you buy a fur coat, you get all the negative charge of the pain that is experienced before the death of the animal.Together with the coat you get anxiety and neurosis.
  • During fitting coats note seam .The lining must not be sewn tightly, since this indicates that the product is glued.This coat fall apart after a couple of socks.
  • Before buying fur coats, think about where you'll wear it.If you are in it will travel by car, the best thing you will approach a short coat or jacket.If you plan it long walks down the street, it is better to choose a longer coat.

fur coat or sheepskin coat What is better to choose?

E If you can not decide what to buy - a fur coat or sheepskin coat - you enjoy all the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

Sheepskin more practical to wear, but does not tolerate the mud and dirt, the coat is not afraid of rain and snow, and the fashion for fur is quite conservative, while fashion coats changed often enough.

Coat can vilify a few seasons.

How to determine the quality of the different kinds of fur coats?

Choose quality mink coat

  • addition to the general points that should look for when buying a mink coat check the quality of her painting .To do this, take a white handkerchief and crumple it together with the pile.If the scarf will turn, it is likely you are dealing with a substandard product.
  • If natural coat color, check if it is faded fur and traces of rust .
  • surface coat should be smooth, without any bald patches.If the surface is rough coat, then this indicates that the animal obskubyvalo their fur and left teeth marks.If for you it does not matter, then you can simply ask for a discount on a fur coat.
  • Note pad .Bottom pads have long coats should not be stitched.It is considered good form in the fur business.
  • mink coats are often counterfeited, using the fur of rabbit or groundhog, as a rule, this fur is softer and shorter pile.

Choose quality Pestsovaya coat

of fox fur coat always looks majestic and elegant.But it is quite capricious to wear.

When choosing a fur coat should remember some points.

  • think ten times before you buy a white coat, especially if you're going to wear it more than one season, remember that over time fur yellow , so think about the choice of gray or smoky Pestsovaya coats.
  • Also remember that the coat of fox fur, who grew up in captivity will be less durable than a coat of skins of wild animals.
  • Remember also that you can buy and dyed fox fur coat, but certain colors will soon go out of fashion.A classic coat will always be relevant.

Choose quality beaver fur

beaver fur is fluffy and soft, and yet he is considered to be the warmest.

  • Bobrova coat is very easy to check the quality.Fur coats from beaver if stroke his soft fur and wool scratchy against .
  • beavers often try to give nutria, but nutria no fluff, which retains heat.

Choose quality mutonovuyu coat

Mouton - a French word in translation - ram.This fur is very socks, his overweening slush and bad weather.

  • have a coat seams are often under the fur, but this is not a marriage.Processing sewn finer place.
  • Please note pad. It should be of high quality.Good manufacturers usually do not skimp on quality lining.

Choose quality sable coat

considered to be one of the most expensive.Sable is also called "soft gold".Sable fur in its color, luster, tone and density is the most unique in the world.

  • When sewing fur coats remain in its natural, original form.Sable fur is not only raskoshen but also durable, so the product can be passed from a sable from generation to generation.

Sable is considered to be an indicator of how elegance and consistency of its owner.

Choose quality fox fur coat

fox fur coat can be confused with Pestsovaya coat.But this did not happen to need to know a few distinguishing features of a fox fur coat.

  • Remember that guard hairs fox hard and high, at the fox as it is lower and softer.
  • fox fur coat is very socks, it can last you 4-5 seasons, and also it perfectly retains heat
  • Choice fox fur coats characterized by a great variety of models, affordable prices.

Besides directly from fox fur coats do a variety of accessories: hats, muffs, scarves, collars, so that you will always be able to introduce in the way of elegance and luxury.

Choose quality rabbit fur coat

Fur coats from rabbit usually characterized his democratic prices.But among all the other kinds of fur rabbit fur the least durable.

  • When choosing a coat of rabbit should pay attention to the short-haired fur, if you want to select your coat served longer.
  • to your coat served longer need her care and timely repair.

Where better to buy a fur coat?

best to buy a fur coat in a fur shop or fur salon.Only there you can get a guarantee in the event of marriage, return the product and exchange it for money, or choose a different coat.

In most cases, a guarantee is given for a year.

buying a fur coat in the cabin, you reduce the risk of buying fake or low-quality handicraft product produced.

Recommendations and advice on choosing the coats forums


first step is to look at the appearance, fur should be shiny, the undercoat should be thick, then it is necessary to look at the lining, it must be sewn to the coat, the lining must be raised, and turn to coat inside out, obsmotret skins need to be white, not painted, sewn well, soft, not hard, and should be computer screed, then coat worn for much longer.


quality fur can identify only an expert, because all the "folk" methods of verification apply only when fur is complete d ... Stretched and whitewashed skins you can not tell from the normal.So go to the Fur Salon studio, pay master and go with him to the shop.


First you need to determine the amount you're willing to spend, well, then it has fur.I myself had only two fur - a nutria (plucked) and mink. (Another forgotten rabbit) Nutria - fur socks, but mink looks cooler.If you still decide to norochku, buy dark colors "black diamond", for example, to wear the best, checked, fur is best not to long.And yet, at the coat lining should not be sewn to the hem, so you can see the quality of the skins.Then the length of the coat, it all depends on what you move.

Can you something to advise on the selection and purchase of fur coats?