Wedding Fashion 2012 - the brightest wedding trends!

By Admin | Fashion
17 April 2016

If you are soon going to marry, and in choosing a wedding dress is not defined at all, and perhaps even at a loss.Therefore, it is useful to be familiar with current trends in wedding fashion, who knows, maybe you will find among them the dream dress.

A la Kate Middleton

Wedding of Prince Charles and Kate Middleton, one of the biggest events of the past year.And of course the wedding dress of the bride gave its stamp on wedding fashion, because who does not want to look like a princess.


One of the dominant trends of the season - dresses with asymmetrical neckline.Moreover, in different variations.It can be playful cutouts, flowing webbing straps over one shoulder.It looks very impressive and gives the impression of elegance, flirty and nontrivial.


Nothing decorates the wedding dress well how to handle lace work.It gives wedding dress elements of luxury and elegance of style.Lace is difficult to leave the wedding fashion, so it is always present in the various

collections of wedding as a major focus.


Bow brings to a wedding dress element festivity.In his collection of designer makes a pretty big bows and focuses or barely visible, and sometimes do some hints on proper attire present bow.

Playing with color

This season the emphasis ask colors like olive, red and black.Color accents are bows, gloves, belts, veils, embroidery.As a whole, designers are advised not afraid to experiment with color.